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Climate Control InoperativeTodd Keleske42 29-4-17  02:08 pm
Solex Carburettor Alternatives??Patrick Lockyer.14 26-4-17  05:29 pm
Power Steering LubricantTodd Keleske32 26-4-17  08:28 am
Blink code 4312 Spark Timing Sendor Darryl Watson25-4-17  10:49 pm
Poor Starting Hot or Coldrichard george yeama11 22-4-17  07:32 am
Auto lights ?David Towers19-4-17  07:55 pm
Rough running at idle and engine slow to pick upPatrick Francis11 19-4-17  07:09 pm
Seat adjuster motor part NBG15389 Bentley Turbo RLBrian Vogel16-4-17  05:15 am
Silver Sprit SCAZS000CCH04092-Brakesrichard george yeama09-4-17  07:14 pm
Turbo R not startingrichard george yeama15 07-4-17  06:14 am
Lost panel lights during changing lighter socket.Larry Halpert13 02-4-17  12:46 pm
No response to "Start" turn of the keyChristian S. Hansen23 01-4-17  10:15 am
Nuisance ProblemsDavid Gore31-3-17  04:33 pm
Front seat leather refurb (base removal)michael vass29-3-17  06:23 pm
Silver Spirit Cruise Control Neville Davies21 29-3-17  04:37 pm
Turbo R horn overhaul.richard george yeama29-3-17  09:38 am
PENRITE LHM PLUSDavid Gore19-3-17  06:06 pm
Does my car have an oil cooler?Alan Ford19-3-17  03:04 pm
Spirit 3 Gas Spring (sphere) Replacement.Charles Drakoulas19-3-17  08:53 am
Key transponderPaul Yorke17-3-17  08:13 pm
Gigantic Humongous Bolshoi BatteryPaul Yorke16-3-17  06:35 pm
Wheels & tyre size?Patrick Ryan11 09-3-17  06:57 am
Dash Wood Trim and Speedo Removal Spirit IIRowland Palmer08-3-17  05:01 pm
Seat ECU'sDavid Gore03-3-17  10:23 pm
Turbocharged Cars – Boost Control TuningRichard Treacy57 25-2-17  01:13 am
Spirit fuel problem.gordon le feuvre16-2-17  08:42 pm
Battery isolater switch?David Towers14-2-17  10:30 pm
The warpath of Purchasing a good Spur or SpiritVladimir Ivanovich K30 14-2-17  04:59 am
Purchasing a SpiritPaul Yorke10 13-2-17  07:14 am
1983 Mulsanne voltage regulatorChristian S. Hansen11-2-17  03:47 pm
1982 Spirit poor runningEdward Mckinley75 09-2-17  06:35 am
Water pump, thermostat and the likeLawrence Heasman29 06-2-17  02:42 pm
1997 Turbo R switch box removalmichael vass40 05-2-17  05:25 am
Rear strut modClive Lungmuss22 29-1-17  01:29 am
Tee One Topics and Visco Fan failure...michael vass30 27-1-17  09:56 pm
Gearbox filter movement related to spacer/boltmichael vass12 25-1-17  07:25 pm
More spending... more questions.Patrick Ryan11 24-1-17  10:22 am
WTB: Trim RingPaul Yorke21-1-17  08:10 pm
Converting US Headlights to European Brian Vogel11 20-1-17  01:24 am
Regulator For CS144 AlternatorOmar M. Shams16-1-17  07:24 pm
TSD6124 - Dampers/Shock Absorbers 1965-1995Brian Vogel15-1-17  11:03 am
Bentley 8 @ AuctionPatrick Ryan09-1-17  07:55 am
Knock Sensor For 96 CarsUdo Hoffmüller07-1-17  10:23 am
For those who want to custom tune their 4L80E transmissionBrian Vogel07-1-17  02:02 am
New SZ owner, MelbourneCarl Jones28-12-16  07:32 pm
Ignition Parts Needed Corniche IIIDon Ivener27-12-16  11:42 am
Hard starting when coldPeter Maclaren23-12-16  09:06 am
Seat wobble.David Towers11 16-12-16  08:45 pm
Bleeding Intercooler Turbo R (S)richard george yeama12-12-16  08:36 am
Clock/TemperatureLarry Halpert10-12-16  09:43 am
Spur suspensionRon Vale26 02-12-16  05:18 am
Auxiliary fan gremlinEdward Mckinley17 02-12-16  05:05 am
96 Gearbox stuck in second gearOmar M. Shams13 26-11-16  02:44 pm
Restoring the rear bumpermichael vass15-11-16  05:33 am
Corniche III Part Identification HelpDon Ivener15-11-16  01:44 am
Reanimation of my Turbo Srichard george yeama27 06-11-16  02:23 am
New headlightsmichael vass20 20-10-16  06:48 pm
What ecu's does my car have? Alan Harrison20-10-16  05:17 am
Are HT Leads Special?David Gore18-10-16  11:21 am
Exotic Birds tweeting in my upper steering column.Charles Drakoulas16-10-16  07:29 am
Diagnostic kits omitecAlan Harrison14-10-16  08:38 pm
Platinum spark plugsMark Aldridge12-10-16  06:44 pm
1983 Mulsanne rough idleMark Aldridge12-10-16  12:49 am
Issues After laying up the car over the summerrichard george yeama09-10-16  05:21 am
Faulty Starter switch Turbo ROmar M. Shams08-10-16  01:35 pm
Airbag lightAlan Harrison45 07-10-16  06:29 am
Fuel Filters Edward Mckinley12 06-10-16  05:29 am
Nolathane Bushes for Turbo RDavid Gore29-9-16  08:59 am
Wiper wont park Turbo Rrichard george yeama26-9-16  03:30 am
Monte-Carlo or Bust. . . . Omar M. Shams20-9-16  11:05 pm
Rough idle no moreLarry Kavanagh20-9-16  06:55 am
Been spending money again...richard george yeama18-9-16  11:59 pm
Door Mirror Frame RepairGeoff Wootton01-9-16  04:33 am
Remote locking system ( No Sound ) richard george yeama21-8-16  06:42 pm
Check Enginerichard george yeama27 21-8-16  07:23 am
Rear Suspension Fluid LossClive Lungmuss15 20-8-16  03:14 am
Turbo R KE2 AFR Map 1988Stefan Morley15-8-16  02:13 pm
Socket size Bolt rear Brake calipergordon le feuvre15-8-16  01:41 am
Recommendations for engine oil for 1997 Turbo R richard george yeama09-8-16  06:42 pm
1989 Mulsanne S wheel nut socket size?Robert Noel Reddingt29-7-16  07:36 am
Brake Fluid LeakChristian S. Hansen20 20-7-16  11:05 am
Ignition switch return springAlan Harrison20-7-16  08:27 am
Oil recommendationsPatrick Ryan18 17-7-16  09:57 pm
Fans.... radiator kind!michael vass16 15-7-16  08:59 pm
Strange Windsmichael vass15-7-16  07:06 pm
Ac woes sd510Mark Aldridge39 09-7-16  09:44 am
Azure Window Motor Plastic Partrichard george yeama12 08-7-16  08:04 am
Tyres for 1989 Mulsanne SEdward Mckinley24 06-7-16  01:24 pm
Brake Pressure Switches.Nigel Johnson06-7-16  08:15 am
Dimensions Distributor tandem Drive Beltsmichael vass06-7-16  03:57 am
Spirit & Spur Accumulator "Pump Down"David Gore05-7-16  08:57 pm
Steering Rack problems and leaksrichard george yeama25 04-7-16  08:43 am
AC help pleaseEdward Mckinley14 28-6-16  01:42 pm
82 Spirit Fluid light onrichard george yeama25-6-16  03:27 am
Spark Plug Selection and Testing Coils on 97 Model CarsOmar M. Shams36 22-6-16  02:26 pm
External electric mirrorsmichael vass12 19-6-16  11:50 pm
1994 Bentley Turbo R Cosworth Enginegordon le feuvre12-6-16  05:23 pm
Turbo R Wheel AlignmentJean-Pierre 'JP' Hil11 10-6-16  01:25 am
My old turbomichael vass30-5-16  06:08 am
The Ultimate List of Everything SZOmar M. Shams27-5-16  04:28 am
1984 Spirit won't runrichard george yeama36 17-5-16  02:22 am
20,000 series R134a charge amountChristopher Williams14 14-5-16  01:29 am
Hydraulics rear brakesmichael vass13-5-16  04:58 am
Transmission Misbehaviourab11-5-16  04:24 pm
Crankshaft damperChristopher Williams03-5-16  08:22 am
SZ ignition circuit diagrammichael vass15 02-5-16  01:10 am
Been doing some work on the SZ....michael vass01-5-16  07:43 am
Otter coolant fan switch part no. UE44169 Darryl Watson29-4-16  04:45 am
Zetek EnginesNeville Davies28-4-16  09:05 pm
More Firing Order Mystery - But SZ Specificmichael vass16 28-4-16  08:00 pm
Oil pressure gauge.David Towers27-4-16  08:22 pm
Boost Control – Turbocharged Cars – Bring It Back Up to ScratchDavid Towers118 16-4-16  04:27 am
Facet Fuel Pump KitBrian Vogel12-4-16  05:51 am
Speedo inop, but odo still working Brooklands 'R'David Towers10 10-4-16  08:58 pm
"C" Pillar (rear roof pillar badges) silver spirit 3Paul Yorke09-4-16  05:14 am
Water pumpmichael vass12 07-4-16  08:29 pm
Air bag lightjames gibson07-4-16  07:17 am
Receiver dryermichael vass07-4-16  02:20 am
Visco fan driveOmar M. Shams59 06-4-16  04:59 am
Unidentified wire o/s/f wingRobert Noel Reddingt14 31-3-16  06:37 am
Front Fog Light Wiring Roger Routledge29-3-16  02:40 am
Odd, seat/mirrors fault and other fun....David Towers19-3-16  11:07 pm
Bentley Brooklands R pollen filters and turbo questions.Omar M. Shams19-3-16  08:46 pm
Bolt pattern for 1985 silver spirit''Robert Lavallee18-3-16  02:57 am
Rear Head Rest Differences Spirit/SpurCharles Drakoulas15-3-16  09:27 am
Aircon compressorTodd weston50 08-3-16  12:07 pm
Rat Trap and Brake pedal feel coneMark Herbstreit02-3-16  09:25 pm
Cold heater at 50MPH/80KPHDarryl Watson22-2-16  11:56 pm
Suspension ProblemsMark Herbstreit11 20-2-16  02:54 pm
Electric rear defrost malfunction gordon le feuvre11 15-2-16  10:02 pm
A/C System switching on and off Intermittenetlymichael vass31 13-2-16  05:43 am
TSD 4848 electrical '89David Gore12-2-16  07:15 am
Driver's Interior Light Switch at Switchbox . . .michael vass13 31-1-16  03:09 am
Trac Fault/Speedo not workingPatrick Lockyer.19 26-1-16  08:10 am
Engine Dip Stick HousingRoger Routledge25-1-16  07:12 pm
Seat ECU repairBrian Vogel24-1-16  12:04 pm
Aircon systemRoderick Waite16 20-1-16  10:45 pm
Bonnet/Hood catch not functioningDavid Gore20-1-16  09:13 am
In-Car Telephones - Do they Still work?Omar M. Shams52 09-1-16  04:14 pm
Silver Spirit problemRobert Noel Reddingt14 01-1-16  10:58 am
Finally, Turbo R owner!richard george yeama32 19-12-15  10:05 am
Leather colour code and nameRoger Routledge17-12-15  03:10 am
Upgrading Spur Headlights to LED'sRay Zeffert20-11-15  08:51 pm
Oxygen Sensorrichard george yeama19-11-15  02:04 am
1991 Spirit Fuel injection and bright workBrian Vogel16-11-15  11:45 am
Bertie earns his wingsCarl Heydon14 12-11-15  05:26 pm
Dash panel lightsGeoff Wootton12-11-15  11:05 am
2 Questions - struts & leaks...Robert Noel Reddingt28-10-15  07:35 am
Turbo R ValueRobert Noel Reddingt15 27-10-15  07:15 am
Heated Oxygen Sensormichael vass24-10-15  09:09 pm
Power Seat ModuleRobert Noel Reddingt18 18-10-15  06:42 am
Chedk Engine LightRobert Noel Reddingt14 18-10-15  06:14 am
K MotronicBill Hart16-10-15  07:34 am
Turbo r HeadlightsdPaul Yorke10-10-15  09:30 pm
Central door locking for dummiesRobert Noel Reddingt10-10-15  09:02 am
Rolls Box spanner RH 7126michael vass07-10-15  06:57 pm
Seat belts. And rust proofing.Robert Noel Reddingt24-9-15  10:06 am
Rear window removalmichael vass17 16-9-15  04:59 am
Alternative brake fluidRobert Noel Reddingt11 05-9-15  06:04 am
Gearbox overhaul SZ 3-speedJean-Pierre 'JP' Hil10 28-8-15  05:20 am
CORNICHE HOOD HYDRAULICSJean-Pierre 'JP' Hil28-8-15  04:29 am
Not another issue - this one is electrical - help!Larry Halpert15 27-8-15  12:56 pm
Gearbox actuator microswitchesBob Reynolds20 27-8-15  08:31 am
Reverse lights u/sJean-Pierre 'JP' Hil16 22-8-15  09:28 am
Aircon systemLluís Gimeno-Fabra21-8-15  12:23 am
Turbo R ProblemsBill Hart16-8-15  09:43 am
Turbo R RackBill Hart16-8-15  09:35 am
Zen and the art of oil pan removalJean-Pierre 'JP' Hil04-8-15  05:33 pm
Viscous fan couplingLarry Halpert03-8-15  03:18 pm
Mulsanne front springsRobert Noel Reddingt29 30-7-15  10:42 am
Front of Engine Maintenance.Lluís Gimeno-Fabra10 29-7-15  07:01 pm
Seat position and memoryBrian Vogel26 29-7-15  01:47 pm
Correct battery group size for SZ series carsBrian Vogel29-7-15  07:24 am
Turbo R Shifter ProblemChristian S. Hansen10 25-7-15  12:27 pm
Turbo R Wheel AlignmentBrian Vogel25-7-15  09:17 am
Rear Wheel Bearingsrichard george yeama20 20-7-15  02:52 am
What else has memory retention batteries.Dick Campbell14-7-15  08:07 am
Spirit wheel trimsRoderick Waite15 13-7-15  01:46 am
Central locking Problem 1991 turbo Rgordon le feuvre12-7-15  12:43 am
Workshop ManualLarry Halpert11-7-15  08:09 am
OBD II ScannerBrian Vogel11-7-15  06:57 am
Turbo R Running Richmichael vass18 05-7-15  04:34 am
Miscellaneous QuestionsRobert Noel Reddingt04-7-15  04:35 am
1984 Spirit Turn Signals...Won'tRobert Noel Reddingt03-7-15  07:14 am
Ventilation fans not powerfulRobert Noel Reddingt30-6-15  10:44 am
ABS relays clicking.Darryl Watson24-6-15  06:28 am
FTP todayJean-Pierre 'JP' Hil11 23-6-15  06:45 pm
Removing the Flying LadyPaul Yorke10 14-6-15  10:02 am
SZ park switchPaul Yorke14-6-15  09:33 am
Keys, and their behavior, during the SZ eraBob UK18-5-15  02:06 am
1988 Silver SpiritBrian Vogel16-5-15  09:55 am
Petrol smell in boot/trunk 1991 Turbo RLarry Halpert11 06-5-15  09:19 am
Unusual Steering ProblemBrian Vogel12 21-4-15  09:08 am
Wipers wont workbob uk15 18-4-15  05:11 am
T400 Transmission Overhaulbob uk23 15-4-15  08:37 am
Battery warning light again!peter giles27-3-15  03:19 am
Upgraded ThermostatBob UK34 25-3-15  08:10 am
AC electric fault Corniche 2 vim 24570Bob UK19-3-15  08:04 am
Firing Order DiagramsBrian Vogel16-3-15  12:45 am
1997 Turbo R Dipped beam upgrade.richard george yeama12-2-15  02:46 am
Cam chest oil sealLluís Gimeno-Fabra01-2-15  02:37 am
Thermostat questionBob Reynolds28-1-15  02:41 am
Spirit battery isolator switchRoderick Waite35 27-1-15  05:11 pm
Minor engine oil leakage Jean-Pierre 'JP' Hil26 22-1-15  09:28 pm
Retractable MascotRay Zeffert21-1-15  11:20 am
Broken fuel line - what now?richard george yeama21-1-15  09:34 am
Injection system major maintenance 1994 #52020David Gore32 17-1-15  08:18 am
Brake pistons / how to install those rubber dust seals?Bob UK10 06-1-15  06:43 am
Mastercheck Port & OBD-II - What do we collectively know?Udo Hoffmüller23 02-1-15  05:03 am
HELP: window frame U-sealJean-Pierre 'JP' Hil07-12-14  09:52 pm
Oil Cooler Pipes Bob UK06-12-14  07:11 am
New 1994 engineBob uk27-11-14  11:41 am
Spark Plug alternativesBenoit Leus19 26-11-14  12:47 am
Harrison A6 R134a / which oil?Daniel Diewerge12 24-11-14  07:13 am
Bentley Mulsanne gearboxBob uk17 23-11-14  12:13 pm
MirrorsBob uk15-11-14  10:03 am
1996 horn(s) won't work suddenly anymorePaul Yorke18 01-11-14  08:26 am
Water pumpjean-pierre hilbert29-10-14  10:23 pm
Front Springs and other thingsBob uk19 17-10-14  06:36 am
Total electrical failureBob uk29 10-10-14  06:55 am
Behr Radiators in the SZ series carsBrian Vogel29-9-14  11:20 pm
SZ Marketing Promotional VideosJames Feller22-9-14  09:20 pm
How transparent is HSMO in the reservoir?Brian Vogel02-9-14  12:15 am
Engine stalling / 1993 Brooklands BentleyBrian Vogel29-8-14  08:12 am
Spirit II seat problem (33893)Paul Yorke07-8-14  10:41 am
Bentley Turbo R Gear selector not workingPaul Yorke14-7-14  05:08 pm
Rear suspension spheresgordon le feuvre33 28-6-14  07:02 am
Electrical isse with blower fans on 1981 CornicheAnders Nilsson30-4-14  01:56 pm
Problems with automatic temperature control early SZPaul Yorke28-4-14  06:58 pm
Turbo RL Electrical IssuesBill Lillios15 21-4-14  10:09 pm
Zytek vs 3.3 Motronic EMSMax Lynn Christenson12 13-4-14  03:18 am
Hoisting and Engine Number on Engine BlockMax Lynn Christenson15 01-4-14  12:08 pm
Rear struts on a 1986 Spur wont blead.richard george yeama29-3-14  09:32 am
Wash -Wipe 20,000 series carJohn Kilkenny15 14-3-14  09:49 am
Changing Coolant - Refilling SpecificallyBrian Vogel05-3-14  10:01 am
Best material for cylinder liner o-ring sealsRichard Treacy02-3-14  09:34 pm
BATTERY WARNING LIGHTBrian Vogel02-3-14  02:07 am
Interesting thread on Cruise Control ECU refurbishmentDerek Bonner22-2-14  01:55 am
Courtesy Lamps Delay Controller/RelayBrian Vogel08-2-14  02:04 am
Replacing fuel linesGraham Burn03-2-14  01:33 am
Puzzling electrical problemGraham Burn22 29-1-14  11:04 pm
Wipers parkingGraham Burn26 10-1-14  07:23 am
Crankcase ventilation PCV and back to lifeRichard Treacy15 08-1-14  06:14 pm
What causes a hot fuseDavid Gore32 24-12-13  08:06 am
Bentley Brooklands LPT 1997Mark David Smith16-12-13  06:05 pm
Penrite LHM PlusAlistair Riddell12 11-12-13  11:50 am
Thermostat/Temperature sender Bentley Turbo R Ernest Carty08-12-13  04:26 am
Instrument lightsEdward Mckinley21 05-12-13  01:25 pm
A/c compressor won't cut in - 88 SpurDavid Gore01-12-13  07:39 am
Silver Spirit A/C microprocessor relays replacement source UKMalcolm Thompson12 30-11-13  04:14 am
Power steering leak - air getting in but no apparent fluid leaking ...richard george yeama20 27-11-13  02:02 am
Spirit II bottom ball jointBill Coburn20-11-13  09:35 am
Belt Squeak - 93 BrooklandsPaul Yorke11-11-13  05:37 pm
Ride height Mark David Smith23-10-13  10:11 am
1982 Spirit Anti rollbar / stabiliser barErnest Carty21-10-13  02:38 am
96 Turbo R Engine Management Relay Pin 87aBill Lillios15-10-13  12:00 am
Early Turbo R Timing Adjustment.Ernest Carty14-10-13  08:44 pm
Master-Check Pin Out / ECU accessErnest Carty45 10-10-13  09:59 pm
ABSGraham Burn10 28-9-13  08:23 pm
Wipers on Turbo RTGraham Burn12 26-9-13  07:00 am
Turbo R boot lock part replacementPaul Yorke25-9-13  08:48 am
Anti-theft sirenErnest Carty10 11-9-13  08:22 am
Airbag Warning, SZ carsPaul Yorke09-9-13  10:39 pm
1991 Silver Spur II rough idlew. lee pfeifer18 04-9-13  11:19 am
1994 silver spiritrizzo30830-8-13  09:40 am
Knurled nutsRoderick Waite15 24-8-13  11:58 pm
Car-washRoderick Waite20-8-13  01:13 am
Trim clipsPaul Yorke11 17-8-13  09:15 pm
4 Speed Auto ConversionMichael Hicks15-8-13  11:36 pm
Front Seat SquabsNigel Parker14-8-13  11:12 am
Console mounted shifter - modification Mark David Smith14-8-13  10:05 am
Warning Messages on Driver's Info PanelCarl Heydon04-8-13  11:51 am
TSD6167 - SZ Illustrated Parts Manual - Strange issue with Adobe Re...Brian Vogel02-8-13  04:09 am
Lack of engine brakingRichard Treacy12 01-8-13  11:47 pm
Strange noiserring noiseRoderick Waite12 01-8-13  07:47 pm
Auto transmissionGraham Burn14 26-7-13  12:05 pm
VibrationGraham Burn12 22-7-13  10:51 am
Seat adjustment inoperative.Richard Treacy10 21-7-13  06:26 pm
Changing CoolantJan Forrest19 12-7-13  11:28 pm
Stereo Speaker ReplacementAlistair Riddell08-7-13  10:13 am
Cruise controlGraham Burn30-6-13  06:51 pm
Door glass sealsGraham Burn29-6-13  05:34 am
Door Lamp Switches?Graham Burn12 22-6-13  03:57 am
Stiff door.Jonas TRACHSEL27-5-13  04:26 pm
Side mirror glass loosePaul Yorke23-5-13  05:07 pm
Front seat armrest removalDaniel Diewerge20-5-13  10:28 pm
1982 Spirit radiator electric fanRoderick Waite20-5-13  06:58 pm
Bonnet catch - Spirit IRoderick Waite14-5-13  05:41 am
LP hydraulic hosesBrian Vogel07-5-13  07:14 am
Jockey pulley / belt tensionerPaul Yorke16-4-13  07:26 pm
Headlamp trim on Mulsanne/Silver SpiritRoderick Waite01-4-13  10:40 pm
Dash DimmerRoderick Waite12 23-3-13  03:26 am
Turbo R power windowsPaul Yorke30 16-3-13  07:33 am
Stereo SpeakersJohn McGhee12-3-13  09:35 pm
Adjusting rear ride height - '89 Turbo R - David Gore08-3-13  09:44 am
Rectangular Headlight SealsJohn McGhee06-3-13  08:16 pm
4Treated like a "normal" car, how long can I expect it to last as a...James Feller22 06-3-13  09:28 am
Turbo R Front SuspensionNigel Parker11 05-3-13  08:46 pm
1982 Spirit Rich cold startJeff Young05-3-13  08:13 pm
Non Functional Speedo & Odo but working cruise.Alistair Riddell05-3-13  09:53 am
'84 Spur AlternatorJan Forrest18 03-3-13  10:06 pm
Hydraulic ReservoirsJames Feller22-2-13  09:06 am
Bleeding....againEdward Mckinley15-2-13  03:54 am
Coolant in the ValleyEdward Mckinley10 10-2-13  02:36 am
Hoses for LHM fluidRichard Treacy09-2-13  06:05 pm
Spirit Sill FinishersJeff Young08-2-13  02:31 am
Flushing the Cooling SystemJohn McGhee07-2-13  09:25 pm
Failure To StartAlan H Olden18 05-2-13  06:32 am
Fuel pump and relayNigel Johnson21 20-1-13  08:59 am
Engine cuts out in reverseBob Livermore12 07-1-13  03:39 am
Hydraulic accumulators - 1981 Bentley MulsanneBob Livermore07-1-13  02:42 am
1996 Warning Light ClusterAdrian Jump13 28-12-12  09:47 am
SZ (maybe only late SZ) coolant temperature sensor & transmitter...Ernest Carty20-12-12  09:20 pm
Heater heat at speedJames Feller19-12-12  09:36 am
Guides for a 1991 Bentley EightJames Seaman18-12-12  09:14 am
ISCV?James Seaman17-12-12  11:12 pm
1982 Spirit DipstickErnest Carty15-12-12  10:38 pm
Removing minor scratches from ChromeDavid Gore11 13-12-12  08:07 pm
Interior lights always onJames Seaman13-12-12  08:09 am
I need some help with a BentleyJames Seaman16 13-12-12  01:55 am
Hard suspension, some advice needed.Roderick Waite12 20-11-12  07:10 pm
1992 SILVER SPUR BRAKE SHUDDER ISSUEOmar M. Shams14 16-11-12  06:29 pm
Console mod for double din radio, ideas please !Lluís Gimeno-Fabra22 15-11-12  11:28 pm
DIP Instrument panelMichael Hicks10-11-12  07:51 pm
Headlight trimNigel Johnson18 08-11-12  08:24 pm
Turbo R door trimsAndy Torkington07-11-12  09:37 pm
Changing ThermostatNigel Parker04-11-12  07:07 pm
50 000 mile serviceOmar M. Shams57 03-11-12  06:37 am
1982 Spirit ride heightPaul Yorke02-11-12  07:25 am
Overflow pipe ?Chris Buckenham22-10-12  04:52 am
RT BrakingOmar M. Shams19-10-12  03:56 am
Turbo R ProblemNigel Parker12-10-12  01:05 am
UT 11807 Taper Washer Coil TrayChris Buckenham03-10-12  02:31 am
Spring compressing toolChris Buckenham01-10-12  10:19 pm
Transient BoostRichard Treacy50 29-9-12  11:39 pm
Wood facia removal 1990 Turbo RDarryl18-9-12  05:03 am
Servo Control Module Replacement for UD-18870 Jeffrey McCarthy07-9-12  08:14 pm
Hydraulic System ProblemChris Buckenham19 07-9-12  06:50 pm
Turbocharged Cars - Boost Control - Kock SensorsJames Feller07-9-12  01:34 pm
Corniche AC totally deadOmar M. Shams05-9-12  03:27 am
Fuel gauge sender - '84 SpiritPeter Talbot03-9-12  01:07 am
Gear selector fault '86 SpiritPeter Talbot03-9-12  12:53 am
Rear suspension '84 SpiritRoderick Waite15 24-8-12  07:40 pm
Fan Belt Squeal 24-8-12  09:23 am
Black smoke on even light acceleration when warmLluís Gimeno-Fabra22-8-12  06:06 pm
Cold IdleLluís Gimeno-Fabra11 21-8-12  09:48 pm
Carburettor adjustmentstan Seymour20-8-12  02:29 pm
Drivers door internalsstan Seymour18-8-12  10:50 am
Interrogating your Motronic Engine Mgmt SystemLluís Gimeno-Fabra14-8-12  09:13 pm
Starting problem, electricalJan Forrest06-8-12  10:39 pm
Air Flow MeterMichael Hicks06-8-12  07:57 pm
1984 Spirit won't ...Roderick Waite42 01-8-12  03:46 am
96Turbo R Air Con compressorNigel Parker11 09-7-12  01:35 am
Bentley Turbo R Dump Valvewayne adolfo41 09-7-12  01:07 am
'96 Turbo R bumper cover removalC. Brett Harrison05-7-12  07:59 am
Throttle body cleanerJanez28-6-12  03:37 pm
Transmission, 4L80E, SZ cars from 1992 OnwardsLluís Gimeno-Fabra15 27-6-12  06:46 pm
Air pump questionRichard Treacy07-6-12  11:29 pm
Heated Lamba Sensor Part N°Richard Treacy13 07-6-12  07:07 pm
Bentley Turbo RT 1998Lluís Gimeno-Fabra02-6-12  12:44 am
Fan Clutch, SZ and SY carsBrian Vogel29-5-12  12:27 am
Lack of full fuel enrichmentphil randall14 21-5-12  03:30 am
'Sticcky' gearbox?Roderick Waite29 20-5-12  05:48 pm
Turbo R - splutter under loadStefan Morley36 19-5-12  09:37 am
Bentley Turbo RT 1998 66311Michael Hicks19-5-12  12:49 am
1990 Turbo R charging system questionsDaniel Diewerge16-5-12  07:02 pm
SZ and SY non-Crewe thermostatsDavid Gore13 16-5-12  09:27 am
Brakes,on Turbo R Nigel Parker05-5-12  10:50 pm
1982 Spirit head removalMark Aldridge30-4-12  07:42 am
Part numbersjohn hall23-4-12  10:49 pm
Steering RackNigel Parker12-4-12  09:48 am
Power steering hoseLluís Gimeno-Fabra03-4-12  05:26 pm
Who sells plastic gears for the window motors?Peter Talbot01-4-12  08:34 am
What are these hoses?James Feller19-3-12  05:20 pm
Steering rack....non leak relatedDaniel Diewerge12-3-12  11:42 pm
Alternator rebuild kitRichard Treacy10 28-2-12  09:06 am
Wet FeetDave Burbidge15-2-12  03:14 pm
Excessive fuel consumptionJeff Young28 10-2-12  07:48 am
Spares sourcing.Mark Aldridge06-2-12  05:05 am
Brake wear lightNigel Parker29-1-12  12:26 am
SILVER SPUR 11 - HOOD LIGHT SWITCH ISSUEJames Feller19-1-12  11:03 am
Bentley Turbo R(my97)Nigel Parker14-1-12  01:24 am
Mixture control error messageMichael Hicks07-1-12  05:08 am
Cruise ControlRichard Treacy25 06-1-12  08:41 pm
Speedo Clusters- Are they interchangable??Omar M. Shams02-1-12  05:28 am
82 Spirit hood switch helpDwight Sisk30-12-11  09:46 am
OBD-IILluís Gimeno-Fabra29 21-12-11  08:37 pm
Number 1 system brake pressureNigel Johnson21-12-11  05:19 pm
Spirit ignition systemRoderick Waite21-12-11  05:38 am
PART No UR27363Peter Maclaren18-12-11  07:55 am
Looking for Anti-theft UV10381PD Connection diagramBernard Leloarer14-12-11  05:06 am
Brake control unitCarl Heydon11-12-11  05:28 pm
Engine temp guage Turbo RNigel Johnson14 11-12-11  07:11 am
Steering rack and other leaksDwight E. Sisk13 03-12-11  02:28 am
1982 Spirit Speedometer resistor??Dwight E. Sisk03-12-11  02:03 am
Check Gearbox warning light(Vin SCBZP15COVCH59187 )Nigel Parker14 18-11-11  09:44 am
Subframe and rear hubs swapDaniel Diewerge14-11-11  01:51 am
Hyd reservoirRichard Treacy01-11-11  11:39 pm
Instrument lights Turbo R 96Brian Vogel31-10-11  11:56 pm
Zinc anodesNeville Davies12 25-10-11  10:27 pm
Bentley Intermittent Starting ProblemJan Forrest13 21-10-11  10:13 pm
Spirit Front WindscreenMark Aldridge18-10-11  09:53 pm
Air Bag Warning Light Does Not Go AwayPaul Yorke12-10-11  07:34 am
ROUGH IDLE 1990 MULSANNE SJan Forrest08-10-11  01:14 am
96 Turbo R Immobiliser(Vin SCBZP15COVCH59187Jan Forrest05-10-11  06:47 pm
Bad electrical connectionJan Forrest24-9-11  07:39 pm
Fuel Pressure ProblemPaul Yorke15 10-9-11  09:02 am
Odometer - Silver SpiritRichard Treacy14 08-9-11  05:25 pm
1981 Spirit suspension heightMark Aldridge04-9-11  09:07 pm
Bosch relay interchangeabilityPaul Yorke30-8-11  05:10 pm
Air Fuel Ratio Setup with EHAPaul Yorke61 21-8-11  10:58 pm
1990 Turbo R Intermittent no startPaul Yorke20-8-11  06:14 am
After-Market reservoirsLluís Gimeno-Fabra17-8-11  05:28 pm
Rebuild Fuel Distributor 0 438 101 032 OringsStefan Morley12 29-7-11  11:28 pm
Rolls Royce Spirit Hydraulic circuit (1981)Mark Aldridge19-7-11  08:30 am
Wind Noise Carl Linkenbagh12-7-11  05:17 pm
Turbo RL 1996 SCBZP15COTCH58201 (50K series ?)Les horne23 06-7-11  11:29 pm
1981 Silver Spirit Brake pressure switchesMark Aldridge01-7-11  06:40 am
Windtone horns on Turbo R - low note no longer...James Feller21-6-11  07:29 pm
1987 Bentley 8 Aircon/heatingMark Aldridge06-6-11  06:37 am
Bosch 2437-020-010 EHA Sourcing fitted to Bentley Turbo R 88Stefan Morley23-5-11  01:05 pm
Turbo R as a daily driver...James Feller02-5-11  10:21 am
Refinishing door cappingsPeter Maclaren01-4-11  11:16 am
Inlet Compression Turbine NutStefan Morley14 30-3-11  06:38 pm
Compression Ratios or Idiots guide to CompressionStefan Morley20-3-11  07:16 pm
Foam around headlamps openingsPaul Yorke29-12-10  08:12 pm
Turbo R Will not startTom21-12-10  01:57 am
Air Valve QuestionStefan Morley15-12-10  12:03 pm
A little update on the Bentley 8 restorationJeff Young13-12-10  11:08 pm
Mixture setting questionNigel Johnson20 11-12-10  05:25 am
Engine control moduleUdo Hoffmüller30-11-10  06:08 pm
Air flow potentiometer problemUdo Hoffmüller12 29-11-10  09:42 am
Spirit Fog Lights - nil...James Feller25-11-10  11:21 am
Failure to proceedAnton De Bloch23-11-10  09:49 pm
Cleaning fuel injectorsphil randall06-11-10  09:10 pm
Bentley GearboxC Lungmuss18 11-10-10  04:25 am
Blown Head Gasket(s) Turbo RLOmar M. Shams25 04-10-10  12:20 pm
Mysterious BitPaul Yorke15 21-9-10  08:27 pm
Brake pump toolPaul Yorke23 21-9-10  04:38 pm
Black smoke and weakening system wiringDave Burbidge05-9-10  01:52 pm
Hood insulator materialDavid Gore05-8-10  11:35 am
Idle Setting QuestionStefan Morley11 29-7-10  03:50 pm
Alternator PinoutOmar M. Shams29-7-10  11:03 am
Bentley turbo RL 1996 SCBZP15C0TCH58201Les Horne10 28-7-10  12:56 am
Spirit - Part No. UD22286Peter Talbot10 08-7-10  07:52 pm
Shaft-Snapping TorqueOmar M. Shams25 04-7-10  04:30 am
Can't open the rear door. Help?Eugene Oleinik28-6-10  03:29 am
Shaf-Snapping TorqueRichard Treacy26-6-10  08:50 pm
New batteryPaul Yorke26-6-10  05:51 pm
Rear brake oil leakPaul Yorke23-6-10  06:22 pm
Repairing Plastic Coolant Overflow TankLluís Gimeno-Fabra16 21-6-10  06:04 pm
Turbocharger questionsLluís Gimeno-Fabra11 09-6-10  05:49 pm
Taking doors off/ dismantling doors for paintingRichard Treacy09-6-10  04:21 pm
Ignition IssuesDouglas Majors20 30-5-10  08:53 am
Turbo AlternatorDavid Gore21-5-10  08:38 am
My Turbo's Front Passenger SeatJames Feller20-5-10  09:18 am
How can you check adaptive suspension - BCRMark Tennison03-5-10  03:31 pm
Odometer slight diiference between LED & AnalogePaul Yorke03-5-10  12:08 am
Drivers Door Locking not....James Feller18-4-10  11:49 am
Lobro shaft problems?Richard Treacy14 02-4-10  10:49 pm
Outside Temperature SensorAlan H Olden01-4-10  08:54 am
Spur coil fusePaul Yorke26-3-10  05:23 pm
Boot ReleasePaul Yorke22-3-10  09:16 am
Engine Position Sensor, Ring Gear or Torque ConverterStefan Morley21-3-10  02:03 pm
Electrical blackoutRobert Wort19-3-10  07:40 pm
Air Cond Pause....James Feller15 11-3-10  01:46 pm
Failure to haltClifford Donley69 03-3-10  10:29 pm
Finish of undersideClifford Donley23-2-10  02:09 am
Which light should go out first?James Feller22-2-10  07:23 am
Coversion to Val d' lsereOmar M. Shams07-2-10  02:26 am
Turbo R Windscreen Wipers - no action for sweepJames Feller06-2-10  10:08 pm
Turbo R 20,000-Series, Non-Cat Exhaust SystemRichard Treacy30-12-09  05:50 pm
Alarm light at 220Km/hLluís Gimeno-Fabra10 29-12-09  06:55 pm
Seat Belt replacement - SZ carsBill Coburn23-12-09  09:42 am
Plumes of Smelly Grubby Smoke and a Blown TurbochargerRichard Treacy22-12-09  09:05 am
Driver side interior lampPaul Yorke17-12-09  10:23 am
Passenger wing mirror loose Antony Berrill15-12-09  06:05 am
Spares at Great PricesCraig Knight11-12-09  12:36 pm
Rear ram extended to the max.Daniel Diewerge11-12-09  06:59 am
Power Steering FluidDave Burbidge10-12-09  07:58 pm
Water Tap QuestionLarry Halpert06-12-09  10:06 pm
Bentley Power annoyanceStefan Morley185 03-12-09  03:18 pm
Wow... why I should do my own ironing...James Feller27-11-09  12:20 pm
Removal Spark Plug Leads from DistributorBill Payne26-11-09  11:23 pm
Most undignified for a TurboCraig Knight18-11-09  02:46 pm
Schematic of Spirit front suspension and steering?Paul Yorke17-11-09  08:36 am
Front suspension knockingDave Burbidge26 12-11-09  12:22 pm
Transient BoostJames Feller08-11-09  11:19 am
Temp Gauge Needle Position for TurboRichard Treacy10 23-10-09  01:29 pm
Dismantling the top of the dashAntony Berrill21-10-09  06:07 am
What is the purpose of the small hydraulic reservoir?Eugene Oleinik16-10-09  01:09 am
Air Conditioning PressurisationBill Payne12 12-10-09  11:10 am
Hot LapPaul Yorke08-10-09  01:12 am
Re done Alloys for TurboEugene Oleinik28-9-09  07:36 pm
Strange noise and fuse issue with Bentley TurboJames Feller10 26-9-09  05:22 pm
Wipers Only Stop When Engine Switched Off - Why?Omar M. Shams25-9-09  05:46 am
Supply of PartsPaul Yorke10 24-9-09  07:05 pm
Rpm per klm Turbo RRichard Treacy16 23-9-09  11:28 am
Vehicle Registration in the Australian Capital TerritoryColin Silver19-9-09  06:55 pm
Bentley Turbo R 88 Pressure Regulator BoschStefan Morley13 12-9-09  05:35 pm
Battery specificationLluís Gimeno-Fabra07-9-09  02:02 am
TurboR boost control failureUdo Hoffmüller28 04-9-09  07:31 pm
Wiper problemPeter Maclaren04-9-09  09:44 am
Zytek or BoschLluís Gimeno-Fabra02-9-09  11:03 pm
Audible motor noisePaul Yorke15 30-8-09  06:51 pm
The 89 Turbo RL and a speed issueRichard Treacy22 25-8-09  05:32 pm
1990 Turbo RL Boost SettingsDr. Omar M. Shams09-8-09  04:50 am
Panic! Headlamps off!Udo Hoffmüller14 28-7-09  11:00 pm
Transient Boost for Turbo RLJames Feller27-7-09  09:05 am
SZ Power Steering Pump information.Larry Halpert26-7-09  04:08 pm
New Seats and a Vaccuumed TankJames Feller22-7-09  01:39 pm
Height Control Valve leakingDr. Omar M. Shams09-6-09  04:50 am
Damper questionPaul Yorke11 02-6-09  07:25 am
Emergency "out of park" '82 SSpurRichard Treacy19-5-09  10:16 am
Body issuesLluís Gimeno-Fabra18-5-09  06:36 pm
Hello ! Help , seems not engaging in the last gear Dr. Omar M. Shams13-5-09  05:00 am
Fog lightsLluís Gimeno-Fabra08-5-09  11:11 pm
Section "U"David Turner06-5-09  02:17 am
If you have to ask... fuel.RandyR14 05-5-09  01:07 am
CD changer cartridgeRichard Treacy12-3-09  04:21 am
Missing tool from spur toolkitJeffrey McCarthy16 25-2-09  07:35 am
Spirit DiffsLaurie Fox11-1-09  01:37 am
Mulsanne Turbo overheatingDavid Gore51 10-1-09  02:33 pm
Frequency valve noiseDavid Turner21-11-08  12:21 pm
Spirit Air ConLluís Gimeno-Fabra29 14-11-08  10:58 pm
Thick Brown coated wire by ECU -89 Turbo RRob. Smith05-11-08  10:43 am
Low Fuel Level 'Jitters'Lawrence Heasman03-11-08  08:59 am
1987 Bentley 8 Injection : low reading instrumentsMark Aldridge24-10-08  03:37 pm
Expensive tooth brushesLluís Gimeno-Fabra16-10-08  05:44 pm
Constant Velocity JointsRichard Treacy10-10-08  09:21 pm
Twin Distributor Belt ReplacementPaul Yorke04-10-08  09:26 am
Airconditioning panel and electric actuators.Lluís Gimeno-Fabra22-9-08  05:22 pm
Dismantling door lining Continental R.Lluís Gimeno-Fabra22-9-08  05:16 pm
89 Spur LPG ConversionLawrence Heasman22-9-08  12:42 am
Difficult hot starting - fuel injected enginesPeter Colwell18-9-08  09:34 pm
Airconditiong flapsLluís Gimeno-Fabra18-9-08  01:31 am
TiresLluís Gimeno-Fabra17 17-9-08  10:06 pm
No kickdownDavid Turner08-9-08  10:32 am
Brake PipesRichard Treacy47 21-8-08  09:23 pm
Fixing Rego PlatesLawrence Heasman11-8-08  09:33 pm
Oil Cooler pipes leaking...James Feller11 16-7-08  08:26 am
Turbo R Tachometer FlickerBill Fraser12-7-08  09:09 pm
88 Turbo R driver rear view mirrorC Lungmuss08-7-08  05:41 am
SY and SZ Workshop and Spares ManualsRichard Treacy10 25-6-08  03:29 am
Is there ever an end to oil leaks....Bill Coburn17 18-6-08  09:15 am
Help needed with a potentially very serious issuePaul Yorke22 11-6-08  09:08 pm
Spirit Vs SpurJames Feller11 05-6-08  09:39 am
Continental-RLluís Gimeno-Fabra10 30-5-08  11:20 pm
89 Turbo R sphere replacementRichard Treacy11 07-5-08  08:28 am
Another 'what does this plug do'Rob. Smith06-5-08  07:46 am
Recalls Turbo R Patrick Lockyer.11-4-08  07:07 am
Brake rotors wear limitPaul Yorke28-1-08  08:27 pm
Transmission oil leak from actuator lever ?Rodney Peach14-1-08  03:38 am
Not sure who was more scared of the Spirit....James Feller10-1-08  02:35 pm
Spirit flooding?Bill Coburn10 01-1-08  03:09 pm
SZ Spare Parts CatalogueRichard Treacy07-12-07  06:49 pm
Air Con/Climate control on or off while starting?Richard Treacy05-12-07  07:29 am
Model advice.Robert Follia26 29-11-07  10:58 pm
Spirit Drivers Door Locks...James Feller18-10-07  08:33 am
Problems with cruise control and speedoRodney Peach18-10-07  04:24 am
Difficult Cold Starting in SummerJames Feller15-10-07  04:18 pm
Spirit Flying LadyPaul Yorke29-9-07  05:27 pm
Survival DataPaul Yorke08-8-07  01:05 am
Silver Spirit Lpg conversionDavid Gore20-7-07  09:22 am
Spirit StarterRichard Treacy08-7-07  08:22 pm
Fuel injectorsHameed Noor Mohamed05-7-07  11:22 pm
Ceramic BrakesRobert in Spain27-6-07  03:19 am
TRANSMISSION OIL LEAK? 1980 SILVER SPIRITRodney Peach24-6-07  02:27 pm
What does this plug do?Hameed Noor Mohamed15 21-6-07  03:07 am
What RR wheels fit my Spur? Where?Larry Halpert16-6-07  01:32 pm
Silver Spirit VINLutz Gruenenwald20-5-07  08:38 am
Engine error codesBrian Crump07-5-07  09:12 pm
Update on my friend with potentially serious problemRichard Treacy26-4-07  06:03 pm
What is the Material/Padding underneath the carpet?Jason Pfeiffer21-4-07  05:29 pm
Spheres and Herniaschris chadburn53 16-4-07  12:48 pm
TPS trouble?phil randall10 12-4-07  02:54 am
Odd IdolJason Pfeiffer10-4-07  11:08 am
Cleaning over-rugsBrian Crump30-3-07  05:05 pm
87 Spur Cruise ControlRichard Treacy17 05-2-07  10:03 pm
Missing Information?Paul Yorke03-2-07  06:04 pm
Idle speed actuatorPatrick Lockyer.24-1-07  11:42 pm
Rear suspention too firmPaul Yorke18 10-1-07  06:39 am
Binding front brakeDick & Roz Roadnight03-1-07  03:32 am
Engine MissingHameed Noor Mohamed21-12-06  11:44 pm
Humming NoiseHameed Noor Mohamed21-12-06  11:20 pm
Rough idleHameed Noor Mohamed12 19-12-06  04:25 am
Help for a friend and her 1990 Spur II - radio code issuesPeter Colwell18-12-06  01:28 pm
1990 Spur II suspension too firm.Patrick Lockyer.18-12-06  07:51 am
Temperamental Dashboardhameed15-12-06  03:08 pm
Anyone here replace stereo speakers?Jason Pfeiffer07-12-06  03:21 am
Technical_LibraryDavid Gore01-12-06  03:54 pm
Poor fuel economyBill Coburn14-11-06  11:02 am
What wheels fit Spirit & Turbo R?Richard Treacy14-11-06  05:09 am
Front shocks Patrick Lockyer.15 13-11-06  04:40 am
My crazy electrical issues have been fixed - what a messJason Pfeiffer12-11-06  06:13 am
Drive Belts: Larry's List take noteLarry Halpert17 08-11-06  05:03 pm
ABS brakesLarry Halpert02-11-06  05:01 pm
Cruise ControlRichard Treacy10 18-10-06  03:58 pm
Crook Fuse Relay?Bill Coburn08-10-06  10:49 am
Silver spirit cruise controlBill Coburn06-10-06  06:51 pm
Starter going?Stephe Boddice02-10-06  02:11 am
Sensor Brake Pads: How to Fit a SensorLarry Halpert14 26-9-06  09:38 am
Help!! Mineral Oil Question and some updates for those interestedBill Coburn24-9-06  05:54 pm
1992 Silver Spur II Fuel level Sender sensorRichard Treacy24-9-06  12:55 am
Little "clip" things on the front windowsJason Pfeiffer17-9-06  06:09 am
Drive shaft "clunking"David Gore08-9-06  04:45 pm
Which oil to use ?Rob van den berg24-8-06  07:06 am
Addition to "More of the same problem" but another point - should I...Jason Pfeiffer14-8-06  11:30 pm
More of the same problem? Maybe not? David Gore14-8-06  01:00 pm
So this is what we have decided to do...Jason Pfeiffer27-7-06  10:10 am
Vapor Lock?Patrick Lockyer.25-7-06  03:13 pm
Help!! New Spirit and I need some advicePatrick Lockyer.22-7-06  05:21 pm
Leaking rear ram linePaul28-6-06  08:32 am
FLASHER UNIT RELAY Rodney Peach22-4-06  04:54 am
Bentley Turbo R History-BooksGeoffrey Ballard13-4-06  12:57 pm
Spark Timing SendorPatrick Lockyer.22-3-06  06:21 am
Rear Spring Retention ToolClive Lungmuss21-3-06  03:24 pm
Wood workJohn Shostrom03-3-06  01:05 am
New spirit - first time with a Rolls RoyceBen Cook16-2-06  09:39 pm
Battery Shut-Off Switch ProblemJohn Shostrom14 29-1-06  06:50 am
Water Temperature Transmitter ?Arfeli Jérôme28-12-05  12:37 am
Air in LHMRichard Treacy18-11-05  10:36 pm
The old RROC (US) public forumLarry Halpert28-10-05  03:43 pm
HeatingIan Leonard27-9-05  08:26 am
What Is This Odd Piece?Richard Treacy12 19-9-05  04:01 am
Removal of divisionBill Coburn11-9-05  02:03 pm
Tyre ExperiencesJohn Shostrom31-8-05  02:16 pm
Silver Spur Memory Seat ProblemJohn Shostrom15-8-05  04:03 am
Silver spirit door alignmentMike Calcott10-8-05  12:58 pm
Leaking welsh plugslaurie02-8-05  02:01 pm
Turbo R Starter Motor RemovalRichard Treacy18 20-5-05  12:51 am
1981 Spur rear coil springsBill Coburn12-5-05  08:51 pm
V-Belts for 20,000-series Sz carsDavid Gore09-5-05  07:03 pm
When does the bleeding end?Bill Coburn09-4-05  10:42 am
Thottle position sensor availabilityGordon Norris12 29-3-05  10:33 am
Penultimate Exhaust MountsBill Coburn25-3-05  12:11 pm
Inoperative speedo.Mark Peacock19 24-3-05  05:39 pm
Rack LeaksRichard Treacy25 24-3-05  09:16 am
S/Spirit RATTLEArthur Francis12 19-3-05  10:05 pm
Spirit Rear Wheel BearingsRichard Treacy16-3-05  04:08 am
Solenoid Heater Valve replacement availabilityLarry Halpert13-3-05  09:41 am
SZ Accumulator SpheresRichard Treacy21 12-3-05  02:21 am
Polarity of battery charging socket 1996 BentleyGordon Norris10-3-05  09:18 am
Sump Nut for RR SpiritGordon Norris08-3-05  07:18 pm
Door Operated Interior LampsRichard Treacy05-3-05  11:03 pm
Charles is at it againRobert Wort05-1-05  09:14 pm
Wheel BalancingChris Gillings40 03-12-04  11:00 pm
Steering Backlash AdjustmentRichard Treacy30-11-04  02:20 am
Blocked radiator overflow bottlesJohn Dare26-11-04  08:27 am
Wiper MotorsBill Coburn26-11-04  07:37 am
Drivetrain Rebuild KitsJohn Dare26-11-04  07:10 am
Crudding plugswhunter26-11-04  05:55 am
Spirit Carb adjustwhunter26-11-04  05:32 am
Protecting the Ladywhunter26-11-04  05:14 am
Failing engine mountswhunter26-11-04  04:59 am
Steering Rack Replacement, SSII OnwardsPatrick Lockyer.18 20-11-04  11:31 pm
Front Suspension Compliant MountsRichard Treacy09-11-04  04:41 am
SZ Standing HeightRichard Treacy07-11-04  02:19 am
Spirit Manual TSD4400Larry Halpert30-10-04  09:55 am
Wiper deayed startBill Coburn19-10-04  06:23 pm
How Clean is your Fuel Filter ?Larry Halpert11 25-9-04  05:21 pm
Spur Sensor Brake PadsRichard Treacy17-9-04  09:24 am
Fuel Filter, Fuel Injected CarsRichard Treacy09-9-04  10:53 pm
1981 Mulsannewhunter05-9-04  07:55 am
Silver spirit colour?John Dare13-8-04  09:47 pm
Air Conditioning PressuresMark Vasquez11 28-7-04  10:47 am
Silver Spirit Servicing ManualBill Coburn10 20-7-04  07:48 am
Silver Spirit HelpMartin Taylor27-6-04  10:37 pm
Brake Master CylinderRichard Treacy12 29-5-04  07:07 am
Speedometer wire not connectedLarry30-3-04  04:14 pm
Alloy Wheels for Turbo RsRichard Treacy26-3-04  01:39 am
Power Loss to EngineDavid Gore16 14-3-04  08:58 pm
FRONT STEERING RACK AND BUSHES SPUR 1987Robert Chapman09-1-04  08:54 pm
Proper torque values for the water pump on 1985 Silver Spurwhunter29-11-03  03:54 am
1981 Spirit static curb heightRichard Treacy23-11-03  02:11 am
Hum/resonance problem in '89 Spur Bill Coburn10 16-11-03  10:41 pm
Gear Selector failing intermittentlySTEPHEN ROCHE14-10-03  03:30 pm
Electric Window FaultBill Coburn07-10-03  10:42 am
Alarm 1994 Silver Spirit MK 3Stephen Hancox18-9-03  12:54 pm
Turbo R front seat removal 1993Richard Treacy11-9-03  11:26 pm
DOOR SEALS ON A 1985 SPIRIT .SALSTRIP04-11-02  04:28 pm
Motorola alternators on Silver SpiritsBill Coburn26-6-02  10:06 am
Spirit servicingthomas midas08-11-01  07:27 am
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