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Helen Harris
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Posted on Saturday, 03 April, 2004 - 18:00:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP

I would like to know when did Rolls Royce start manufacturing vehicles to met worldwide standards. Will a Rolls Royce made for New Zealand meet the smae emmission standrads as a vehicle made for the USA market?
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William H. Trovinger II
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Posted on Sunday, 04 April, 2004 - 02:29:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP


First off there is no “World Wide Standard” for motor vehicles, at least not any that I have ever heard of and none recognized by the US.

RR has been selling and shipping it's car around the world since the beginning. To be honest I can not tell you the exact date the first car was exported from UK, I am sure someone here knows that date. Their cars have been made to meet the standards of the original destination country.

US emission and safety standards started with the 1968 model year (passed into law 1966), emission equipment started to appear on cars here in ‘66. Import of 68 and newer cars to the US must not only meet emission standards but also US safety standards. Now there are exceptions to the rule and those exceptions have been growing. Each state determines what can and cannot be registered within their state. This is to be done within the Federal Department of Transportations and EPA guidelines but like everything else a lot is left to interpretation and courts love to put their comments in. A major reason for allowing a car to be registered here that does not meet US standards is “Historical Relevance” also special models that where (or are) not available for sale new in the US are allowed. Certain safety items must be met by all cars (’68 and newer) however, a car that does not meet these standards can still be imported but will have to have those changes made before it can be registered and until done a bond may have to be posted with the DOT.

When you import a car to the US if the car does not meet Federal Standards Customs at the port will not generally stop the car as long as it has current registration from another country. But, the state in which you wish to keep the car will not issue title or registration until the car passes inspection. Of course the level of inspection does vary from state to state. Also there is a 2.5% duty on all cars imported regardless of age. But, even with the duty there are exemptions.

All the above import comments assume that you are importing the car as a US Citizen with residence status within the US. Foreign nationals, US Citizens living abroad and US Government employees assigned to foreign duty all have additional and different exceptions. I could write an entire book here about what might or might not be allowed in and still not properly answer your question. If you want more information please say what year and model the car is and what state you wish to register it in.