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Inside Door Handle RemovalRichard Greene16-8-17  02:51 pm
Fuel Tank RemovalRichard Greene11-8-17  02:34 pm
Silver Cloud HandbookDavid Balfour30-7-17  10:47 pm
Dash Lighting & Front Fender Red IndicatorDavid Balfour28-7-17  08:04 pm
Bentley S2 winker lampsphillip21 27-7-17  07:35 pm
Simple Questions (Dash Lighting)David Balfour26-7-17  01:14 pm
VIN and SpeedometerRichard Greene19-7-17  12:50 pm
61 Cloud II Interior Color?David Hughes15-7-17  05:44 pm
S2 heaterPaul Yorke28-6-17  09:11 am
Inlet Valve Clearance - Setting ProcedurePatrick Lockyer.35 13-6-17  10:45 pm
Bentley S1 / Cloud 1 ToolsGreg Newton06-6-17  04:51 pm
V8 Engine OilBrian Vogel13 25-5-17  07:49 am
Silver Cloud hornsgordon le feuvre24-5-17  03:01 pm
Silver Cloud 3 rocker coversfelipe de gloria16-5-17  04:10 am
1962 Silver Cloud II Long Wheel Base - Rear Shock Absorbers David Balfour13-5-17  05:09 pm
About fog lightDavid Balfour05-5-17  12:23 pm
TyresPatrick Ryan10 11-4-17  12:09 pm
Rubber rejuvenator productDavid Balfour18-3-17  12:37 am
Replacement parts for Crankshaft DamperDavid Gore16-2-17  08:10 am
Removal of damper from front of crankshaftNathan Dixon08-2-17  10:12 am
S1 central lubrication system specsGuido07-2-17  11:50 pm
Pine wood oil seal on crankshaft bearing capDavid Hughes23-1-17  01:25 pm
Bulk head Paint ColourChristian S. Hansen06-1-17  12:08 pm
Silver Cloud Nardi steering wheelJohn Beech27-12-16  03:24 am
Re Chrome of S1 Grille VanesDavid Gore17 28-11-16  07:48 pm
Engine stalls when making a left turnrichard george yeama25 24-10-16  06:53 pm
S2 piston set on eBayDavid Lacey12-10-16  05:39 pm
Cooling systemchristopher carnley27-9-16  02:48 am
Missing PlaquesChris Browne26-9-16  11:06 pm
Fan power steering generator beltsMichael Paceskoski10 24-9-16  06:48 pm
SCII HydramaticDavid Balfour21-9-16  10:07 pm
Front and Rear Suspension bush repairsDavid Balfour21-9-16  06:46 pm
Transmission fluidMichael Paceskoski14 20-9-16  09:32 am
Silver cloud 2 engine oil and filterPatrick Ryan11 16-9-16  02:30 pm
Exhaust stud threadsrichard george yeama12-9-16  09:55 pm
Regarding Issues with over Specification Brake DrumsPaul Yorke13 18-8-16  07:44 pm
Restored 1958 Silver Cloud 1 to be auctioned in the UKBob Reynolds27 01-7-16  05:46 am
Cloud 1 gearbox issuesHaydn Deane14 17-6-16  07:18 pm
Silver Cloud II SteeringDavid Balfour12-6-16  09:45 am
Radiator Shell BadgeBrian Vogel13 23-5-16  03:59 am
VIN Details on a Cloud IIChris Browne17-3-16  08:47 pm
Videos of Silver Cloud 3 Frame-upChristian S. Hansen13-1-16  07:48 am
Phantom VI MaintenanceDavid Gore08-1-16  05:07 pm
Off with its headDavid Gore52 01-12-15  06:56 am
Cleaning and renovation of 1950's cotton covered wiringChris Browne120 18-11-15  07:11 pm
Coil issue?Jack Higginbotham 13 10-9-15  07:39 pm
Oil Pressure Switch for '61 Cloud II neededRobert Noel Reddingt09-9-15  07:56 am
Dual point contact breaker pointsJack Higginbotham 09-9-15  03:24 am
Smoking Cloud 1 (sic)Robert Noel Reddingt32 08-8-15  08:38 am
Bentley S1 alternator conversionchristopher carnley13 24-7-15  04:40 am
Oil sender replacementBrian Vogel25 11-7-15  01:24 am
S2 broken engineRandy Roberson30 24-5-15  11:20 am
Restoration CostsVladimir Ivanovich K08-3-15  07:48 pm
SCIII Steering ram rebuild and bushingNORMAN GEESON23-11-14  07:55 am
Axle oilJean-Pierre 'JP' Hil20 23-11-14  03:37 am
1962 SCII Delco Remy Distributor Model NumberRay Zeffert22-11-14  02:19 pm
SCII Rough runningRay Zeffert16 15-11-14  08:53 pm
Bentley S1 Kingpins (1956 UK car)Paul Yorke12 10-9-14  02:30 am
1960 RR cloud 11 brake problems richard george yeama06-5-14  02:16 am
Silver Cloud / Bentley S-Series 6 Cylinder: ManifoldsM Faircloth11 03-4-14  10:49 am
Broken enginePatrick Lockyer.22-12-13  12:11 am
S2, S3 Steering Column RemovalRichard Treacy06-10-13  11:28 pm
Removal of rear door timber trim on S1 BentleySteven Spencer04-9-13  03:33 am
Cloud 1 RadioColin Silver13 06-7-13  07:24 pm
Cloud/S suspension settings for radial tyres.David Gore19-4-13  08:09 am
Switch on Silver Cloud 3 LWB with divisionFrancois Charlier17-4-13  04:45 am
1958 Silver Cloud 1 switch boxGeoff Wootton03-4-13  01:00 am
Steam valve on Silver Cloud 3Francois Charlier06-2-13  10:14 am
Visitin the Canary IslandsOmar M. Shams09-10-12  12:48 pm
Lwb division Silver Cloud 3Francois Charlier01-10-12  09:09 pm
Clock fuse brokenLeho Proos29-8-12  03:21 am
S2 engine noiceGrassetto Eugenio12 14-6-12  05:27 am
Wood refreshingColin Silver11-6-12  08:49 pm
Set front band of my gearbox with the tool Francois Charlier11 08-6-12  12:50 am
Blower motor silver cloud 3Francois Charlier27-4-12  04:00 pm
Geometry angle Silver Cloud 3Jan Forrest22-2-12  09:02 pm
Silver Cloud 3 Green light DashboardFrancois Charlier17-2-12  04:12 am
Cloud Apparent Gear IssueWayne Wardman16-1-12  06:00 pm
The Silver Cloud & Bentley S Forum has failed to proceedBrian Vogel24-12-11  01:12 am
Silver Cloud I Delco - Remy Model Number ?????Colin Silver19 06-11-11  05:42 pm
Rear axle and differential Silver Cloud 3Francois Charlier21-10-11  03:25 am
Pressure refrigeration A/cFrancois Charlier21 15-10-11  08:25 pm
Cloud I ThermostatColin Silver33 29-9-11  08:56 pm
Constant Power SC1Paul Yorke18-9-11  09:37 am
Air conditionning underwing Silver cloud 3Francois Charlier24-7-11  03:32 am
Cutaway technical illustration of Cloud or S seriesDariusz18-7-11  09:33 am
Cloud I Headlight BulbsWayne Wardman03-6-11  08:08 pm
Oil gear boxFrancois Charlier31-5-11  01:45 am
Su fuel pumpFrancois Charlier16-5-11  02:47 am
Thermostat Silver Cloud 3Francois Charlier03-5-11  05:47 pm
Hand brake warning lamp on dashboardFrancois Charlier24-3-11  05:19 am
Request electrical diagram Silver Cloud 3Francois Charlier19-3-11  08:07 pm
Gearbox Silver Cloud 3Robert Wort13 14-3-11  07:52 pm
Replacing bleed nipples on Cloud 1Chris Browne14-3-11  05:29 am
Rubber Door & Body Seals neededJeff Jones18 03-10-10  08:36 am
Odometer Reading?Bill Payne25-5-10  06:14 pm
JFuel Pump(s)Colin Silver12 20-3-10  11:51 am
Brake Bleeding S1David Gore19-3-10  10:22 am
Newly manufactured partsColin Silver25-1-10  07:19 pm
Cloud 1 TyresPaul Yorke21 30-9-09  06:12 pm
Old style oil filterN. Craig Bryant16-9-09  01:28 pm
Bentley S1 brake pipe part?Jeff Jones12 05-9-09  02:45 pm
Cloud I - ohm resistance on ignition leadsColin Silver19 29-8-09  02:58 pm
S1 Brake Fluid? KC Saayman26-8-09  06:48 am
Tappet Adjustment AdviceRichard Treacy18-8-09  03:15 pm
Removal of bonded brake liningsJeff Jones08-8-09  03:38 pm
SCII Electrical Circuit InformationRichard Treacy01-7-09  02:08 pm
Cloud Paint ColourJohn Budden29-6-09  06:51 pm
Silver Cloud Door SealsBill Coburn23-6-09  10:55 pm
Technical information for CloudsBill Coburn14-6-09  11:10 am
Cloud II brakingJeff Jones11-6-09  02:32 pm
Cloud III oil pumpDavid Gore27-3-09  10:52 am
Cloud 1 rough at low speedWayne Wardman26-1-09  09:54 am
Cloud Grille (circa 1956) - is it genuine? Colin Silver10-1-09  03:27 pm
Cloud III ThermostatMartin Cutler22 04-1-09  01:20 pm
Electronic Ignition On Cloud IColin Silver18-12-08  07:32 pm
Rear brake assembly Bentley S1Fredrik Selin18-12-08  04:08 am
SU Carburettor in Cloud 1Wayne Wardman08-11-08  07:09 pm
Type Transmission?Patrick Lockyer.09-10-08  10:50 pm
Original miles!Colin Silver05-10-08  06:10 pm
Compression test resultsJeff Jones21-8-08  06:23 am
S2 brake conversionDavid Gore14 15-8-08  11:33 am
Cloud II steering issuesrich cwik16-7-08  12:29 pm
Silver Cloud Lub oil pressureRichard Treacy03-7-08  08:45 am
Bentley S2 heater fan motorDonald Maloid30-6-08  11:09 pm
Choke solenoidDonald Maloid30-6-08  11:06 pm
Cloud convertibleMichael Paceskoski12-5-08  11:24 pm
Silver Cloud III Heater Actuator motorsBob Livermore07-2-08  12:04 am
Cloud spring gaitersJeff Jones03-2-08  06:31 pm
Underwing air conditioning Cloud II and IIIRandy Roberson14-12-07  06:18 am
Wheel AlignmentBill Coburn01-12-07  08:48 am
Generator lightJeff Jones25-11-07  07:33 pm
Radiator CoolantJohn Mantello23-11-07  07:35 pm
S3 Rear AxleJames 17-11-07  08:37 am
Long wheel base wiring issuesrich cwik15-11-07  01:26 pm
Bentley S1 Radio AerialMark 12-11-07  09:05 pm
Master cylinderJeff Jones07-11-07  06:38 pm
S3 autoJames 12 03-11-07  03:23 pm
Master Cylinder Seals - Cloud IIIBill Coburn12 11-9-07  08:31 am
Heater & Demister tapsPaul Yorke09-9-07  06:01 pm
Dubbo gathering of Clouds - August '07Bill Coburn07-9-07  10:29 am
Cloud Hubcap PolishingMichael Paceskoski12-8-07  07:31 pm
Quarterlight sealsJeff Jones24-7-07  08:03 pm
Roller BearingsJohn Mantello12-7-07  08:20 pm
What's the bolt on the distributor shalf for?Jeff Jones18-6-07  11:53 am
Master Cylinder dust covers (Rubber Boots)David Hughes08-5-07  05:45 pm
Factory Fitted Air Con?Bill Payne16-4-07  04:53 am
Buying a Cloud IIIKC Saayman13 05-4-07  03:22 pm
Silver Cloud ToolkitDavid Hughes17-2-07  09:00 am
Silver Cloud Crankshaft Pulley NutDavid Hughes01-1-07  10:00 am
Positive earth on a cloud 2whunter11 24-12-06  04:58 am
Where are we ?Bill Coburn06-11-06  08:27 am
S1 Hydramatic/S1 Workshop manualDavid Gore19-10-06  10:30 pm
Bentley S2 workshop manual ?Bill Coburn10 26-9-06  12:01 am
Brake Drum DisasterBill Coburn14-6-06  10:09 pm
S1 detail for concoursJohn Richardson01-6-06  06:27 pm
Silver Cloud and Bentley S Type SocietyBill Coburn23-1-06  10:42 pm
Register gathering at Thredbo 10-12 Feb 06Bill Coburn06-1-06  03:11 pm
WELCOME TO A STORM OF CLOUDSBill Coburn06-1-06  03:07 pm
Rebuilding a 1960 Cloud IIAshley James14-12-05  04:04 am
SCII/S2 Onwards, Starter MotorsRichard Treacy08-12-05  03:28 am
Interior questionDavid Gore19-10-05  11:55 am
Found a Cloud and need some infoPatrick Lockyer.21 24-9-05  06:38 am
Hard startingMartin Cutler04-8-05  02:11 pm
Silver Cloud Wheel Covers (Hub Caps)David Hughes01-7-05  10:28 pm
Drivers electric window not working (S3)andy pinto19-5-05  10:40 am
Oil Sender unit on V8 ,rayzef06-5-05  08:17 pm for Cloud and S V8, 4-speed Shadows and T-SeriesRichard Treacy19-4-05  05:52 pm
Wire, wire, every whererich cwik14-4-05  01:03 am
Tyres Robert Wort06-4-05  05:24 pm
Engine position in a Cloud IIIBill Coburn20-2-05  12:40 pm
Steamy Windows and Draughty, Whistling QuarterlightsBill Coburn20-2-05  09:35 am
Starting problemsRobert Wort10 24-1-05  03:19 pm
S1 engine problemJohn Dare03-12-04  06:55 pm
S1 handling kitRichard Treacy22-11-04  03:49 am
S1 Bentley Window winderCraig Daniel21-12-03  06:26 pm
Viscous fan coupling for S2whunter17-11-03  11:23 pm
Distributor type Cloud 2 : Delco Remy DR?? Robert Lambrichts15-8-03  12:25 am
SU electric fuel pumps on Cloud III'sJim Bettison13 29-4-03  09:05 pm
S1/Cloud 1 Tool Kitme27-4-03  10:48 pm
Repairing S2/S3 steering boxes.Bill Coburn31-12-02  10:35 am
S1 Brakes.craig d07-10-02  10:14 pm
Front braking system, Bentley S1Bill Coburn04-8-02  11:13 am
Cloud I Front SuspensionBill Coburn16-6-02  12:01 pm
Wiring Plans for 1960 SilverCloude II neededAndre Lerch31-5-02  08:51 pm
Silver Cloud gear changeRTreacy27-9-01  10:54 pm
Silver Cloud/S Series RROC of A RegisterBill Coburn07-6-01  02:06 pm
Cloud 1 Steering boxDavid Saville29-5-01  05:41 pm
Cloud III Interior RestorationSteve Roberts11-5-01  12:21 pm
Chrome sill strip - Bentley S1Debbie Saville08-5-01  07:11 am
Silver Cloud I problem with the engine running onRichard Treacy07-4-01  12:48 pm
Cloud Interior LightingBill Coburn18-3-01  03:03 pm
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Bill Coburn
Username: bill_coburn

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Registered: 4-2003
Posted on Sunday, 14 June, 2009 - 11:10 am:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP

Compared to later SY and SZ cars the dear old Clouds were as simple as billycarts, yet in their day they were considered very sophisticated chariots. The Factory as was the custom kept information on the model very close to their chest or at least the dealers' chests although in those days our forebears were flat out trying to put Ghosts and Phantoms and their little off-springs together.

Eventually, an elaborate manual was published when the vee eight made its debut. Very nice pictures, gloss paper and smart covers. Getting one was harder than getting tickets to a grand final! Eventually they dribbled out to the amateur plebs about the time some of the cars were being unloaded through car yards.

As well as the Workshop Manual there were the spare parts lists. These were comprehensive but no longer did we have the beautifully shaded drawings of bits that we enjoyed with the old Mark VI's!

One of the little known outputs from the presses however were the Service Sheets or Bulletins which supplemented the manuals with topical problems as they arose. Many of these are reflected in the Workshop Manual but some are not.

Well Richard our expat in Zurich and keeper of the mechanical cache has now installed a heap of these documents relating to the S2 and S3 cars which make interesting reading. As you know all this information is held in the Hunt House in the UK where apparently you may visit and peruse it if you make an appointment. We are saving you a plane fare!

For those that are still confused, the Technical Library is at
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Bill Coburn
Username: bill_coburn

Post Number: 921
Registered: 4-2003
Posted on Friday, 07 September, 2007 - 10:29 am:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP

For the record this was a memorable gathering of nice cars and nice people with common interests organised at Dubbo NSW by our esteemed Registrar Steve Redford. The Blue Beast covered over 1000 kilometres and turned in 18 mpg!! More importantly it continued to proceed! Thanks to Steve and all those who attended.