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Cooling tubeDavid Hughes09-5-19  05:12 pm
Crank shaft damperBill Vatter25-4-19  12:51 pm
Friction plateBill Vatter23-4-19  01:38 pm
Bentley MK VI - Steering troubleshooting helpFrederic Sebton10-4-19  02:01 am
Slight puff of blue smoke on the over runMarcus Doughty11-3-19  11:15 pm
Front Suspension Coil Spring ReplacementTim North37 10-3-19  10:49 pm
Silver Wraith CalorstatMark Glanville29-1-19  01:38 pm
Steering wheelDavid Gore12-1-19  07:30 am
More woeschristopher carnley10-1-19  07:08 pm
Bentley Mk VI temperature gauge scaleMartin Webster21 19-12-18  05:29 am
Floor panelchristopher carnley22-11-18  07:13 pm
Trafficatorspeter hooper20-11-18  09:48 am
B256MD rotor button failureMartin Cutler43 12-11-18  05:35 pm
Brake Fluid Reservoir Low Pressure LinesChristian S. Hansen26-9-18  10:33 am
Dave and Dusty 1947christopher carnley24-9-18  09:01 pm
Please info about vehicleDavid Gore12 09-9-18  08:20 pm
Proper Ignition CondensorFrank Linares09-9-18  04:39 pm
Lacquer Painting ProcedureChristian S. Hansen05-9-18  02:58 pm
Question about Fuse WireNicholas Danby26-8-18  10:36 pm
Dual Point Distributor - Mystery IssueChristian S. Hansen23-8-18  07:28 pm
Balancing SU Carbs on Silver DawnChristian S. Hansen21-8-18  01:59 pm
Bentley MK VI shock absorbersTrevor Pickering14-8-18  03:52 pm
New to me 1949 Silver Wraithchristopher carnley14 06-8-18  06:58 pm
What Is The Point of The Weakener ?Jeff Martin22-7-18  11:13 am
RPM at idlePatrick Lockyer.29 19-7-18  06:00 am
Chasing water in engine oilJames Senior16 14-4-18  04:53 am
Silver Wraith Mascot RemovalChristian S. Hansen25-3-18  06:12 pm
Silver wraith rear glassTrevor Pickering24 18-2-18  08:14 pm
Dash Board removal/refitGraham squire 25-1-18  06:31 am
Wheel Bolt RethreadingChristian S. Hansen24-12-17  01:22 pm
Front Brake Drum and Hub RemovalChristian S. Hansen14-12-17  05:57 pm
Cage nut removalross kowalski27-9-17  09:44 am
Mystery pipeGraham Watson25-9-17  09:39 pm
Rear wing brake light housing removalGraham Watson24-9-17  07:41 am
Air Conditioning Silver Dawn/MKV1Carl Heydon23-9-17  07:02 am
Drain hose materialCarl Heydon18-9-17  08:56 am
Driveshaft center mountCarl Heydon06-9-17  07:01 pm
Original 4 1/4 Bentley at Beaulieu auto jumble event. Patrick Lockyer.05-9-17  08:09 pm
Oil or Grease?Graham Squire 27 05-9-17  01:24 am
MKVI spare tire door hinge locationCarl Heydon04-9-17  11:20 am
Gearbox oil continuedDavid Gore11-8-17  07:57 am
Gear box oilDavid Gore32 10-8-17  09:00 pm
Sticking carb floatsMark Taxis05-8-17  08:16 pm
Silver Dawn RestorationMichael Carr11-5-17  12:39 am
Mixture / plug colourPatrick Ryan10-5-17  07:59 am
Seat attachmentspeter hooper24-4-17  05:12 am
Lacquer Paint Crackinggordon le feuvre13 04-4-17  06:52 pm
Mk VI multiple culprits causing misfiringChristopher02-4-17  11:08 pm
What do you think this is worth?Christian S. Hansen14-2-17  10:56 am
Quick lift window regulatorGraham Watson15 10-2-17  06:50 am
Mk 6 Dwell anglePatrick Lockyer.20 09-2-17  09:21 am
Braided wiring (or not!) and rubber terminal capsJames Senior06-2-17  12:28 am
Battery - Electrical System - Ignition PolarityChristian S. Hansen14 31-1-17  05:48 pm
Bentley 1949Patrick Ryan10 28-1-17  08:09 am
Standard Steel Spare Tire compartment help neededGraham Watson22-1-17  05:02 am
Drying a wet ignitionChristian S. Hansen20 13-1-17  12:13 pm
Silver Wraith wheel nut torqueJames Senior07-1-17  03:01 am
Exhaust improvementspatrick herron14 06-1-17  08:34 pm
New lamps for oldpeter hooper27-12-16  06:25 pm
Trimchristopher carnley18-12-16  12:28 am
SU NeedlesGreat48 - Ron Lewis11 14-12-16  06:21 am
PistonsCarl Heydon05-11-16  12:11 pm
Help with bleed nipples pleaseNORMAN GEESON17 11-10-16  07:21 pm
Harry Rose bodied Bentley specialsMark Taxis09-9-16  03:22 pm
Mk VI Damperschris tucker01-9-16  05:02 am
Australian Experience with Chassis CracksCarl Heydon21 27-8-16  06:43 pm
Plug leadsCarl Heydon38 01-8-16  05:27 pm
Oil Filter on B319LHAddos shed36 10-7-16  11:54 am
MIG welding on a MKVIMartin Cutler13-6-16  08:18 pm
Flashing Trafficator lightsRobert Noel Reddingt25-3-16  10:51 am
Silver Dawn InspectionDavid Gore23-3-16  02:07 pm
MKVI outside door handlesChristopherCarnley12 22-3-16  07:46 pm
Wheel covers and front wingsCarl Heydon13 16-2-16  06:17 am
New interior for my Mk 6 specialPeter McCarthy31-1-16  05:01 pm
Positive Versus Negative GroundChristian S. Hansen11 26-1-16  06:04 pm
Mk VI TablesCarl Heydon16-10-15  08:09 am
MK 6 squeak in LH rear wheelChristopherCarnley17 09-10-15  03:23 am
Silver Wraith SCINTILLA SWITCH INDICATORChris Browne18-8-15  06:16 pm
Oil Consumption: Valve Seals or Rings?Robert Noel Reddingt30-7-15  08:41 am
Is it a good buy?David Hughes12 05-6-15  11:04 am
Camshaft bearing toolchristopher carnley11 27-5-15  06:37 pm
Cracked Mk6 cylinder blockbob uk28 04-5-15  01:23 am
Mk VI Gearbox bearingschristopher carnley24-2-15  04:54 am
Mk 6 special cooling pressureJan Forrest12 11-11-14  10:53 pm
B319lh coil failureBob uk30-10-14  10:31 am
AvailableOmar M. Shams03-7-14  06:27 am
Chaniging Crankshaft oil seal(wooden dowels)Bob uk02-7-14  07:25 am
Need a 4 1/4 head gasket in SydneyMartin Cutler14-5-14  09:20 pm
Redline shockproof gear oilJim Walters18-2-14  04:17 am
Spedo cable lubricationBill Vatter21-1-14  05:43 am
Nice trimming headlining.Patrick Lockyer.25-12-13  08:16 am
Removing Rear SeatGraham Dickie05-10-13  08:04 am
Update on B558TNMartin Cutler11 18-9-13  10:28 pm
Removal of brake servoPeter McCarthy31-7-13  08:12 am
New tyres for a Mk 6 specialMark Taxis04-7-13  03:12 pm
Capacitor for mk vi distributorMartin Webster25-5-13  07:03 pm
Starter clutchCarl Heydon15-5-13  07:05 am
MirrorsNorman Geeson22-4-13  08:40 am
R type clutch thrust race bearingNorman Geeson03-4-13  11:10 pm
Tires for R-Type in the USABill Coburn10 11-3-13  06:58 am
Sway bar rubber mountsPeter McCarthy11-2-13  06:11 am
'54 R Type dashBill Vatter21-1-13  10:58 pm
Timing Instructions Error?Stephe Boddice13-10-12  08:15 am
25/30 Service ItemsKC Saayman22-9-12  04:40 pm
Mk VI Quick action window winding mechanism.martin webster04-9-12  10:36 pm
Bentley Mk VI OverdriveJan Forrest07-8-12  08:15 pm
Front braking problems Martin Cutler15-5-12  06:10 pm
R Type Head studsRandy Roberson16 14-4-12  11:27 am
Mk VI Tuning woesPatrick Lockyer.35 07-2-12  05:19 am
Crankshaft lubricationCarl Heydon03-11-11  05:26 pm
MK VI fouling plugsMark Taxis25 17-10-11  08:29 am
The perils of 'temporary' exhaust manifold patchingDavid Gore27-7-11  06:27 pm
Distributor over haulMark Taxis10-6-11  07:56 am
Liquid intelligenceLindsay McNeil19 23-3-11  03:54 pm
Mk VI Specifications,David Gore15-3-11  10:37 am
Ignition - coil connectionMark Taxis02-2-11  01:51 pm
Signed ltd edition A2 technical illustrations of Mk VIStefan Morley09-11-10  01:01 pm
1936 Rolls RoyceAlan88821-10-10  07:26 pm
Engine transplantMark Taxis07-9-10  03:23 pm
Screws for cooling water inspection platesMark Taxis06-9-10  09:09 am
Inlet manifold difference?Mark Taxis31-7-10  11:11 pm
Block RepairMark Taxis16 28-7-10  08:32 pm
Leaf springsNorman Geeson11 04-7-10  07:07 pm
Difference between cylinder headsMark Taxis01-7-10  08:58 pm
MK6 bump StopMark Glanville06-6-10  10:20 am
MK6 Rear Flexible line for the "one shot system".Mark Glanville06-6-10  10:14 am
Broken lamp - Lens needed pleaseMark Anson11 26-5-10  02:12 am
Changing ringsMark Taxis10 19-5-10  05:28 pm
Coachbuilder's Wiring DiagramBill Coburn12-4-10  07:46 pm
Interesting fail to proceedMartin Cutler22-3-10  07:32 pm
Fuel Inlet leakageMark Glanville10 14-3-10  02:27 pm
Silver Dawn - Back of the car too lowDavid Gore05-3-10  09:01 am
Air conditioningMartin Cutler10-2-10  08:08 pm
Sill/door picture required pleaseColin Silver25-1-10  07:33 pm
Any advice on removing sunroof?Mark Anson26 25-11-09  09:55 pm
How much does a MkVI weigh?Mark Anson20-11-09  01:52 am
Thanks to this forum my car feels like newMark Anson12-11-09  08:55 pm
Mk VI rusty fuel tankMark Anson12-11-09  08:48 pm
Whats this springy thing for?Mark Anson28-10-09  09:53 pm
Mk VI door hinges and parts painted or not?Richard Treacy19-10-09  08:44 am
Mk VI Windscreen removal help pleaseMark Anson17-10-09  04:23 am
Mk 6 uneven idlePaul Yorke23 05-10-09  06:01 pm
Will R type doors fit a Mk6 standard steel?Mark Anson04-10-09  08:36 am
Spark Plug Lead CapsPaul Yorke19-9-09  08:25 am
"Normal" and "Hard" ride controlsRichard Treacy07-7-09  12:03 am
R-Type Water PumpNorman Geeson14 19-4-09  06:31 am
Mark VI CoolingPaul Yorke32 07-3-09  06:02 pm
Bentley Mark VI Front Wheel BearingsRon Lewis09-2-09  10:26 am
Steering Drag LinkLaurie Fox23-1-09  11:02 am
Throttle Control LinkagesMark Glanville11 18-1-09  09:16 pm
Mk 6 Wheel alignmentBill Vatter24 12-1-09  01:17 pm
Converting MkVI to full hydraulic brakes?Paul Yorke12 06-1-09  03:07 pm
R Type Fire Wall Colourrich cwik16-7-08  12:38 pm
Silver Wraith Steering ColumnMark Glanville19 25-6-08  05:57 pm
Am I crazy?Martin Cutler52 27-5-08  04:40 pm
Head Gasket Material - new or old?Martin Cutler06-5-08  09:08 pm
ChromingMark G06-5-08  09:49 am
B319LH disgraces herself...David Gore29-4-08  10:17 am
Export Fan PulleyChris Gillings10 20-4-08  01:11 pm
Opening the Grille Shutters on a Mark VILaurie Fox20-4-08  10:15 am
Contact at FlexoliteMartin Cutler31-3-08  05:20 pm
Bump Stop rubbers for MK VIMartin Cutler29-2-08  04:08 pm
I hate speed bumps!Bill Coburn26-2-08  09:03 am
Paper Air filter replacementMartin Cutler24-2-08  08:26 pm
Big bore Silver DawnRichard Treacy15-2-08  06:00 pm
Converting Oil Bath filter to Paper air filterPeter Colwell23-1-08  05:03 am
Wing Mirrors for R TypeStephe Boddice31-12-07  09:25 am
Lux FlakesMartin Cutler15-12-07  08:29 am
R Type Heater Corerich cwik16-11-07  09:45 am
Horn Placement on Mk Vi chassisMartin Cutler24-10-07  11:12 pm
Photo-diary: 20/25 engine rebuildStephe Boddice23-10-07  01:40 am
Converting by pass filter to full flow filterPeter Colwell02-8-07  04:31 pm
Wanted: rear bumper brackets for MK VIMartin Cutler01-8-07  05:48 pm
MK VI 41/4 engine overhaulBill Vatter11 14-7-07  01:36 pm
Countersunk raised head wood screwsMarty22-6-07  09:20 am
R Type water circulationRichard Treacy19 01-6-07  05:43 am
MkVI Kingpin repair in UK needed pleaseMark Anson31-5-07  01:37 am
Replacement of Mk VI sunroof front drains Marty29-5-07  09:29 am
Paper Air filter replacementmarty03-5-07  11:34 am
Remove auto box from r type 96xfRichard Treacy25-1-07  04:29 pm
MkVI Oils information requiredStephe Boddice12 06-12-06  09:45 am
Wraith workshop manualJonas TRACHSEL09-11-06  08:55 pm
Redline Water WetterDavid Gore23 03-10-06  04:07 pm
Mk VI Rear Axle Oil recommendationMarty12-9-06  07:49 pm
Bentley Mark 6Alexander R Lynch12 08-8-06  04:01 pm
20/25 Rebuild - Part FourDavid Gore28-6-06  04:03 pm
20/25 Rebuild - Part ThreeDavid Gore14 28-6-06  03:59 pm
Camshaft design 1950 Silver DawnRichard Treacy20-6-06  06:33 pm
Who was the coach builderPatrick Lockyer.09-4-06  09:51 pm
20/25 rebuild part two.David Gore21 26-3-06  12:27 pm
Hinges of class.Robert Wort13-3-06  08:18 am
Rolls 20/25 rich runningNick Brough10 06-3-06  06:48 am
Advice needed please see 4 x RR barn find in MISC sectionMark Anson09-2-06  09:22 am
Rolls 20/25 starting and drivingRichard Treacy52 26-1-06  09:38 pm
Mk VI dynamoMarty16 20-1-06  04:27 pm
RROC(A) 20HP Register Data ArchivePatrick Lockyer.15-1-06  04:17 am
Mk VI Spark PlugsMartin Cutler11 02-1-06  12:58 pm
Valve Stem Seals.Bill Coburn06-12-05  07:32 am
Silver Dawn Coolant Temperature FluctuationsRichard Treacy18 03-12-05  10:49 pm
Cylinder Head GasketBill Vatter03-12-05  05:29 am
Mk.6/R-type Steering Wheel RemovalJohnny14-11-05  04:27 pm
Mk VI Brake master cylinder KC Saayman12-9-05  04:48 pm
MkVI pinion sealBill Coburn20 11-9-05  01:55 pm
Mk VI brake lightsKC Saayman19-8-05  04:23 pm
Tappet settingsBill Vatter20 15-8-05  01:00 pm
What should the engine temperature be on a Mk VI 4.25Bill Vatter12 15-8-05  09:10 am
Mk VI Temperature and fuel gaugeStephe Boddice14-7-05  01:45 am
Hand Throttle adjustmentAshley James22-6-05  11:37 pm
R-Type parts manualsBill Coburn14-4-05  10:26 am
Tyres for a Mk VIrich cwik17 14-4-05  12:46 am
Radiator Filler Cap Positionsrich cwik13-4-05  04:44 am
Identifing coachbuilders on 20/25hpGordon Norris23-3-05  04:24 pm
Mk VI Rubber door seals - Were to buy in the UK?Mark Anson18 19-3-05  06:12 am
Special Equipment HornsStephe Boddice19-3-05  12:14 am
Seat BeltsRobert Wort16 09-3-05  07:32 pm
Heater core hosesMartin Cutler17 08-3-05  07:48 am
Mild Engine TuningAshley James21 22-2-05  04:19 am
R-type Exhaust Manifolds/Downpipes - Whether Originals or Modern Su...John Richardson18-2-05  07:06 am
Rainy Day BluesRobert Wort11-2-05  09:39 am
Converting large fan pulley to export versionAshley James10 08-2-05  07:57 pm
Seized radiator bolt.... Help please!!!Richard Treacy01-2-05  10:27 pm
Hello JohnRobert Wort01-2-05  09:02 pm
New BookAshley James27-1-05  06:15 am
Burning rubberMartin Cutler11 24-1-05  11:52 am
Mk6/R-type web pageJohn Dare22 16-1-05  08:55 am
Shadow 1 screen wiperRoy M Tilley05-1-05  06:53 pm
A serious "conversion"John Dare28-12-04  06:24 am
Mk VI - R Type Spin on oil filter adapterMartin Cutler16 20-12-04  07:14 pm
Mk VI Overheating QuestionsKC Saayman37 17-12-04  09:16 pm
How much anti-freeze?Richard Treacy14-12-04  07:10 am
Jerky gearboxGabriŽl Viljoen12-12-04  07:06 pm
Your thoughts PleaseAshley James24 03-12-04  12:06 am
Chassis number informationMark Anson25-11-04  09:11 am
Mk VI Fuel pump pressure pleaseMartin Cutler22-11-04  08:16 pm
One shot systemMartin different nam01-11-04  07:25 pm
Camshaft bearingsRichard Treacy05-10-04  06:02 am
Mk VI Sump CapacityNorman Geeson24-9-04  12:14 am
TrafficatorDave Baron16-9-04  01:02 am
Multiple Pinion BearingNorman Geeson15-9-04  06:21 am
R-TYPE OVERHEATINGKim Stapleton06-9-04  06:48 pm
Mk VI Engine oilAshley James18 28-8-04  06:33 pm
MK VI Coil failureAshley James39 20-8-04  08:10 pm
Mk VI Steering GreaseRichard Treacy13-8-04  11:35 pm
New Mk VI OwnerJohn Dare12-8-04  09:37 pm
1951 Bentley Technical SpecificationsRROCA Web Site Admin05-7-04  09:48 pm
Vehicle Inspection ChecklistRROCA Web Site Admin05-7-04  09:41 pm
Spare Parts ListRROCA Web Site Admin16-3-04  05:48 pm
New owner infoAshley James15-3-04  11:00 pm
Are nipples any good?Laurie Fox05-3-04  12:22 am
Vacuum pumped windscreen washer mechanism for Mk VI BentleyBill Coburn15-2-04  06:41 am
Crankshaft Vibration DamperAshley James27 23-1-04  09:55 pm
Mark VI coach built problems, technical advice neededMartin Cutler05-1-04  07:22 pm
MkVI Combustion Chamber volumeJim Bettison27-12-01  09:39 pm
Silver Wraith temperature controlBill Vatter29-9-01  01:08 pm
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