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Mulsanne S coolant temp gaugeDarryl Watson26-6-17  09:11 pm
K-Jetronic aftermarket tuningJeff Cheng26-6-17  08:07 pm
Alarm batteryDarryl Watson18-6-17  08:16 pm
Top Roll demister panel removal.Darryl Watson17-6-17  05:57 am
Windshield wipers and battery lightMark Luft08-6-17  11:35 pm
Solex Carburettor Alternatives??Paul Yorke19 05-6-17  08:38 am
Spirit fuel problem.Brian Vogel04-6-17  03:36 am
Stereo issues.Paul Yorke10 03-6-17  06:24 am
Seat Warmerrichard george yeama26-5-17  08:13 pm
SZ Standing HeightEdward Mckinley23-5-17  05:22 am
Spur suspensionBrian Vogel32 22-5-17  07:49 am
Rear wood door cappingsMark Aldridge12-5-17  07:20 pm
Center Temperature Clock Start Indicator Module DeadRichard Greene09-5-17  08:26 am
Turbo R horn overhaul.Darryl Watson10 08-5-17  08:57 pm
Silver Sprit SCAZS000CCH04092-BrakesDarryl Watson08-5-17  08:52 pm
Fan viscous coupling question.John Kilkenny10 07-5-17  11:07 pm
Climate Control InoperativeTodd Keleske42 29-4-17  02:08 pm
Power Steering LubricantTodd Keleske32 26-4-17  08:28 am
Blink code 4312 Spark Timing Sendor Darryl Watson25-4-17  10:49 pm
Poor Starting Hot or Coldrichard george yeama11 22-4-17  07:32 am
Auto lights ?David Towers19-4-17  07:55 pm
Rough running at idle and engine slow to pick upPatrick Francis11 19-4-17  07:09 pm
Seat adjuster motor part NBG15389 Bentley Turbo RLBrian Vogel16-4-17  05:15 am
Turbo R not startingrichard george yeama15 07-4-17  06:14 am
Lost panel lights during changing lighter socket.Larry Halpert13 02-4-17  12:46 pm
No response to "Start" turn of the keyChristian S. Hansen23 01-4-17  10:15 am
Nuisance ProblemsDavid Gore31-3-17  04:33 pm
Front seat leather refurb (base removal)michael vass29-3-17  06:23 pm
Silver Spirit Cruise Control Neville Davies21 29-3-17  04:37 pm
PENRITE LHM PLUSDavid Gore19-3-17  06:06 pm
Does my car have an oil cooler?Alan Ford19-3-17  03:04 pm
Spirit 3 Gas Spring (sphere) Replacement.Charles Drakoulas19-3-17  08:53 am
Key transponderPaul Yorke17-3-17  08:13 pm
Gigantic Humongous Bolshoi BatteryPaul Yorke16-3-17  06:35 pm
Wheels & tyre size?Patrick Ryan11 09-3-17  06:57 am
Dash Wood Trim and Speedo Removal Spirit IIRowland Palmer08-3-17  05:01 pm
Seat ECU'sDavid Gore03-3-17  10:23 pm
Turbocharged Cars – Boost Control TuningRichard Treacy57 25-2-17  01:13 am
Battery isolater switch?David Towers14-2-17  10:30 pm
The warpath of Purchasing a good Spur or SpiritVladimir Ivanovich K30 14-2-17  04:59 am
Purchasing a SpiritPaul Yorke10 13-2-17  07:14 am
1983 Mulsanne voltage regulatorChristian S. Hansen11-2-17  03:47 pm
1982 Spirit poor runningEdward Mckinley75 09-2-17  06:35 am
Water pump, thermostat and the likeLawrence Heasman29 06-2-17  02:42 pm
1997 Turbo R switch box removalmichael vass40 05-2-17  05:25 am
Rear strut modClive Lungmuss22 29-1-17  01:29 am
Tee One Topics and Visco Fan failure...michael vass30 27-1-17  09:56 pm
Gearbox filter movement related to spacer/boltmichael vass12 25-1-17  07:25 pm
More spending... more questions.Patrick Ryan11 24-1-17  10:22 am
WTB: Trim RingPaul Yorke21-1-17  08:10 pm
Converting US Headlights to European Brian Vogel11 20-1-17  01:24 am
Regulator For CS144 AlternatorOmar M. Shams16-1-17  07:24 pm
TSD6124 - Dampers/Shock Absorbers 1965-1995Brian Vogel15-1-17  11:03 am
Bentley 8 @ AuctionPatrick Ryan09-1-17  07:55 am
Knock Sensor For 96 CarsUdo Hoffmüller07-1-17  10:23 am
For those who want to custom tune their 4L80E transmissionBrian Vogel07-1-17  02:02 am
New SZ owner, MelbourneCarl Jones28-12-16  07:32 pm
Ignition Parts Needed Corniche IIIDon Ivener27-12-16  11:42 am
Hard starting when coldPeter Maclaren23-12-16  09:06 am
Seat wobble.David Towers11 16-12-16  08:45 pm
Bleeding Intercooler Turbo R (S)richard george yeama12-12-16  08:36 am
Clock/TemperatureLarry Halpert10-12-16  09:43 am
Auxiliary fan gremlinEdward Mckinley17 02-12-16  05:05 am
96 Gearbox stuck in second gearOmar M. Shams13 26-11-16  02:44 pm
Restoring the rear bumpermichael vass15-11-16  05:33 am
Corniche III Part Identification HelpDon Ivener15-11-16  01:44 am
Reanimation of my Turbo Srichard george yeama27 06-11-16  02:23 am
New headlightsmichael vass20 20-10-16  06:48 pm
What ecu's does my car have? Alan Harrison20-10-16  05:17 am
Are HT Leads Special?David Gore18-10-16  11:21 am
Exotic Birds tweeting in my upper steering column.Charles Drakoulas16-10-16  07:29 am
Diagnostic kits omitecAlan Harrison14-10-16  08:38 pm
Platinum spark plugsMark Aldridge12-10-16  06:44 pm
1983 Mulsanne rough idleMark Aldridge12-10-16  12:49 am
Issues After laying up the car over the summerrichard george yeama09-10-16  05:21 am
Faulty Starter switch Turbo ROmar M. Shams08-10-16  01:35 pm
Airbag lightAlan Harrison45 07-10-16  06:29 am
Fuel Filters Edward Mckinley12 06-10-16  05:29 am
Nolathane Bushes for Turbo RDavid Gore29-9-16  08:59 am
Wiper wont park Turbo Rrichard george yeama26-9-16  03:30 am
Monte-Carlo or Bust. . . . Omar M. Shams20-9-16  11:05 pm
Rough idle no moreLarry Kavanagh20-9-16  06:55 am
Been spending money again...richard george yeama18-9-16  11:59 pm
Door Mirror Frame RepairGeoff Wootton01-9-16  04:33 am
Remote locking system ( No Sound ) richard george yeama21-8-16  06:42 pm
Check Enginerichard george yeama27 21-8-16  07:23 am
Rear Suspension Fluid LossClive Lungmuss15 20-8-16  03:14 am
Turbo R KE2 AFR Map 1988Stefan Morley15-8-16  02:13 pm
Socket size Bolt rear Brake calipergordon le feuvre15-8-16  01:41 am
Recommendations for engine oil for 1997 Turbo R richard george yeama09-8-16  06:42 pm
1989 Mulsanne S wheel nut socket size?Robert Noel Reddingt29-7-16  07:36 am
Brake Fluid LeakChristian S. Hansen20 20-7-16  11:05 am
Ignition switch return springAlan Harrison20-7-16  08:27 am
Oil recommendationsPatrick Ryan18 17-7-16  09:57 pm
Fans.... radiator kind!michael vass16 15-7-16  08:59 pm
Strange Windsmichael vass15-7-16  07:06 pm
Ac woes sd510Mark Aldridge39 09-7-16  09:44 am
Azure Window Motor Plastic Partrichard george yeama12 08-7-16  08:04 am
Tyres for 1989 Mulsanne SEdward Mckinley24 06-7-16  01:24 pm
Brake Pressure Switches.Nigel Johnson06-7-16  08:15 am
Dimensions Distributor tandem Drive Beltsmichael vass06-7-16  03:57 am
Spirit & Spur Accumulator "Pump Down"David Gore05-7-16  08:57 pm
Steering Rack problems and leaksrichard george yeama25 04-7-16  08:43 am
AC help pleaseEdward Mckinley14 28-6-16  01:42 pm
82 Spirit Fluid light onrichard george yeama25-6-16  03:27 am
Spark Plug Selection and Testing Coils on 97 Model CarsOmar M. Shams36 22-6-16  02:26 pm
External electric mirrorsmichael vass12 19-6-16  11:50 pm
1994 Bentley Turbo R Cosworth Enginegordon le feuvre12-6-16  05:23 pm
Turbo R Wheel AlignmentJean-Pierre 'JP' Hil11 10-6-16  01:25 am
My old turbomichael vass30-5-16  06:08 am
The Ultimate List of Everything SZOmar M. Shams27-5-16  04:28 am
1984 Spirit won't runrichard george yeama36 17-5-16  02:22 am
20,000 series R134a charge amountChristopher Williams14 14-5-16  01:29 am
Hydraulics rear brakesmichael vass13-5-16  04:58 am
Transmission Misbehaviourab11-5-16  04:24 pm
Crankshaft damperChristopher Williams03-5-16  08:22 am
SZ ignition circuit diagrammichael vass15 02-5-16  01:10 am
Been doing some work on the SZ....michael vass01-5-16  07:43 am
Otter coolant fan switch part no. UE44169 Darryl Watson29-4-16  04:45 am
Zetek EnginesNeville Davies28-4-16  09:05 pm
More Firing Order Mystery - But SZ Specificmichael vass16 28-4-16  08:00 pm
Oil pressure gauge.David Towers27-4-16  08:22 pm
Boost Control – Turbocharged Cars – Bring It Back Up to ScratchDavid Towers118 16-4-16  04:27 am
Facet Fuel Pump KitBrian Vogel12-4-16  05:51 am
Speedo inop, but odo still working Brooklands 'R'David Towers10 10-4-16  08:58 pm
"C" Pillar (rear roof pillar badges) silver spirit 3Paul Yorke09-4-16  05:14 am
Water pumpmichael vass12 07-4-16  08:29 pm
Air bag lightjames gibson07-4-16  07:17 am
Receiver dryermichael vass07-4-16  02:20 am
Visco fan driveOmar M. Shams59 06-4-16  04:59 am
Unidentified wire o/s/f wingRobert Noel Reddingt14 31-3-16  06:37 am
Front Fog Light Wiring Roger Routledge29-3-16  02:40 am
Odd, seat/mirrors fault and other fun....David Towers19-3-16  11:07 pm
Bentley Brooklands R pollen filters and turbo questions.Omar M. Shams19-3-16  08:46 pm
Bolt pattern for 1985 silver spirit''Robert Lavallee18-3-16  02:57 am
Rear Head Rest Differences Spirit/SpurCharles Drakoulas15-3-16  09:27 am
Aircon compressorTodd weston50 08-3-16  12:07 pm
Rat Trap and Brake pedal feel coneMark Herbstreit02-3-16  09:25 pm
Cold heater at 50MPH/80KPHDarryl Watson22-2-16  11:56 pm
Suspension ProblemsMark Herbstreit11 20-2-16  02:54 pm
Electric rear defrost malfunction gordon le feuvre11 15-2-16  10:02 pm
A/C System switching on and off Intermittenetlymichael vass31 13-2-16  05:43 am
TSD 4848 electrical '89David Gore12-2-16  07:15 am
Driver's Interior Light Switch at Switchbox . . .michael vass13 31-1-16  03:09 am
Trac Fault/Speedo not workingPatrick Lockyer.19 26-1-16  08:10 am
Engine Dip Stick HousingRoger Routledge25-1-16  07:12 pm
Seat ECU repairBrian Vogel24-1-16  12:04 pm
Aircon systemRoderick Waite16 20-1-16  10:45 pm
Bonnet/Hood catch not functioningDavid Gore20-1-16  09:13 am
In-Car Telephones - Do they Still work?Omar M. Shams52 09-1-16  04:14 pm
Silver Spirit problemRobert Noel Reddingt14 01-1-16  10:58 am
Finally, Turbo R owner!richard george yeama32 19-12-15  10:05 am
Leather colour code and nameRoger Routledge17-12-15  03:10 am
Upgrading Spur Headlights to LED'sRay Zeffert20-11-15  08:51 pm
Oxygen Sensorrichard george yeama19-11-15  02:04 am
1991 Spirit Fuel injection and bright workBrian Vogel16-11-15  11:45 am
Bertie earns his wingsCarl Heydon14 12-11-15  05:26 pm
Dash panel lightsGeoff Wootton12-11-15  11:05 am
2 Questions - struts & leaks...Robert Noel Reddingt28-10-15  07:35 am
Turbo R ValueRobert Noel Reddingt15 27-10-15  07:15 am
Heated Oxygen Sensormichael vass24-10-15  09:09 pm
Power Seat ModuleRobert Noel Reddingt18 18-10-15  06:42 am
Chedk Engine LightRobert Noel Reddingt14 18-10-15  06:14 am
K MotronicBill Hart16-10-15  07:34 am
Turbo r HeadlightsdPaul Yorke10-10-15  09:30 pm
Central door locking for dummiesRobert Noel Reddingt10-10-15  09:02 am
Rolls Box spanner RH 7126michael vass07-10-15  06:57 pm
Seat belts. And rust proofing.Robert Noel Reddingt24-9-15  10:06 am
Rear window removalmichael vass17 16-9-15  04:59 am
Alternative brake fluidRobert Noel Reddingt11 05-9-15  06:04 am
Gearbox overhaul SZ 3-speedJean-Pierre 'JP' Hil10 28-8-15  05:20 am
CORNICHE HOOD HYDRAULICSJean-Pierre 'JP' Hil28-8-15  04:29 am
Not another issue - this one is electrical - help!Larry Halpert15 27-8-15  12:56 pm
Gearbox actuator microswitchesBob Reynolds20 27-8-15  08:31 am
Reverse lights u/sJean-Pierre 'JP' Hil16 22-8-15  09:28 am
Aircon systemLluís Gimeno-Fabra21-8-15  12:23 am
Turbo R ProblemsBill Hart16-8-15  09:43 am
Turbo R RackBill Hart16-8-15  09:35 am
Zen and the art of oil pan removalJean-Pierre 'JP' Hil04-8-15  05:33 pm
Viscous fan couplingLarry Halpert03-8-15  03:18 pm
Mulsanne front springsRobert Noel Reddingt29 30-7-15  10:42 am
Front of Engine Maintenance.Lluís Gimeno-Fabra10 29-7-15  07:01 pm
Seat position and memoryBrian Vogel26 29-7-15  01:47 pm
Correct battery group size for SZ series carsBrian Vogel29-7-15  07:24 am
Turbo R Shifter ProblemChristian S. Hansen10 25-7-15  12:27 pm
Turbo R Wheel AlignmentBrian Vogel25-7-15  09:17 am
Rear Wheel Bearingsrichard george yeama20 20-7-15  02:52 am
What else has memory retention batteries.Dick Campbell14-7-15  08:07 am
Spirit wheel trimsRoderick Waite15 13-7-15  01:46 am
Central locking Problem 1991 turbo Rgordon le feuvre12-7-15  12:43 am
Workshop ManualLarry Halpert11-7-15  08:09 am
OBD II ScannerBrian Vogel11-7-15  06:57 am
Turbo R Running Richmichael vass18 05-7-15  04:34 am
Miscellaneous QuestionsRobert Noel Reddingt04-7-15  04:35 am
1984 Spirit Turn Signals...Won'tRobert Noel Reddingt03-7-15  07:14 am
Ventilation fans not powerfulRobert Noel Reddingt30-6-15  10:44 am
ABS relays clicking.Darryl Watson24-6-15  06:28 am
FTP todayJean-Pierre 'JP' Hil11 23-6-15  06:45 pm
Removing the Flying LadyPaul Yorke10 14-6-15  10:02 am
SZ park switchPaul Yorke14-6-15  09:33 am
Keys, and their behavior, during the SZ eraBob UK18-5-15  02:06 am
1988 Silver SpiritBrian Vogel16-5-15  09:55 am
Petrol smell in boot/trunk 1991 Turbo RLarry Halpert11 06-5-15  09:19 am
Unusual Steering ProblemBrian Vogel12 21-4-15  09:08 am
Wipers wont workbob uk15 18-4-15  05:11 am
T400 Transmission Overhaulbob uk23 15-4-15  08:37 am
Battery warning light again!peter giles27-3-15  03:19 am
Upgraded ThermostatBob UK34 25-3-15  08:10 am
AC electric fault Corniche 2 vim 24570Bob UK19-3-15  08:04 am
Firing Order DiagramsBrian Vogel16-3-15  12:45 am
1997 Turbo R Dipped beam upgrade.richard george yeama12-2-15  02:46 am
Cam chest oil sealLluís Gimeno-Fabra01-2-15  02:37 am
Thermostat questionBob Reynolds28-1-15  02:41 am
Spirit battery isolator switchRoderick Waite35 27-1-15  05:11 pm
Minor engine oil leakage Jean-Pierre 'JP' Hil26 22-1-15  09:28 pm
Retractable MascotRay Zeffert21-1-15  11:20 am
Broken fuel line - what now?richard george yeama21-1-15  09:34 am
Injection system major maintenance 1994 #52020David Gore32 17-1-15  08:18 am
Brake pistons / how to install those rubber dust seals?Bob UK10 06-1-15  06:43 am
Mastercheck Port & OBD-II - What do we collectively know?Udo Hoffmüller23 02-1-15  05:03 am
HELP: window frame U-sealJean-Pierre 'JP' Hil07-12-14  09:52 pm
Oil Cooler Pipes Bob UK06-12-14  07:11 am
New 1994 engineBob uk27-11-14  11:41 am
Spark Plug alternativesBenoit Leus19 26-11-14  12:47 am
Harrison A6 R134a / which oil?Daniel Diewerge12 24-11-14  07:13 am
Bentley Mulsanne gearboxBob uk17 23-11-14  12:13 pm
MirrorsBob uk15-11-14  10:03 am
1996 horn(s) won't work suddenly anymorePaul Yorke18 01-11-14  08:26 am
Water pumpjean-pierre hilbert29-10-14  10:23 pm
Front Springs and other thingsBob uk19 17-10-14  06:36 am
Total electrical failureBob uk29 10-10-14  06:55 am
Behr Radiators in the SZ series carsBrian Vogel29-9-14  11:20 pm
SZ Marketing Promotional VideosJames Feller22-9-14  09:20 pm
How transparent is HSMO in the reservoir?Brian Vogel02-9-14  12:15 am
Engine stalling / 1993 Brooklands BentleyBrian Vogel29-8-14  08:12 am
Spirit II seat problem (33893)Paul Yorke07-8-14  10:41 am
Bentley Turbo R Gear selector not workingPaul Yorke14-7-14  05:08 pm
Rear suspension spheresgordon le feuvre33 28-6-14  07:02 am
Electrical isse with blower fans on 1981 CornicheAnders Nilsson30-4-14  01:56 pm
Problems with automatic temperature control early SZPaul Yorke28-4-14  06:58 pm
Turbo RL Electrical IssuesBill Lillios15 21-4-14  10:09 pm
Zytek vs 3.3 Motronic EMSMax Lynn Christenson12 13-4-14  03:18 am
Hoisting and Engine Number on Engine BlockMax Lynn Christenson15 01-4-14  12:08 pm
Rear struts on a 1986 Spur wont blead.richard george yeama29-3-14  09:32 am
Wash -Wipe 20,000 series carJohn Kilkenny15 14-3-14  09:49 am
Changing Coolant - Refilling SpecificallyBrian Vogel05-3-14  10:01 am
Best material for cylinder liner o-ring sealsRichard Treacy02-3-14  09:34 pm
BATTERY WARNING LIGHTBrian Vogel02-3-14  02:07 am
Interesting thread on Cruise Control ECU refurbishmentDerek Bonner22-2-14  01:55 am
Courtesy Lamps Delay Controller/RelayBrian Vogel08-2-14  02:04 am
Replacing fuel linesGraham Burn03-2-14  01:33 am
Puzzling electrical problemGraham Burn22 29-1-14  11:04 pm
Wipers parkingGraham Burn26 10-1-14  07:23 am
Crankcase ventilation PCV and back to lifeRichard Treacy15 08-1-14  06:14 pm
What causes a hot fuseDavid Gore32 24-12-13  08:06 am
Bentley Brooklands LPT 1997Mark David Smith16-12-13  06:05 pm
Penrite LHM PlusAlistair Riddell12 11-12-13  11:50 am
Thermostat/Temperature sender Bentley Turbo R Ernest Carty08-12-13  04:26 am
Instrument lightsEdward Mckinley21 05-12-13  01:25 pm
A/c compressor won't cut in - 88 SpurDavid Gore01-12-13  07:39 am
Silver Spirit A/C microprocessor relays replacement source UKMalcolm Thompson12 30-11-13  04:14 am
Power steering leak - air getting in but no apparent fluid leaking ...richard george yeama20 27-11-13  02:02 am
Spirit II bottom ball jointBill Coburn20-11-13  09:35 am
Belt Squeak - 93 BrooklandsPaul Yorke11-11-13  05:37 pm
Ride height Mark David Smith23-10-13  10:11 am
1982 Spirit Anti rollbar / stabiliser barErnest Carty21-10-13  02:38 am
96 Turbo R Engine Management Relay Pin 87aBill Lillios15-10-13  12:00 am
Early Turbo R Timing Adjustment.Ernest Carty14-10-13  08:44 pm
Master-Check Pin Out / ECU accessErnest Carty45 10-10-13  09:59 pm
ABSGraham Burn10 28-9-13  08:23 pm
Wipers on Turbo RTGraham Burn12 26-9-13  07:00 am
Turbo R boot lock part replacementPaul Yorke25-9-13  08:48 am
Anti-theft sirenErnest Carty10 11-9-13  08:22 am
Airbag Warning, SZ carsPaul Yorke09-9-13  10:39 pm
1991 Silver Spur II rough idlew. lee pfeifer18 04-9-13  11:19 am
1994 silver spiritrizzo30830-8-13  09:40 am
Knurled nutsRoderick Waite15 24-8-13  11:58 pm
Car-washRoderick Waite20-8-13  01:13 am
Trim clipsPaul Yorke11 17-8-13  09:15 pm
4 Speed Auto ConversionMichael Hicks15-8-13  11:36 pm
Front Seat SquabsNigel Parker14-8-13  11:12 am
Console mounted shifter - modification Mark David Smith14-8-13  10:05 am
Warning Messages on Driver's Info PanelCarl Heydon04-8-13  11:51 am
TSD6167 - SZ Illustrated Parts Manual - Strange issue with Adobe Re...Brian Vogel02-8-13  04:09 am
Lack of engine brakingRichard Treacy12 01-8-13  11:47 pm
Strange noiserring noiseRoderick Waite12 01-8-13  07:47 pm
Auto transmissionGraham Burn14 26-7-13  12:05 pm
VibrationGraham Burn12 22-7-13  10:51 am
Seat adjustment inoperative.Richard Treacy10 21-7-13  06:26 pm
Changing CoolantJan Forrest19 12-7-13  11:28 pm
Stereo Speaker ReplacementAlistair Riddell08-7-13  10:13 am
Cruise controlGraham Burn30-6-13  06:51 pm
Door glass sealsGraham Burn29-6-13  05:34 am
Door Lamp Switches?Graham Burn12 22-6-13  03:57 am
Stiff door.Jonas TRACHSEL27-5-13  04:26 pm
Side mirror glass loosePaul Yorke23-5-13  05:07 pm
Front seat armrest removalDaniel Diewerge20-5-13  10:28 pm
1982 Spirit radiator electric fanRoderick Waite20-5-13  06:58 pm
Bonnet catch - Spirit IRoderick Waite14-5-13  05:41 am
LP hydraulic hosesBrian Vogel07-5-13  07:14 am
Jockey pulley / belt tensionerPaul Yorke16-4-13  07:26 pm
Headlamp trim on Mulsanne/Silver SpiritRoderick Waite01-4-13  10:40 pm
Dash DimmerRoderick Waite12 23-3-13  03:26 am
Turbo R power windowsPaul Yorke30 16-3-13  07:33 am
Stereo SpeakersJohn McGhee12-3-13  09:35 pm
Adjusting rear ride height - '89 Turbo R - David Gore08-3-13  09:44 am
Rectangular Headlight SealsJohn McGhee06-3-13  08:16 pm
4Treated like a "normal" car, how long can I expect it to last as a...James Feller22 06-3-13  09:28 am
Turbo R Front SuspensionNigel Parker11 05-3-13  08:46 pm
1982 Spirit Rich cold startJeff Young05-3-13  08:13 pm
Non Functional Speedo & Odo but working cruise.Alistair Riddell05-3-13  09:53 am
'84 Spur AlternatorJan Forrest18 03-3-13  10:06 pm
Hydraulic ReservoirsJames Feller22-2-13  09:06 am
Bleeding....againEdward Mckinley15-2-13  03:54 am
Coolant in the ValleyEdward Mckinley10 10-2-13  02:36 am
Hoses for LHM fluidRichard Treacy09-2-13  06:05 pm
Spirit Sill FinishersJeff Young08-2-13  02:31 am
Flushing the Cooling SystemJohn McGhee07-2-13  09:25 pm
Failure To StartAlan H Olden18 05-2-13  06:32 am
Fuel pump and relayNigel Johnson21 20-1-13  08:59 am
Engine cuts out in reverseBob Livermore12 07-1-13  03:39 am
Hydraulic accumulators - 1981 Bentley MulsanneBob Livermore07-1-13  02:42 am
1996 Warning Light ClusterAdrian Jump13 28-12-12  09:47 am
SZ (maybe only late SZ) coolant temperature sensor & transmitter...Ernest Carty20-12-12  09:20 pm
Heater heat at speedJames Feller19-12-12  09:36 am
Guides for a 1991 Bentley EightJames Seaman18-12-12  09:14 am
ISCV?James Seaman17-12-12  11:12 pm
1982 Spirit DipstickErnest Carty15-12-12  10:38 pm
Removing minor scratches from ChromeDavid Gore11 13-12-12  08:07 pm
Interior lights always onJames Seaman13-12-12  08:09 am
I need some help with a BentleyJames Seaman16 13-12-12  01:55 am
Hard suspension, some advice needed.Roderick Waite12 20-11-12  07:10 pm
1992 SILVER SPUR BRAKE SHUDDER ISSUEOmar M. Shams14 16-11-12  06:29 pm
Console mod for double din radio, ideas please !Lluís Gimeno-Fabra22 15-11-12  11:28 pm
DIP Instrument panelMichael Hicks10-11-12  07:51 pm
Headlight trimNigel Johnson18 08-11-12  08:24 pm
Turbo R door trimsAndy Torkington07-11-12  09:37 pm
Changing ThermostatNigel Parker04-11-12  07:07 pm
50 000 mile serviceOmar M. Shams57 03-11-12  06:37 am
1982 Spirit ride heightPaul Yorke02-11-12  07:25 am
Overflow pipe ?Chris Buckenham22-10-12  04:52 am
RT BrakingOmar M. Shams19-10-12  03:56 am
Turbo R ProblemNigel Parker12-10-12  01:05 am
UT 11807 Taper Washer Coil TrayChris Buckenham03-10-12  02:31 am
Spring compressing toolChris Buckenham01-10-12  10:19 pm
Transient BoostRichard Treacy50 29-9-12  11:39 pm
Wood facia removal 1990 Turbo RDarryl18-9-12  05:03 am
Servo Control Module Replacement for UD-18870 Jeffrey McCarthy07-9-12  08:14 pm
Hydraulic System ProblemChris Buckenham19 07-9-12  06:50 pm
Turbocharged Cars - Boost Control - Kock SensorsJames Feller07-9-12  01:34 pm
Corniche AC totally deadOmar M. Shams05-9-12  03:27 am
Fuel gauge sender - '84 SpiritPeter Talbot03-9-12  01:07 am
Gear selector fault '86 SpiritPeter Talbot03-9-12  12:53 am
Rear suspension '84 SpiritRoderick Waite15 24-8-12  07:40 pm
Fan Belt Squeal 24-8-12  09:23 am
Black smoke on even light acceleration when warmLluís Gimeno-Fabra22-8-12  06:06 pm
Cold IdleLluís Gimeno-Fabra11 21-8-12  09:48 pm
Carburettor adjustmentstan Seymour20-8-12  02:29 pm
Drivers door internalsstan Seymour18-8-12  10:50 am
Interrogating your Motronic Engine Mgmt SystemLluís Gimeno-Fabra14-8-12  09:13 pm
Starting problem, electricalJan Forrest06-8-12  10:39 pm
Air Flow MeterMichael Hicks06-8-12  07:57 pm
1984 Spirit won't ...Roderick Waite42 01-8-12  03:46 am
96Turbo R Air Con compressorNigel Parker11 09-7-12  01:35 am
Bentley Turbo R Dump Valvewayne adolfo41 09-7-12  01:07 am
'96 Turbo R bumper cover removalC. Brett Harrison05-7-12  07:59 am
Throttle body cleanerJanez28-6-12  03:37 pm
Transmission, 4L80E, SZ cars from 1992 OnwardsLluís Gimeno-Fabra15 27-6-12  06:46 pm
Air pump questionRichard Treacy07-6-12  11:29 pm
Heated Lamba Sensor Part N°Richard Treacy13 07-6-12  07:07 pm
Bentley Turbo RT 1998Lluís Gimeno-Fabra02-6-12  12:44 am
Fan Clutch, SZ and SY carsBrian Vogel29-5-12  12:27 am
Lack of full fuel enrichmentphil randall14 21-5-12  03:30 am
'Sticcky' gearbox?Roderick Waite29 20-5-12  05:48 pm
Turbo R - splutter under loadStefan Morley36 19-5-12  09:37 am
Bentley Turbo RT 1998 66311Michael Hicks19-5-12  12:49 am
1990 Turbo R charging system questionsDaniel Diewerge16-5-12  07:02 pm
SZ and SY non-Crewe thermostatsDavid Gore13 16-5-12  09:27 am
Brakes,on Turbo R Nigel Parker05-5-12  10:50 pm
1982 Spirit head removalMark Aldridge30-4-12  07:42 am
Part numbersjohn hall23-4-12  10:49 pm
Steering RackNigel Parker12-4-12  09:48 am
Power steering hoseLluís Gimeno-Fabra03-4-12  05:26 pm
Who sells plastic gears for the window motors?Peter Talbot01-4-12  08:34 am
What are these hoses?James Feller19-3-12  05:20 pm
Steering rack....non leak relatedDaniel Diewerge12-3-12  11:42 pm
Alternator rebuild kitRichard Treacy10 28-2-12  09:06 am
Wet FeetDave Burbidge15-2-12  03:14 pm
Excessive fuel consumptionJeff Young28 10-2-12  07:48 am
Spares sourcing.Mark Aldridge06-2-12  05:05 am
Brake wear lightNigel Parker29-1-12  12:26 am
SILVER SPUR 11 - HOOD LIGHT SWITCH ISSUEJames Feller19-1-12  11:03 am
Bentley Turbo R(my97)Nigel Parker14-1-12  01:24 am
Mixture control error messageMichael Hicks07-1-12  05:08 am
Cruise ControlRichard Treacy25 06-1-12  08:41 pm
Speedo Clusters- Are they interchangable??Omar M. Shams02-1-12  05:28 am
82 Spirit hood switch helpDwight Sisk30-12-11  09:46 am
OBD-IILluís Gimeno-Fabra29 21-12-11  08:37 pm
Number 1 system brake pressureNigel Johnson21-12-11  05:19 pm
Spirit ignition systemRoderick Waite21-12-11  05:38 am
PART No UR27363Peter Maclaren18-12-11  07:55 am
Looking for Anti-theft UV10381PD Connection diagramBernard Leloarer14-12-11  05:06 am
Brake control unitCarl Heydon11-12-11  05:28 pm
Engine temp guage Turbo RNigel Johnson14 11-12-11  07:11 am
Steering rack and other leaksDwight E. Sisk13 03-12-11  02:28 am
1982 Spirit Speedometer resistor??Dwight E. Sisk03-12-11  02:03 am
Check Gearbox warning light(Vin SCBZP15COVCH59187 )Nigel Parker14 18-11-11  09:44 am
Subframe and rear hubs swapDaniel Diewerge14-11-11  01:51 am
Hyd reservoirRichard Treacy01-11-11  11:39 pm
Instrument lights Turbo R 96Brian Vogel31-10-11  11:56 pm
Zinc anodesNeville Davies12 25-10-11  10:27 pm
Bentley Intermittent Starting ProblemJan Forrest13 21-10-11  10:13 pm
Spirit Front WindscreenMark Aldridge18-10-11  09:53 pm
Air Bag Warning Light Does Not Go AwayPaul Yorke12-10-11  07:34 am
ROUGH IDLE 1990 MULSANNE SJan Forrest08-10-11  01:14 am
96 Turbo R Immobiliser(Vin SCBZP15COVCH59187Jan Forrest05-10-11  06:47 pm
Bad electrical connectionJan Forrest24-9-11  07:39 pm
Fuel Pressure ProblemPaul Yorke15 10-9-11  09:02 am
Odometer - Silver SpiritRichard Treacy14 08-9-11  05:25 pm
1981 Spirit suspension heightMark Aldridge04-9-11  09:07 pm
Bosch relay interchangeabilityPaul Yorke30-8-11  05:10 pm
Air Fuel Ratio Setup with EHAPaul Yorke61 21-8-11  10:58 pm
1990 Turbo R Intermittent no startPaul Yorke20-8-11  06:14 am
After-Market reservoirsLluís Gimeno-Fabra17-8-11  05:28 pm
Rebuild Fuel Distributor 0 438 101 032 OringsStefan Morley12 29-7-11  11:28 pm
Rolls Royce Spirit Hydraulic circuit (1981)Mark Aldridge19-7-11  08:30 am
Wind Noise Carl Linkenbagh12-7-11  05:17 pm
Turbo RL 1996 SCBZP15COTCH58201 (50K series ?)Les horne23 06-7-11  11:29 pm
1981 Silver Spirit Brake pressure switchesMark Aldridge01-7-11  06:40 am
Windtone horns on Turbo R - low note no longer...James Feller21-6-11  07:29 pm
1987 Bentley 8 Aircon/heatingMark Aldridge06-6-11  06:37 am
Bosch 2437-020-010 EHA Sourcing fitted to Bentley Turbo R 88Stefan Morley23-5-11  01:05 pm
Turbo R as a daily driver...James Feller02-5-11  10:21 am
Refinishing door cappingsPeter Maclaren01-4-11  11:16 am
Inlet Compression Turbine NutStefan Morley14 30-3-11  06:38 pm
Compression Ratios or Idiots guide to CompressionStefan Morley20-3-11  07:16 pm
Foam around headlamps openingsPaul Yorke29-12-10  08:12 pm
Turbo R Will not startTom21-12-10  01:57 am
Air Valve QuestionStefan Morley15-12-10  12:03 pm
A little update on the Bentley 8 restorationJeff Young13-12-10  11:08 pm
Mixture setting questionNigel Johnson20 11-12-10  05:25 am
Engine control moduleUdo Hoffmüller30-11-10  06:08 pm
Air flow potentiometer problemUdo Hoffmüller12 29-11-10  09:42 am
Spirit Fog Lights - nil...James Feller25-11-10  11:21 am
Failure to proceedAnton De Bloch23-11-10  09:49 pm
Cleaning fuel injectorsphil randall06-11-10  09:10 pm
Bentley GearboxC Lungmuss18 11-10-10  04:25 am
Blown Head Gasket(s) Turbo RLOmar M. Shams25 04-10-10  12:20 pm
Mysterious BitPaul Yorke15 21-9-10  08:27 pm
Brake pump toolPaul Yorke23 21-9-10  04:38 pm
Black smoke and weakening system wiringDave Burbidge05-9-10  01:52 pm
Hood insulator materialDavid Gore05-8-10  11:35 am
Idle Setting QuestionStefan Morley11 29-7-10  03:50 pm
Alternator PinoutOmar M. Shams29-7-10  11:03 am
Bentley turbo RL 1996 SCBZP15C0TCH58201Les Horne10 28-7-10  12:56 am
Spirit - Part No. UD22286Peter Talbot10 08-7-10  07:52 pm
Shaft-Snapping TorqueOmar M. Shams25 04-7-10  04:30 am
Can't open the rear door. Help?Eugene Oleinik28-6-10  03:29 am
Shaf-Snapping TorqueRichard Treacy26-6-10  08:50 pm
New batteryPaul Yorke26-6-10  05:51 pm
Rear brake oil leakPaul Yorke23-6-10  06:22 pm
Repairing Plastic Coolant Overflow TankLluís Gimeno-Fabra16 21-6-10  06:04 pm
Turbocharger questionsLluís Gimeno-Fabra11 09-6-10  05:49 pm
Taking doors off/ dismantling doors for paintingRichard Treacy09-6-10  04:21 pm
Ignition IssuesDouglas Majors20 30-5-10  08:53 am
Turbo AlternatorDavid Gore21-5-10  08:38 am
My Turbo's Front Passenger SeatJames Feller20-5-10  09:18 am
How can you check adaptive suspension - BCRMark Tennison03-5-10  03:31 pm
Odometer slight diiference between LED & AnalogePaul Yorke03-5-10  12:08 am
Drivers Door Locking not....James Feller18-4-10  11:49 am
Lobro shaft problems?Richard Treacy14 02-4-10  10:49 pm
Outside Temperature SensorAlan H Olden01-4-10  08:54 am
Spur coil fusePaul Yorke26-3-10  05:23 pm
Boot ReleasePaul Yorke22-3-10  09:16 am
Engine Position Sensor, Ring Gear or Torque ConverterStefan Morley21-3-10  02:03 pm
Electrical blackoutRobert Wort19-3-10  07:40 pm
Air Cond Pause....James Feller15 11-3-10  01:46 pm
Failure to haltClifford Donley69 03-3-10  10:29 pm
Finish of undersideClifford Donley23-2-10  02:09 am
Which light should go out first?James Feller22-2-10  07:23 am
Coversion to Val d' lsereOmar M. Shams07-2-10  02:26 am
Turbo R Windscreen Wipers - no action for sweepJames Feller06-2-10  10:08 pm
Turbo R 20,000-Series, Non-Cat Exhaust SystemRichard Treacy30-12-09  05:50 pm
Alarm light at 220Km/hLluís Gimeno-Fabra10 29-12-09  06:55 pm
Seat Belt replacement - SZ carsBill Coburn23-12-09  09:42 am
Plumes of Smelly Grubby Smoke and a Blown TurbochargerRichard Treacy22-12-09  09:05 am
Driver side interior lampPaul Yorke17-12-09  10:23 am
Passenger wing mirror loose Antony Berrill15-12-09  06:05 am
Spares at Great PricesCraig Knight11-12-09  12:36 pm
Rear ram extended to the max.Daniel Diewerge11-12-09  06:59 am
Power Steering FluidDave Burbidge10-12-09  07:58 pm
Water Tap QuestionLarry Halpert06-12-09  10:06 pm
Bentley Power annoyanceStefan Morley185 03-12-09  03:18 pm
Wow... why I should do my own ironing...James Feller27-11-09  12:20 pm
Removal Spark Plug Leads from DistributorBill Payne26-11-09  11:23 pm
Most undignified for a TurboCraig Knight18-11-09  02:46 pm
Schematic of Spirit front suspension and steering?Paul Yorke17-11-09  08:36 am
Front suspension knockingDave Burbidge26 12-11-09  12:22 pm
Transient BoostJames Feller08-11-09  11:19 am
Temp Gauge Needle Position for TurboRichard Treacy10 23-10-09  01:29 pm
Dismantling the top of the dashAntony Berrill21-10-09  06:07 am
What is the purpose of the small hydraulic reservoir?Eugene Oleinik16-10-09  01:09 am
Air Conditioning PressurisationBill Payne12 12-10-09  11:10 am
Hot LapPaul Yorke08-10-09  01:12 am
Re done Alloys for TurboEugene Oleinik28-9-09  07:36 pm
Strange noise and fuse issue with Bentley TurboJames Feller10 26-9-09  05:22 pm
Wipers Only Stop When Engine Switched Off - Why?Omar M. Shams25-9-09  05:46 am
Supply of PartsPaul Yorke10 24-9-09  07:05 pm
Rpm per klm Turbo RRichard Treacy16 23-9-09  11:28 am
Vehicle Registration in the Australian Capital TerritoryColin Silver19-9-09  06:55 pm
Bentley Turbo R 88 Pressure Regulator BoschStefan Morley13 12-9-09  05:35 pm
Battery specificationLluís Gimeno-Fabra07-9-09  02:02 am
TurboR boost control failureUdo Hoffmüller28 04-9-09  07:31 pm
Wiper problemPeter Maclaren04-9-09  09:44 am
Zytek or BoschLluís Gimeno-Fabra02-9-09  11:03 pm
Audible motor noisePaul Yorke15 30-8-09  06:51 pm
The 89 Turbo RL and a speed issueRichard Treacy22 25-8-09  05:32 pm
1990 Turbo RL Boost SettingsDr. Omar M. Shams09-8-09  04:50 am
Panic! Headlamps off!Udo Hoffmüller14 28-7-09  11:00 pm
Transient Boost for Turbo RLJames Feller27-7-09  09:05 am
SZ Power Steering Pump information.Larry Halpert26-7-09  04:08 pm
New Seats and a Vaccuumed TankJames Feller22-7-09  01:39 pm
Height Control Valve leakingDr. Omar M. Shams09-6-09  04:50 am
Damper questionPaul Yorke11 02-6-09  07:25 am
Emergency "out of park" '82 SSpurRichard Treacy19-5-09  10:16 am
Body issuesLluís Gimeno-Fabra18-5-09  06:36 pm
Hello ! Help , seems not engaging in the last gear Dr. Omar M. Shams13-5-09  05:00 am
Fog lightsLluís Gimeno-Fabra08-5-09  11:11 pm
Section "U"David Turner06-5-09  02:17 am
If you have to ask... fuel.RandyR14 05-5-09  01:07 am
CD changer cartridgeRichard Treacy12-3-09  04:21 am
Missing tool from spur toolkitJeffrey McCarthy16 25-2-09  07:35 am
Spirit DiffsLaurie Fox11-1-09  01:37 am
Mulsanne Turbo overheatingDavid Gore51 10-1-09  02:33 pm
Frequency valve noiseDavid Turner21-11-08  12:21 pm
Spirit Air ConLluís Gimeno-Fabra29 14-11-08  10:58 pm
Thick Brown coated wire by ECU -89 Turbo RRob. Smith05-11-08  10:43 am
Low Fuel Level 'Jitters'Lawrence Heasman03-11-08  08:59 am
1987 Bentley 8 Injection : low reading instrumentsMark Aldridge24-10-08  03:37 pm
Expensive tooth brushesLluís Gimeno-Fabra16-10-08  05:44 pm
Constant Velocity JointsRichard Treacy10-10-08  09:21 pm
Twin Distributor Belt ReplacementPaul Yorke04-10-08  09:26 am
Airconditioning panel and electric actuators.Lluís Gimeno-Fabra22-9-08  05:22 pm
Dismantling door lining Continental R.Lluís Gimeno-Fabra22-9-08  05:16 pm
89 Spur LPG ConversionLawrence Heasman22-9-08  12:42 am
Difficult hot starting - fuel injected enginesPeter Colwell18-9-08  09:34 pm
Airconditiong flapsLluís Gimeno-Fabra18-9-08  01:31 am
TiresLluís Gimeno-Fabra17 17-9-08  10:06 pm
No kickdownDavid Turner08-9-08  10:32 am
Brake PipesRichard Treacy47 21-8-08  09:23 pm
Fixing Rego PlatesLawrence Heasman11-8-08  09:33 pm
Oil Cooler pipes leaking...James Feller11 16-7-08  08:26 am
Turbo R Tachometer FlickerBill Fraser12-7-08  09:09 pm
88 Turbo R driver rear view mirrorC Lungmuss08-7-08  05:41 am
SY and SZ Workshop and Spares ManualsRichard Treacy10 25-6-08  03:29 am
Is there ever an end to oil leaks....Bill Coburn17 18-6-08  09:15 am
Help needed with a potentially very serious issuePaul Yorke22 11-6-08  09:08 pm
Spirit Vs SpurJames Feller11 05-6-08  09:39 am
Continental-RLluís Gimeno-Fabra10 30-5-08  11:20 pm
89 Turbo R sphere replacementRichard Treacy11 07-5-08  08:28 am
Another 'what does this plug do'Rob. Smith06-5-08  07:46 am
Recalls Turbo R Patrick Lockyer.11-4-08  07:07 am
Brake rotors wear limitPaul Yorke28-1-08  08:27 pm
Transmission oil leak from actuator lever ?Rodney Peach14-1-08  03:38 am
Not sure who was more scared of the Spirit....James Feller10-1-08  02:35 pm
Spirit flooding?Bill Coburn10 01-1-08  03:09 pm
SZ Spare Parts CatalogueRichard Treacy07-12-07  06:49 pm
Air Con/Climate control on or off while starting?Richard Treacy05-12-07  07:29 am
Model advice.Robert Follia26 29-11-07  10:58 pm
Spirit Drivers Door Locks...James Feller18-10-07  08:33 am
Problems with cruise control and speedoRodney Peach18-10-07  04:24 am
Difficult Cold Starting in SummerJames Feller15-10-07  04:18 pm
Spirit Flying LadyPaul Yorke29-9-07  05:27 pm
Survival DataPaul Yorke08-8-07  01:05 am
Silver Spirit Lpg conversionDavid Gore20-7-07  09:22 am
Spirit StarterRichard Treacy08-7-07  08:22 pm
Fuel injectorsHameed Noor Mohamed05-7-07  11:22 pm
Ceramic BrakesRobert in Spain27-6-07  03:19 am
TRANSMISSION OIL LEAK? 1980 SILVER SPIRITRodney Peach24-6-07  02:27 pm
What does this plug do?Hameed Noor Mohamed15 21-6-07  03:07 am
What RR wheels fit my Spur? Where?Larry Halpert16-6-07  01:32 pm
Silver Spirit VINLutz Gruenenwald20-5-07  08:38 am
Engine error codesBrian Crump07-5-07  09:12 pm
Update on my friend with potentially serious problemRichard Treacy26-4-07  06:03 pm
What is the Material/Padding underneath the carpet?Jason Pfeiffer21-4-07  05:29 pm
Spheres and Herniaschris chadburn53 16-4-07  12:48 pm
TPS trouble?phil randall10 12-4-07  02:54 am
Odd IdolJason Pfeiffer10-4-07  11:08 am
Cleaning over-rugsBrian Crump30-3-07  05:05 pm
87 Spur Cruise ControlRichard Treacy17 05-2-07  10:03 pm
Missing Information?Paul Yorke03-2-07  06:04 pm
Idle speed actuatorPatrick Lockyer.24-1-07  11:42 pm
Rear suspention too firmPaul Yorke18 10-1-07  06:39 am
Binding front brakeDick & Roz Roadnight03-1-07  03:32 am
Engine MissingHameed Noor Mohamed21-12-06  11:44 pm
Humming NoiseHameed Noor Mohamed21-12-06  11:20 pm
Rough idleHameed Noor Mohamed12 19-12-06  04:25 am
Help for a friend and her 1990 Spur II - radio code issuesPeter Colwell18-12-06  01:28 pm
1990 Spur II suspension too firm.Patrick Lockyer.18-12-06  07:51 am
Temperamental Dashboardhameed15-12-06  03:08 pm
Anyone here replace stereo speakers?Jason Pfeiffer07-12-06  03:21 am
Technical_LibraryDavid Gore01-12-06  03:54 pm
Poor fuel economyBill Coburn14-11-06  11:02 am
What wheels fit Spirit & Turbo R?Richard Treacy14-11-06  05:09 am
Front shocks Patrick Lockyer.15 13-11-06  04:40 am
My crazy electrical issues have been fixed - what a messJason Pfeiffer12-11-06  06:13 am
Drive Belts: Larry's List take noteLarry Halpert17 08-11-06  05:03 pm
ABS brakesLarry Halpert02-11-06  05:01 pm
Cruise ControlRichard Treacy10 18-10-06  03:58 pm
Crook Fuse Relay?Bill Coburn08-10-06  10:49 am
Silver spirit cruise controlBill Coburn06-10-06  06:51 pm
Starter going?Stephe Boddice02-10-06  02:11 am
Sensor Brake Pads: How to Fit a SensorLarry Halpert14 26-9-06  09:38 am
Help!! Mineral Oil Question and some updates for those interestedBill Coburn24-9-06  05:54 pm
1992 Silver Spur II Fuel level Sender sensorRichard Treacy24-9-06  12:55 am
Little "clip" things on the front windowsJason Pfeiffer17-9-06  06:09 am
Drive shaft "clunking"David Gore08-9-06  04:45 pm
Which oil to use ?Rob van den berg24-8-06  07:06 am
Addition to "More of the same problem" but another point - should I...Jason Pfeiffer14-8-06  11:30 pm
More of the same problem? Maybe not? David Gore14-8-06  01:00 pm
So this is what we have decided to do...Jason Pfeiffer27-7-06  10:10 am
Vapor Lock?Patrick Lockyer.25-7-06  03:13 pm
Help!! New Spirit and I need some advicePatrick Lockyer.22-7-06  05:21 pm
Leaking rear ram linePaul28-6-06  08:32 am
FLASHER UNIT RELAY Rodney Peach22-4-06  04:54 am
Bentley Turbo R History-BooksGeoffrey Ballard13-4-06  12:57 pm
Spark Timing SendorPatrick Lockyer.22-3-06  06:21 am
Rear Spring Retention ToolClive Lungmuss21-3-06  03:24 pm
Wood workJohn Shostrom03-3-06  01:05 am
New spirit - first time with a Rolls RoyceBen Cook16-2-06  09:39 pm
Battery Shut-Off Switch ProblemJohn Shostrom14 29-1-06  06:50 am
Water Temperature Transmitter ?Arfeli Jérôme28-12-05  12:37 am
Air in LHMRichard Treacy18-11-05  10:36 pm
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michael vass
Grand Master
Username: mikebentleyturbo2

Post Number: 313
Registered: 7-2015
Posted on Monday, 01 May, 2017 - 07:28 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP

Hi All
My chassis number is 27650, to close my windows I have to lift the window switch inside the door.
My mate chasssis is 27693 can close his windows from the door lock using the key from outside.
Should mine work like this?
Help before I rewire my car!
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Christian S. Hansen
Grand Master
Username: enquiring_mind

Post Number: 594
Registered: 4-2015
Posted on Tuesday, 02 May, 2017 - 07:36 am:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP

Clarify: The other vehicle will close any open windows in conjunction with locking the vehicle? That is, closing the windows and locking the car are simultaneous, rather than separate actions, and you inquire whether this is normal?

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Rowland Palmer
New User
Username: rowland

Post Number: 8
Registered: 12-2016
Posted on Tuesday, 13 June, 2017 - 07:37 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP

My lumbar supports are not working on the drivers side. I have looked for a wiring diagram for this and can't find one. If need be I am willing to buy new or 2nd hand bellows for them, just want to make sure that the wiring is right before I go down that track. Question for Paul Kirby can you supply seat bellows?
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Michael a prichard
Yet to post message
Username: michaelp

Post Number: 1
Registered: 9-2016
Posted on Saturday, 24 June, 2017 - 08:58 am:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP

to all owners of RR & Bents 1982-. After many weeks of digesting this forum as well as the technical aspects of the ignition system, not enough has been said of late about the new NGK spark plug suitable for SZ series vehicles. Service people in Melbourne appear, sadley, to still insert the old NGK BRp5 etc. If you really want your V8 to run like a new engine, then 98 octane petrol plus a new set of NGK GR4IX. Only drawbacks the plugs currently, are not available in Australia (so NGK tell me)and they are $24 each landed. But BOY!. Do they make a difference both to the even running of the V8 and petrol consumption. If you want to change the plugs yourself, then do it according to the firing order least you should "run out of time"...

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