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Transmission cooling line fitting seized.Omar M. Shams18-12-09  06:23 am
Forum MilestoneMark Aldridge15-10-09  06:39 am
Safety Relay - All CarsDavid Gore25 06-10-09  12:36 pm
Spark Plugs for Postwar Cars - BPR4EVX DiscontinuedRichard Treacy11-3-09  05:43 am
Engine and Fluids in General - Opinions PleaseDavid Gore05-3-09  09:53 am
How to remove the seat switches in a Shadow IJeffrey McCarthy23-2-09  06:04 am
Screaming blower motorsLaurie Fox10 07-1-09  11:09 am
PaintStevenBrown17-12-08  10:37 am
1976 silver shadow - Must open trunk. Battery dead. Only key broken...Craig Knight36 16-12-08  09:48 am
T1 ballast resistor ohm ratingColin Silver23-11-08  08:00 pm
Removing the horn contact plateJeffrey McCarthy29-10-08  01:18 pm
1967 ROLLS ROYCE SILVER SHADOW-BRAKESBill Coburn13 06-10-08  01:55 pm
Politeness is importantPaul Yorke06-10-08  06:00 am
Engine Tuning DataRichard Treacy23-9-08  10:25 am
Maintenance free batteriesTrevor P Hodgkinson11 08-8-08  10:26 pm
VIN question (?)Lluís Gimeno-Fabra10-7-08  12:01 am
Grease drys out after many years.Richard Treacy09-7-08  06:47 pm
83 Corniche blowing water out of radiatorCharlie J19 30-6-08  07:42 am
Rough Idle on 1974 Corniche CabrioRodney Peach01-6-08  07:43 pm
Brake lights on 1974 corniche cabrio Paul Yorke12 11-4-08  06:25 pm
Corniche Rev counter not working!!Paul Yorke10 11-4-08  05:35 pm
Corniche cabrio power hood oil !!Rodney Peach19-3-08  04:01 pm
SRH18294 Backlash between accelerating and decelleratingDavid Gore28-2-08  09:42 am
The_Shadow_Owners'_CompanionJan Forrest24-2-08  12:06 am
Vibration when under power climbing hills etcUdo Hoffmüller09-2-08  08:46 am
LPG Conversion LONGASPaul Yorke07-2-08  06:31 am
SS1 Engine wont stop w/out battery disconnect...Jeffrey McCarthy14 15-1-08  05:45 am
Gearbox actuator relaysDavid Gore03-1-08  10:18 am
Sub-subtopicsDavid Gore27-12-07  07:18 pm
Rear wheel wobbleDavid Gore22-12-07  08:57 am
Cruise control al last!Julian Moreno13-12-07  05:08 am
Shadow starting problemsDouglas Majors05-12-07  08:32 am
Technical InformationBill Coburn02-12-07  01:17 pm
Changing Shadow air-con fan mounting screwsBill Coburn22-11-07  06:02 pm
The Trinidad ShadowGuy Boldon18 06-11-07  03:30 pm
SRH18294 74 Shadowbob uk10 12-9-07  01:33 am
Shadow 4-speed vs 3-speed transmission ?Glenn Amer26 29-7-07  09:18 am
Heater pipes (routing)John Kilkenny03-7-07  08:24 pm
Srh 18294 HeaterJohn Kilkenny22-6-07  10:42 am
Are the bumper shock absorbers oil filled?Kelly Opfar08-6-07  12:01 am
Top rollPaul Yorke31-5-07  05:44 pm
Cool Runningbob uk27-5-07  10:04 pm
Oil leaks: In General...Bob Uk04-4-07  04:28 am
Shadow II Workshop manualbob uk04-4-07  04:06 am
Rebound Stop, SY and SZ CarsRichard Treacy02-4-07  08:09 am
A total brake overhaul soon,Dot 5 maybe! Patrick Lockyer.12 17-3-07  06:29 am
Wheel AlignmentPatrick Lockyer.16-3-07  09:55 am
A dying breed..bob uk24-12-06  05:25 am
Shadow One A/C conversion adviceGlenn Amer18 17-12-06  11:31 am
Rear accummulator removalBob UK27-11-06  12:26 am
Accumulator Diagnosis 1975 Shadow LRD20648Carl Jensen11 23-11-06  03:40 pm
DOT 5 SiliconDavid Gore17-11-06  02:17 pm
"Sweating" Hydraulic Linewhunter14-11-06  04:34 pm
Modern Car Spares: Larry's listLarry Halpert08-11-06  05:05 pm
NitrousDavid Gore20 12-9-06  11:16 am
SSII Onwards Leaky Steering Rack Replacement Againbob uk04-9-06  05:22 am
Nasty thumpBill Coburn21-8-06  10:25 pm
SS2 Lateral Balance Pointbob11 19-8-06  10:50 pm
Tapping noiseDavid Gore14-8-06  12:45 pm
Calling quitsMujahid Khan04-8-06  01:01 pm
Blowing noise in the low left side of engine after adding slick50bob uk16 28-7-06  07:19 am
No Autobox Gears! Please helpDavid Howard31 16-7-06  04:21 am
Charging fault and chankshaft dampersbob uk15-7-06  11:18 am
What the hell......Paul Dabrowski19-6-06  09:25 am
Special tool?Richard Treacy11-6-06  08:06 pm
Shadow Tyre SizesKC Saayman07-6-06  12:36 am
Heater recoreDavid Gore12 03-6-06  12:51 pm
Drive shaft uj's.SS1 SS11 etc.bobuk02-6-06  05:44 am
Windows slowLance14-5-06  09:13 pm
Tyre wear. Patrick Lockyer.04-4-06  06:45 am
Shadow 1 ball jointsBill Coburn06-3-06  11:28 pm
CO2 levels. Wich are the right ones?bob01-3-06  11:34 pm
NOISY HYDRAULIC PUMPS Rodney Peach23-2-06  01:49 am
4 x Rolls Royce barn find What are they?Mark Anson14 11-2-06  09:01 am
Golden Tee OneMark Herbstreit05-2-06  12:34 pm
Robbing "barstools"Nigel hawcroft19-1-06  06:41 am
SS2 Condition after long term shut downBill Coburn05-1-06  07:28 am
Grumpy startingBill Coburn03-1-06  11:59 pm
Noisey aircon fan.Bill Coburn23-12-05  09:35 am
Hybrid Roller on eBayChris Gillings13 12-12-05  06:39 pm
Tee One TopicsBill Coburn10-12-05  04:01 pm
"G" Valve 1975 Shadow LRD20648Carl Jensen10 25-11-05  07:41 pm
Hydraulic SystemsDavid Gore24-11-05  10:40 am
Type Approval Code for shadows for the EUMiguel A. Garcia23-11-05  09:35 pm
Used Rolls Royce Silver Shadow RecallsPatrick Lockyer.18-11-05  06:03 pm
Green CalipersMark Herbstreit08-11-05  05:33 pm
Dirty Hydraulic PumpsNigel A Ralph40 01-11-05  09:43 pm
WheelsRichard Treacy24 26-10-05  08:32 pm
Ball jointsDavid Gore19-10-05  12:36 pm
TYRE SUPPLIES - SY and SZ CARSRichard Treacy15-10-05  10:48 pm
RR Corniche Conv. 1976 Aircondition problemDavid Gore24-9-05  05:25 pm
More rear spring stuffPatrick Lockyer.23-9-05  04:54 am
Hook wrench for rear dampersBill Coburn17-8-05  09:53 pm
Car Polish ProblemsDavid Gore06-8-05  02:01 pm
Attaching Accumulator to Its Valve Body on ShadowBill Coburn04-8-05  06:29 pm
Marinus Rijkers WebsiteRobert Wort21-7-05  12:50 am
Blanking off rear height control?Clive Brown11-7-05  07:43 pm
Gutsing differentialsBill Coburn17-6-05  11:56 am
How many?Peter Colwell12 29-5-05  10:07 am
SWII AC - HELPLarry Halpert23 26-5-05  07:20 pm
How to fit an air dam/front spoiler to a Silver Shadow ??David Gore15 16-5-05  04:12 pm
THM 400 with 6 speeds including overdrivePatrick Lockyer.16-5-05  08:03 am
Service PlateRobert Wort16-5-05  01:30 am
Hydraulics ModelRobert Wort13-5-05  12:55 pm
Extending engine/rubber mount lifeBill Coburn14-4-05  07:29 pm
Rockin RollsDick Wood19 09-4-05  11:35 pm
THM400/3L80 Vacuum modulatorGordon Norris07-4-05  05:54 pm
Silicon Brake FluidBill Coburn36 07-4-05  11:02 am
T2 HydraulicsDavid Gore05-4-05  01:01 pm
THM / 3L80 Transmission Selector Adjustment ToleranceRichard Treacy04-4-05  08:48 pm
Fuel percolationRichard Treacy13 01-4-05  10:20 pm
Trailer HitchBrad Clinch29-3-05  02:58 pm
Blue WheelsPatrick Lockyer.27-3-05  05:15 pm
Silver Shadow A/C questionRichard Treacy19-3-05  11:57 pm
Shadows, Bentleys conversion to LHM.Patrick Lockyer.19-3-05  05:04 am
Carby vapour lock?gef briggs16-3-05  12:44 pm
SRH 18294 Vibration felt first through the seat.Patrick Lockyer.12-3-05  07:18 pm
Another Cross Member Issue.Patrick Lockyer.22 12-3-05  04:41 am
To David GoreNigel Ralph10-3-05  09:24 pm
Shadow 1 exhaust manifold n/skevin steel07-3-05  08:03 am
Silver Shadow Tire PressureRichard Treacy33 05-3-05  06:51 am
Final drive gear oil shadow II and SpiritRichard Treacy25-2-05  05:50 am
Rear AxleR C Brooks22 22-2-05  05:20 pm
Parking Distance Control; AftermarketRR Forums Administra20-2-05  01:36 am
Final Drive Crossmember, Boot Floor and Small SubframeDavid Gore20 12-2-05  09:36 am
Refinishing Walnut Veneer DashDavid Gore03-2-05  11:34 am
Professional R-R specialist "shop" ratesJohn Dare26-1-05  07:46 pm
Shadow pre purchase revisited;againJohn Dare16-1-05  08:22 pm
Phantom VI - gearbox adjustmentPatrick Lockyer.10 09-12-04  08:12 am
Magnetic "clip ons" for oil filtersJohn Dare38 01-12-04  11:58 am
SU carbsDoug M Young23-11-04  09:01 am
4-speed Hydramatic Transmission Overhaul TipsRichard Treacy22-11-04  04:51 am
I am thinking of developing a hydraulic system seminar that could t...whunter06-11-04  10:21 am
Silver shadow 1 electric windowkevin steel04-11-04  03:42 pm
Shadow 11 workshop manual/cdJohn Farrell29-9-04  02:20 am
Lighting EquipmentBill Coburn21-9-04  08:38 am
FansRCBrooks20-9-04  10:27 am
SCII engine help pleasewing nut01-9-04  05:58 pm
RR V8 - EngineMartin Cutler26 31-8-04  08:58 pm
Unleaded Fuel OK?David Gore12 23-8-04  01:16 pm
Tin Dispensor for ULPJon Rothwell01-7-04  10:34 pm
BrakesRoy M Tilley15-6-04  09:00 pm
Electronic Speedometer Malfunction, all cars from SSIIJohn Dare13-6-04  11:33 am
Whats the time?Ashley James06-6-04  02:38 am
Shadow or Spirit?_James_A30 24-5-04  11:44 am
SWII TriviaGraeme Söderlund10 19-5-04  01:14 pm
Surgical GlovesMartin Taylor17-5-04  12:47 pm
Oil sludge and black deathDavid Gore10-5-04  03:22 am
SWII Elecrical ProblemsPat Lockyer.03-5-04  04:56 pm
1989 Bentley Engine NumberRichard Treacy30-4-04  04:52 pm
ORIGINAL: To Be or Not To Be????Anthony & Amanda van13 11-4-04  11:48 pm
World CarsWilliam H. Trovinger04-4-04  02:29 am
Bentley 8 - How to switch off the interior lightsRichard Treacy20-3-04  06:40 pm
Another One on OverheatingPETER DIXON11-3-04  05:56 pm
Prestart oil prime of long storage enginewhunter02-12-03  11:58 am
Car Coverskevin steel10 23-11-03  09:16 pm
Here is a simple diode test DIY. whunter08-11-03  11:36 pm
SWII Start and battery [roblemsDavid Gore17-10-03  11:52 pm
Silver Shadow advice needed.Mark Tomlinson12-10-03  11:52 pm
SS2 Radiator ConditionerPETER DIXON08-10-03  09:32 pm
Strange hum/resonance/vibration in '89 SpurRichard Treacy07-9-03  02:54 am
HELP PLEASEpeter l04-9-03  03:46 pm
Leather Renovationdenis14 29-8-03  10:42 am
PaintDavid Gore26-8-03  09:06 am
"Flying Lady" anti theft protectionbob uk26-8-03  02:33 am
Bijur PumpBill Coburn24-8-03  01:59 pm
Crash testJon Rothwell20-8-03  10:24 pm
Servicing and Parts in BrisbaneJohn Wright16-8-03  09:59 pm
Steering Rack ReplacementRichard Treacy13 14-8-03  11:51 pm
Shadow I A/C David Gore13-8-03  07:48 am
Steering Wheel BossJon Rothwell09-8-03  04:14 pm
Steering JogglesMartin Cutler03-8-03  10:06 pm
The different between shadow I and shadow IIDavid Gore01-8-03  01:40 pm
ROLLS OVERHEATINGDavid Gore30-7-03  08:32 pm
Importing my '74 Corniche fixed top coupe, brakes are locked.dean18 30-7-03  04:50 pm
Hot Startcraig calvin30-7-03  03:13 pm
Serving and Parts - Hobart, TasmaniaAndrew McMaster28-7-03  09:20 pm
4.25 and 4.5 liter bearing infoRichard Treacy15 23-7-03  10:17 pm
T series paintworkRichard Treacy21-7-03  04:38 am
Tyre Pressure GaugesMark Tomlinson16-7-03  09:13 am
Wheel bolt patternRichard Treacy11-7-03  10:32 pm
R Type Starter motor brushesBill vatter11-7-03  12:18 am
Power Steering leakage problemsRichard Treacy09-7-03  08:56 am
Radio and aeriallaurie newman07-7-03  08:12 pm
Shadow I Query.Graeme Söderlund12 06-7-03  07:52 pm
Driving position Corniche IIIDavid Gore06-7-03  05:10 am
Silver hadow coloursDavid Gore30-6-03  01:02 pm
Bentley T1 body modificationsJon Rothwell15-6-03  10:28 am
Balance PipesBill Coburn15-6-03  10:19 am
Felt Valve Guide Seal replacement for an R typeBill Vatter12 08-6-03  12:06 am
AccumulatorsRichard Treacy02-6-03  01:30 am
Advice Richard Treacy20-5-03  12:56 am
Bonnet padsBill Coburn18-5-03  02:18 pm
Electric circuit diagramme pleaseDavid Gore17-5-03  01:10 am
Silver Spur Firing OrderRichard Treacy16-5-03  02:29 am
Vibration & Front Door Rubbers Peter Brian Kentwell10-5-03  12:55 pm
Tee One TopicsBill Coburn05-5-03  10:44 pm
How many Bentley T1 and T2's are Left?Pat Freeman02-5-03  09:40 am
Need new tyresBill Vatter01-5-03  08:55 am
Power Steering FluidRichard Treacy27-4-03  11:37 pm
Information needed on 'Piping' systemDavid Gore21-4-03  08:53 pm
Bulgin FusesDavid Gore21-4-03  11:14 am
Chassis numberJon Rothwell21 18-4-03  01:41 pm
Early Bentley T Engine NoJon Rothwell11 18-4-03  09:48 am
Windscreen InstallationDavid Gore08-4-03  07:37 pm
Ignition systemCharles Rhoden USA07-4-03  06:47 am
Interior lightsRichard Treacy03-4-03  11:31 pm
Mascot AlarmBill Coburn 01-4-03  07:40 am
Corniche Wheel alignmentDavid Gore17-3-03  06:45 pm
Headlights stuck on High beam...Brad Clinch08-3-03  02:11 pm
Need info on JRX19808 Camargue David Gore25-2-03  07:30 am
Identification of my Bentleybrian11 13-2-03  08:19 am
1974 Shadow Fan speed controllucien mc fadden12-2-03  10:13 am
Silver Shadow HydraulicsBill Coburn10 10-2-03  08:45 pm
Starting an Early model (1977) Shadow IIHarry Heuchan04-2-03  12:34 am
Repair manualPeter Senn03-2-03  11:55 am
Carburettor air intakeDavid Gore10 30-1-03  09:48 pm
Battery Polarity - Post War CarsBob12 19-1-03  02:44 am
How can i.... in Park Ward 25/30Roy Tilley02-1-03  01:35 pm
Shadow II using oilDavid Gore18-12-02  10:18 pm
Auto Choke - Shadow 1Tony Vinson10-12-02  11:27 am
Legal requirements regarding braking system roadworthy standards?Bill Coburn12 13-11-02  09:00 am
Camshaft - what's in a number?N.W.GEESON22-10-02  05:59 am
Early post-war six coolingDavid Gore15 19-10-02  12:17 pm
Parts & Tools IdentificationJamie Clark02-9-02  06:30 am
Oil gun for 20/25 (and others)Richard Hadfield25-8-02  07:59 pm
Electric Window Manual Crank 1967 RR MPWSandy Robertson23-8-02  08:28 pm
Piston TroubleBill Vatter15 12-8-02  12:44 pm
Overheatbob11-8-02  08:06 pm
Refurbishing EngravingBill Coburn24-7-02  11:38 am
Cooling Fan Drivebob22-7-02  02:09 am
What is this 4 1/4 L engine?Jim Bettison28 18-7-02  10:44 pm
Air ConditioningBill Vatter12-7-02  11:15 am
Refurbishing BakeliteBradley Clinch19-6-02  02:05 am
Corniche IdentificationRobin Hickman (203.111-6-02  02:55 pm
Lead Replacement Petrol Vs Unleaded - Mk VIMartin Cutler24-5-02  11:40 am
Low compression-engine rebuildbob13-5-02  03:35 am
Bentley casting on rocker covers of an early T1bob13-5-02  02:57 am
Operating temperaturesbob13-5-02  02:40 am
North Queensland Service for Shadow 1David Gore30-4-02  11:02 am
Lack of powerBill Coburn10-4-02  11:27 pm
BOSCH FI MANUAL for 1985 SPURRobert Chapman02-4-02  10:00 pm
Lucas"king of the road" model 433mark davis01-4-02  05:58 am
Slow windows on your SZ car ?Richard Treacy19-3-02  10:05 pm
Cylinder linerDavid Saville28-11-01  07:59 am
Drivability vs OriginalityBill Vatter28-10-01  12:59 pm
Fuel requirements 1985 Bosch injected SpurBob26-10-01  04:33 pm
1985 USA Centenary Spur Cruise controlBob Sutton26-10-01  04:28 pm
Mark VI Fuel GaugeBill Vatter14 13-10-01  07:17 am
Clutch Repair Martin Cutler05-10-01  11:54 am
Mark VI ignition timingNorman Geeson17 08-9-01  07:23 am
MK VI Gearbox blowupMartin Cutler06-9-01  12:29 pm
Regulator QueriesMartin Cutler27-8-01  05:20 pm
1968 Shadow 1L/H rear ride levelling ram cannot undo as threads see...Ray Dawson20-8-01  09:06 pm
CarburettorsBill Coburn14-7-01  01:48 pm
Lead Replacement Petrol - the issue continuesMartin Cutler09-7-01  12:59 pm
Hooper Limousine Electric Division in a P111Ron cowpe07-7-01  04:02 am
Hooper Electric DivisionsRon Cowpe04-7-01  12:05 pm
Mild Steel Vs Stainless Steel for Mk VI ExhaustMartin Cutler02-7-01  11:08 am
MK VI Registerchrisg19-6-01  01:43 am
Shock Damper shaft sealsBill Coburn16-6-01  08:52 pm
Mk VI King PinsBill Vatter03-6-01  01:20 am
Oil and water gauges Shadow IIJohn Begg24-5-01  10:58 pm
Wiring diagran desperately neededmatt moreton22-5-01  09:14 am
Battery Charging & Dynamo Efficiencychrisg05-5-01  01:26 pm
Waist StripsDebbie Saville01-5-01  08:05 am
Fuel SquirtingMartin Cutler07-4-01  12:56 pm
Silver Shadow FuseboardRobert Chapman21-3-01  03:25 pm
Camber adjustment on '74 Silver ShadowSteve18-3-01  03:10 pm
Scratch Removal from GrilleBill Vatter18-3-01  03:00 pm
Mark VI Dynamo EarthingAlan Padgett18-3-01  02:56 pm
Chassis 2412ChrisG18-3-01  12:29 pm
How do I redye the Everflex roof of my 1986 Bentley?Roy Tilley18-3-01  10:04 am
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