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Oil Leak after Engine overhaulPatrick Lockyer.42 21-5-19  02:26 am
Detroit CouplingDavid Balfour22 17-5-19  09:55 am
Strange problemChristopher Carnley22 06-3-19  07:15 pm
Cooling systemDavid Hughes05-3-19  08:30 am
Removal and cleaning of TappetsDavid Gore43 05-3-19  08:15 am
Mute switchDavid Balfour03-3-19  11:16 pm
SSIII coolantPaul Yorke42 27-12-18  10:13 pm
Silver Cloud Parts RegisterDavid Balfour28-11-18  01:58 pm
Sudden tappingDavid Balfour31 27-11-18  11:05 pm
Lights Between DoorsTimHarper28-10-18  10:47 am
Continental HolidayPaul Yorke19-10-18  07:47 am
Air Conditioning Hose Repair - Compressor to CondenserRobert J. Sprauer10 04-10-18  09:30 pm
Under Wing A/CTrevor Pickering10 12-9-18  05:51 pm
Tyre valvefelipe heuser22-8-18  05:16 pm
61 Headlight Flicker (Steering Wheel)David Balfour07-8-18  01:34 pm
Hydramatic Four SpeedTrevor Pickering12 25-7-18  07:44 am
SCII/S2 Onwards, Starter MotorsVladimir Ivanovich K23 20-7-18  05:08 pm
Engine removal SC3gordon le feuvre07-7-18  05:29 pm
S2 Switchfelipe heuser16 25-5-18  04:56 pm
Silver Cloud 1 manual gearboxchristopher carnley21-5-18  02:00 am
Changing from R12 to R 134APedro Gomes15-5-18  02:17 am
Valve Stem sealschristopher carnley03-4-18  06:34 pm
Cloud 3 Cylinder headTrevor Pickering03-4-18  12:25 am
Turn Signal Stalk (61 Cloud) RemovalRichard Greene27-3-18  01:42 pm
Starter Solenoid (?) IssuesNorman Geeson22 01-3-18  06:05 am
Re-commission my S1?christopher carnley22-2-18  08:25 pm
Turn Signal Stalk (61 Cloud)Paul Yorke19-2-18  08:29 am
Fuel Guage Silver Cloud IIRichard Greene17-2-18  03:36 pm
Speedometer (Cloud II)Paul Yorke16-2-18  03:19 pm
Speedomer Cable (Cloud 2)Paul Yorke24-1-18  07:54 pm
Wiper motorJack Higginbotham20 13-1-18  11:09 pm
Cleaning and renovation of 1950's cotton covered wiringMaxwell Heazlewood127 20-12-17  11:06 am
Fuel Filler HoseMaxwell Heazlewood09-12-17  04:42 pm
Bentley S2 winker lampsMaxwell Heazlewood23 01-12-17  02:42 pm
ODD Question (Screws)Trevor Pickering01-12-17  05:47 am
Dash Lighting & Front Fender Red IndicatorMaxwell Heazlewood30-11-17  04:53 pm
SCIII electronic distributor conversionfelipe heuser20 17-11-17  03:23 am
Fuel SenderRichard Greene16-11-17  12:40 pm
1962 Cloud Handbook Richard Greene15-11-17  02:30 pm
Silver Cloud Nardi steering wheelMartin Taylor11-11-17  10:47 am
Heater Control Vaccuum Pot Rebuilds or Workarounds?Christian S. Hansen19-10-17  02:44 pm
Inside Door Handle RemovalRichard Greene16-8-17  02:51 pm
Fuel Tank RemovalRichard Greene11-8-17  02:34 pm
Silver Cloud HandbookDavid Balfour30-7-17  10:47 pm
Simple Questions (Dash Lighting)David Balfour26-7-17  01:14 pm
VIN and SpeedometerRichard Greene19-7-17  12:50 pm
61 Cloud II Interior Color?David Hughes15-7-17  05:44 pm
S2 heaterPaul Yorke28-6-17  09:11 am
Inlet Valve Clearance - Setting ProcedurePatrick Lockyer.35 13-6-17  10:45 pm
Bentley S1 / Cloud 1 ToolsGreg Newton06-6-17  04:51 pm
V8 Engine OilBrian Vogel13 25-5-17  07:49 am
Silver Cloud hornsgordon le feuvre24-5-17  03:01 pm
Silver Cloud 3 rocker coversfelipe de gloria16-5-17  04:10 am
1962 Silver Cloud II Long Wheel Base - Rear Shock Absorbers David Balfour13-5-17  05:09 pm
About fog lightDavid Balfour05-5-17  12:23 pm
TyresPatrick Ryan10 11-4-17  12:09 pm
Rubber rejuvenator productDavid Balfour18-3-17  12:37 am
Replacement parts for Crankshaft DamperDavid Gore16-2-17  08:10 am
Removal of damper from front of crankshaftNathan Dixon08-2-17  10:12 am
S1 central lubrication system specsGuido07-2-17  11:50 pm
Pine wood oil seal on crankshaft bearing capDavid Hughes23-1-17  01:25 pm
Bulk head Paint ColourChristian S. Hansen06-1-17  12:08 pm
Re Chrome of S1 Grille VanesDavid Gore17 28-11-16  07:48 pm
Engine stalls when making a left turnrichard george yeama25 24-10-16  06:53 pm
S2 piston set on eBayDavid Lacey12-10-16  05:39 pm
Missing PlaquesChris Browne26-9-16  11:06 pm
Fan power steering generator beltsMichael Paceskoski10 24-9-16  06:48 pm
SCII HydramaticDavid Balfour21-9-16  10:07 pm
Front and Rear Suspension bush repairsDavid Balfour21-9-16  06:46 pm
Transmission fluidMichael Paceskoski14 20-9-16  09:32 am
Silver cloud 2 engine oil and filterPatrick Ryan11 16-9-16  02:30 pm
Exhaust stud threadsrichard george yeama12-9-16  09:55 pm
Regarding Issues with over Specification Brake DrumsPaul Yorke13 18-8-16  07:44 pm
Restored 1958 Silver Cloud 1 to be auctioned in the UKBob Reynolds27 01-7-16  05:46 am
Cloud 1 gearbox issuesHaydn Deane14 17-6-16  07:18 pm
Silver Cloud II SteeringDavid Balfour12-6-16  09:45 am
Radiator Shell BadgeBrian Vogel13 23-5-16  03:59 am
VIN Details on a Cloud IIChris Browne17-3-16  08:47 pm
Videos of Silver Cloud 3 Frame-upChristian S. Hansen13-1-16  07:48 am
Phantom VI MaintenanceDavid Gore08-1-16  05:07 pm
Off with its headDavid Gore52 01-12-15  06:56 am
Coil issue?Jack Higginbotham 13 10-9-15  07:39 pm
Oil Pressure Switch for '61 Cloud II neededRobert Noel Reddingt09-9-15  07:56 am
Dual point contact breaker pointsJack Higginbotham 09-9-15  03:24 am
Smoking Cloud 1 (sic)Robert Noel Reddingt32 08-8-15  08:38 am
Bentley S1 alternator conversionchristopher carnley13 24-7-15  04:40 am
Oil sender replacementBrian Vogel25 11-7-15  01:24 am
S2 broken engineRandy Roberson30 24-5-15  11:20 am
Restoration CostsVladimir Ivanovich K08-3-15  07:48 pm
SCIII Steering ram rebuild and bushingNORMAN GEESON23-11-14  07:55 am
Axle oilJean-Pierre 'JP' Hil20 23-11-14  03:37 am
1962 SCII Delco Remy Distributor Model NumberRay Zeffert22-11-14  02:19 pm
SCII Rough runningRay Zeffert16 15-11-14  08:53 pm
Bentley S1 Kingpins (1956 UK car)Paul Yorke12 10-9-14  02:30 am
1960 RR cloud 11 brake problems richard george yeama06-5-14  02:16 am
Silver Cloud / Bentley S-Series 6 Cylinder: ManifoldsM Faircloth11 03-4-14  10:49 am
Broken enginePatrick Lockyer.22-12-13  12:11 am
S2, S3 Steering Column RemovalRichard Treacy06-10-13  11:28 pm
Removal of rear door timber trim on S1 BentleySteven Spencer04-9-13  03:33 am
Cloud 1 RadioColin Silver13 06-7-13  07:24 pm
Cloud/S suspension settings for radial tyres.David Gore19-4-13  08:09 am
Switch on Silver Cloud 3 LWB with divisionFrancois Charlier17-4-13  04:45 am
1958 Silver Cloud 1 switch boxGeoff Wootton03-4-13  01:00 am
Steam valve on Silver Cloud 3Francois Charlier06-2-13  10:14 am
Visitin the Canary IslandsOmar M. Shams09-10-12  12:48 pm
Lwb division Silver Cloud 3Francois Charlier01-10-12  09:09 pm
Clock fuse brokenLeho Proos29-8-12  03:21 am
S2 engine noiceGrassetto Eugenio12 14-6-12  05:27 am
Wood refreshingColin Silver11-6-12  08:49 pm
Set front band of my gearbox with the tool Francois Charlier11 08-6-12  12:50 am
Blower motor silver cloud 3Francois Charlier27-4-12  04:00 pm
Geometry angle Silver Cloud 3Jan Forrest22-2-12  09:02 pm
Silver Cloud 3 Green light DashboardFrancois Charlier17-2-12  04:12 am
Cloud Apparent Gear IssueWayne Wardman16-1-12  06:00 pm
The Silver Cloud & Bentley S Forum has failed to proceedBrian Vogel24-12-11  01:12 am
Silver Cloud I Delco - Remy Model Number ?????Colin Silver19 06-11-11  05:42 pm
Rear axle and differential Silver Cloud 3Francois Charlier21-10-11  03:25 am
Pressure refrigeration A/cFrancois Charlier21 15-10-11  08:25 pm
Cloud I ThermostatColin Silver33 29-9-11  08:56 pm
Constant Power SC1Paul Yorke18-9-11  09:37 am
Air conditionning underwing Silver cloud 3Francois Charlier24-7-11  03:32 am
Cutaway technical illustration of Cloud or S seriesDariusz18-7-11  09:33 am
Cloud I Headlight BulbsWayne Wardman03-6-11  08:08 pm
Oil gear boxFrancois Charlier31-5-11  01:45 am
Su fuel pumpFrancois Charlier16-5-11  02:47 am
Thermostat Silver Cloud 3Francois Charlier03-5-11  05:47 pm
Hand brake warning lamp on dashboardFrancois Charlier24-3-11  05:19 am
Request electrical diagram Silver Cloud 3Francois Charlier19-3-11  08:07 pm
Gearbox Silver Cloud 3Robert Wort13 14-3-11  07:52 pm
Replacing bleed nipples on Cloud 1Chris Browne14-3-11  05:29 am
Rubber Door & Body Seals neededJeff Jones18 03-10-10  08:36 am
Odometer Reading?Bill Payne25-5-10  06:14 pm
JFuel Pump(s)Colin Silver12 20-3-10  11:51 am
Brake Bleeding S1David Gore19-3-10  10:22 am
Newly manufactured partsColin Silver25-1-10  07:19 pm
Cloud 1 TyresPaul Yorke21 30-9-09  06:12 pm
Old style oil filterN. Craig Bryant16-9-09  01:28 pm
Bentley S1 brake pipe part?Jeff Jones12 05-9-09  02:45 pm
Cloud I - ohm resistance on ignition leadsColin Silver19 29-8-09  02:58 pm
S1 Brake Fluid? KC Saayman26-8-09  06:48 am
Tappet Adjustment AdviceRichard Treacy18-8-09  03:15 pm
Removal of bonded brake liningsJeff Jones08-8-09  03:38 pm
SCII Electrical Circuit InformationRichard Treacy01-7-09  02:08 pm
Cloud Paint ColourJohn Budden29-6-09  06:51 pm
Silver Cloud Door SealsBill Coburn23-6-09  10:55 pm
Technical information for CloudsBill Coburn14-6-09  11:10 am
Cloud II brakingJeff Jones11-6-09  02:32 pm
Cloud III oil pumpDavid Gore27-3-09  10:52 am
Cloud 1 rough at low speedWayne Wardman26-1-09  09:54 am
Cloud Grille (circa 1956) - is it genuine? Colin Silver10-1-09  03:27 pm
Cloud III ThermostatMartin Cutler22 04-1-09  01:20 pm
Electronic Ignition On Cloud IColin Silver18-12-08  07:32 pm
Rear brake assembly Bentley S1Fredrik Selin18-12-08  04:08 am
SU Carburettor in Cloud 1Wayne Wardman08-11-08  07:09 pm
Type Transmission?Patrick Lockyer.09-10-08  10:50 pm
Original miles!Colin Silver05-10-08  06:10 pm
Compression test resultsJeff Jones21-8-08  06:23 am
S2 brake conversionDavid Gore14 15-8-08  11:33 am
Cloud II steering issuesrich cwik16-7-08  12:29 pm
Silver Cloud Lub oil pressureRichard Treacy03-7-08  08:45 am
Bentley S2 heater fan motorDonald Maloid30-6-08  11:09 pm
Choke solenoidDonald Maloid30-6-08  11:06 pm
Cloud convertibleMichael Paceskoski12-5-08  11:24 pm
Silver Cloud III Heater Actuator motorsBob Livermore07-2-08  12:04 am
Cloud spring gaitersJeff Jones03-2-08  06:31 pm
Underwing air conditioning Cloud II and IIIRandy Roberson14-12-07  06:18 am
Wheel AlignmentBill Coburn01-12-07  08:48 am
Generator lightJeff Jones25-11-07  07:33 pm
Radiator CoolantJohn Mantello23-11-07  07:35 pm
S3 Rear AxleJames 17-11-07  08:37 am
Long wheel base wiring issuesrich cwik15-11-07  01:26 pm
Bentley S1 Radio AerialMark 12-11-07  09:05 pm
Master cylinderJeff Jones07-11-07  06:38 pm
S3 autoJames 12 03-11-07  03:23 pm
Master Cylinder Seals - Cloud IIIBill Coburn12 11-9-07  08:31 am
Heater & Demister tapsPaul Yorke09-9-07  06:01 pm
Dubbo gathering of Clouds - August '07Bill Coburn07-9-07  10:29 am
Cloud Hubcap PolishingMichael Paceskoski12-8-07  07:31 pm
Quarterlight sealsJeff Jones24-7-07  08:03 pm
Roller BearingsJohn Mantello12-7-07  08:20 pm
What's the bolt on the distributor shalf for?Jeff Jones18-6-07  11:53 am
Master Cylinder dust covers (Rubber Boots)David Hughes08-5-07  05:45 pm
Factory Fitted Air Con?Bill Payne16-4-07  04:53 am
Buying a Cloud IIIKC Saayman13 05-4-07  03:22 pm
Silver Cloud ToolkitDavid Hughes17-2-07  09:00 am
Silver Cloud Crankshaft Pulley NutDavid Hughes01-1-07  10:00 am
Positive earth on a cloud 2whunter11 24-12-06  04:58 am
Where are we ?Bill Coburn06-11-06  08:27 am
S1 Hydramatic/S1 Workshop manualDavid Gore19-10-06  10:30 pm
Bentley S2 workshop manual ?Bill Coburn10 26-9-06  12:01 am
Brake Drum DisasterBill Coburn14-6-06  10:09 pm
S1 detail for concoursJohn Richardson01-6-06  06:27 pm
Silver Cloud and Bentley S Type SocietyBill Coburn23-1-06  10:42 pm
Register gathering at Thredbo 10-12 Feb 06Bill Coburn06-1-06  03:11 pm
WELCOME TO A STORM OF CLOUDSBill Coburn06-1-06  03:07 pm
Rebuilding a 1960 Cloud IIAshley James14-12-05  04:04 am
Interior questionDavid Gore19-10-05  11:55 am
Found a Cloud and need some infoPatrick Lockyer.21 24-9-05  06:38 am
Hard startingMartin Cutler04-8-05  02:11 pm
Silver Cloud Wheel Covers (Hub Caps)David Hughes01-7-05  10:28 pm
Drivers electric window not working (S3)andy pinto19-5-05  10:40 am
Oil Sender unit on V8 ,rayzef06-5-05  08:17 pm for Cloud and S V8, 4-speed Shadows and T-SeriesRichard Treacy19-4-05  05:52 pm
Wire, wire, every whererich cwik14-4-05  01:03 am
Tyres Robert Wort06-4-05  05:24 pm
Engine position in a Cloud IIIBill Coburn20-2-05  12:40 pm
Steamy Windows and Draughty, Whistling QuarterlightsBill Coburn20-2-05  09:35 am
Starting problemsRobert Wort10 24-1-05  03:19 pm
S1 engine problemJohn Dare03-12-04  06:55 pm
S1 handling kitRichard Treacy22-11-04  03:49 am
S1 Bentley Window winderCraig Daniel21-12-03  06:26 pm
Viscous fan coupling for S2whunter17-11-03  11:23 pm
Distributor type Cloud 2 : Delco Remy DR?? Robert Lambrichts15-8-03  12:25 am
SU electric fuel pumps on Cloud III'sJim Bettison13 29-4-03  09:05 pm
S1/Cloud 1 Tool Kitme27-4-03  10:48 pm
Repairing S2/S3 steering boxes.Bill Coburn31-12-02  10:35 am
S1 Brakes.craig d07-10-02  10:14 pm
Front braking system, Bentley S1Bill Coburn04-8-02  11:13 am
Cloud I Front SuspensionBill Coburn16-6-02  12:01 pm
Wiring Plans for 1960 SilverCloude II neededAndre Lerch31-5-02  08:51 pm
Silver Cloud gear changeRTreacy27-9-01  10:54 pm
Silver Cloud/S Series RROC of A RegisterBill Coburn07-6-01  02:06 pm
Cloud 1 Steering boxDavid Saville29-5-01  05:41 pm
Cloud III Interior RestorationSteve Roberts11-5-01  12:21 pm
Chrome sill strip - Bentley S1Debbie Saville08-5-01  07:11 am
Silver Cloud I problem with the engine running onRichard Treacy07-4-01  12:48 pm
Cloud Interior LightingBill Coburn18-3-01  03:03 pm
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