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Bill Vatter
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Posted on Saturday, 19 July, 2003 - 05:28:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP


Regarding Silver Wraith WGC 66 but generally applicable to all cars of this section of the forum.

Anyone have experience getting steering joggles to go away? This is an occasional phenomenon where a bump or irregular road surface will set off a shimmy of the steering at 2-3 shakes per second. Tap the brakes and it will stop.

Generally only cars that have the front suspension in good order suffer this problem because cars with worn out front suspension have negative caster to the front wheels, and joggles do not occur with negative caster.

In may car everything is apperently perfect. The front suspension is rebuilt and all alignment parameters are right in the center of the alowable range. Except for occasional joggles, the car drives beautifully.

Several people have told me they also suffer an occasional joggles incident but all who have rebuilt front suspension said they only had the problem since they fixed everything. This problem is also experienced by pre-war RR cars of all models.

Also, I know that many cars of this period have steering dampers of various designs, apparently to preclude joggles. For example, My MG TD has a friction damper on the steering rack. I also remember my old Harley davidson had a steering damper, which was used when the side car was attached to preclude front wheel shimmy. There was a knob directly above the fork pivot that you tightened up to engage a friction damper. However RR has no steering damper. I suppose the factory would think that a to be very inelegant device. I could rig up some kind of steering damper myself, but that would be inelegant repair.

Any suggestions you might have will be greatly appreciated.
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Martin Cutler
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Posted on Sunday, 03 August, 2003 - 22:06:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP

Hi Bill,

Always had steering shimmy problems in a 1928 Packard that was used for weddings, the disc wheels where HUGE, 24 inch or bigger, and kept throwing their weights. When the lead weights where in place, it was OK but not brilliant. Put a steering damper of a diahatsu charade on it and it seemed to sort it out a bit, but the real answer was in the rear suspension. The rear springs had sagged, meaning the castor angle had diminished to a point where it was almost in shopping trolley territory. Reset the rear springs, and all was sorted. My Mk VI has only 12,000 miles on a new front end, but never any sign of wheel shimmy.