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Technical Library
Good Video on Changing Rear Brake Disc
"screw down" HubCap
Dealing with the Vandal - Security Surveillance and Revenge
Why They are So Special (good video)
Why they were/are special
Body Roll, Ride and Antiroll Bars
Did I get defective quick connects in my AC manifold gaug...
Final drive crossmember, small subframe and boot floor st...
Bentley And Rolls Royce Sell Outs ?
Front Brake discs on a Bentley Continental
Purchase Full Length Centre Console 1988 Silver Spirit
1993 Bentley Continental R Parts Car
Alphabetical List of T1 Topics
British Automotive Wiring Code
Cloud workshop Manual
Making These Old Slow Mobiles into Modern Fast Cars
Upgrading wiring diagrams of our vehicles
Lucas Electrics Test Cards
New member saying hello and help
Flat plane crankshafts
Drive belt installation
Threads to 2010
Transmission cooling line fitting seized.
Forum Milestone
Safety Relay - All Cars
Spark Plugs for Postwar Cars - BPR4EVX Discontinued
Engine and Fluids in General - Opinions Please
How to remove the seat switches in a Shadow I
Screaming blower motors
1976 silver shadow - Must open trunk. Battery dead. Only ...
T1 ballast resistor ohm rating
Removing the horn contact plate
Politeness is important
Engine Tuning Data
Maintenance free batteries
VIN question (?)
Grease drys out after many years.
83 Corniche blowing water out of radiator
Rough Idle on 1974 Corniche Cabrio
Brake lights on 1974 corniche cabrio
Corniche Rev counter not working!!
Corniche cabrio power hood oil !!
SRH18294 Backlash between accelerating and decellerating
Vibration when under power climbing hills etc
LPG Conversion LONGAS
SS1 Engine wont stop w/out battery disconnect...
Gearbox actuator relays
Rear wheel wobble
Cruise control al last!
Shadow starting problems
Technical Information
Changing Shadow air-con fan mounting screws
The Trinidad Shadow
SRH18294 74 Shadow
Shadow 4-speed vs 3-speed transmission ?
Heater pipes (routing)
Srh 18294 Heater
Are the bumper shock absorbers oil filled?
Top roll
Cool Running
Oil leaks: In General...
Shadow II Workshop manual
Rebound Stop, SY and SZ Cars
A total brake overhaul soon,Dot 5 maybe!
Wheel Alignment
A dying breed..
Shadow One A/C conversion advice
Rear accummulator removal
Accumulator Diagnosis 1975 Shadow LRD20648
DOT 5 Silicon
"Sweating" Hydraulic Line
Modern Car Spares: Larry's list
SSII Onwards Leaky Steering Rack Replacement Again
Nasty thump
SS2 Lateral Balance Point
Tapping noise
Calling quits
Blowing noise in the low left side of engine after adding...
No Autobox Gears! Please help
Charging fault and chankshaft dampers
What the hell......
Special tool?
Shadow Tyre Sizes
Heater recore
Drive shaft uj's.SS1 SS11 etc.
Windows slow
Tyre wear.
Shadow 1 ball joints
CO2 levels. Wich are the right ones?
4 x Rolls Royce barn find What are they?
Golden Tee One
Robbing "barstools"
SS2 Condition after long term shut down
Grumpy starting
Noisey aircon fan.
Hybrid Roller on eBay
Tee One Topics
"G" Valve 1975 Shadow LRD20648
Hydraulic Systems
Type Approval Code for shadows for the EU
Used Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Recalls
Green Calipers
Dirty Hydraulic Pumps
Ball joints
RR Corniche Conv. 1976 Aircondition problem
More rear spring stuff
Hook wrench for rear dampers
Car Polish Problems
Attaching Accumulator to Its Valve Body on Shadow
Marinus Rijkers Website
Blanking off rear height control?
Gutsing differentials
How many?
How to fit an air dam/front spoiler to a Silver Shadow ??
THM 400 with 6 speeds including overdrive
Service Plate
Hydraulics Model
Extending engine/rubber mount life
Rockin Rolls
THM400/3L80 Vacuum modulator
Silicon Brake Fluid
T2 Hydraulics
THM / 3L80 Transmission Selector Adjustment Tolerance
Fuel percolation
Trailer Hitch
Blue Wheels
Silver Shadow A/C question
Shadows, Bentleys conversion to LHM.
Carby vapour lock?
SRH 18294 Vibration felt first through the seat.
Another Cross Member Issue.
To David Gore
Shadow 1 exhaust manifold n/s
Silver Shadow Tire Pressure
Final drive gear oil shadow II and Spirit
Rear Axle
Parking Distance Control; Aftermarket
Final Drive Crossmember, Boot Floor and Small Subframe
Refinishing Walnut Veneer Dash
Professional R-R specialist "shop" rates
Shadow pre purchase revisited;again
Phantom VI - gearbox adjustment
Magnetic "clip ons" for oil filters
SU carbs
4-speed Hydramatic Transmission Overhaul Tips
I am thinking of developing a hydraulic system seminar th...
Silver shadow 1 electric window
Shadow 11 workshop manual/cd
Lighting Equipment
SCII engine help please
RR V8 - Engine
Unleaded Fuel OK?
Tin Dispensor for ULP
Electronic Speedometer Malfunction, all cars from SSII
Whats the time?
Shadow or Spirit?
SWII Trivia
Surgical Gloves
Oil sludge and black death
SWII Elecrical Problems
1989 Bentley Engine Number
ORIGINAL: To Be or Not To Be????
World Cars
Bentley 8 - How to switch off the interior lights
Another One on Overheating
Prestart oil prime of long storage engine
Car Covers
Here is a simple diode test DIY.
SWII Start and battery [roblems
Silver Shadow advice needed.
SS2 Radiator Conditioner
Strange hum/resonance/vibration in '89 Spur
Leather Renovation
"Flying Lady" anti theft protection
Bijur Pump
Crash test
Servicing and Parts in Brisbane
Steering Rack Replacement
Shadow I A/C
Steering Wheel Boss
Steering Joggles
The different between shadow I and shadow II
Importing my '74 Corniche fixed top coupe, brakes are loc...
Hot Start
Serving and Parts - Hobart, Tasmania
4.25 and 4.5 liter bearing info
T series paintwork
Tyre Pressure Gauges
Wheel bolt pattern
R Type Starter motor brushes
Power Steering leakage problems
Radio and aerial
Shadow I Query.
Driving position Corniche III
Silver hadow colours
Bentley T1 body modifications
Balance Pipes
Felt Valve Guide Seal replacement for an R type
Bonnet pads
Electric circuit diagramme please
Silver Spur Firing Order
Vibration & Front Door Rubbers
Tee One Topics
How many Bentley T1 and T2's are Left?
Need new tyres
Power Steering Fluid
Information needed on 'Piping' system
Bulgin Fuses
Chassis number
Early Bentley T Engine No
Windscreen Installation
Ignition system
Interior lights
Mascot Alarm
Corniche Wheel alignment
Headlights stuck on High beam...
Need info on JRX19808 Camargue
Identification of my Bentley
1974 Shadow Fan speed control
Silver Shadow Hydraulics
Starting an Early model (1977) Shadow II
Repair manual
Carburettor air intake
Battery Polarity - Post War Cars
How can i.... in Park Ward 25/30
Shadow II using oil
Auto Choke - Shadow 1
Legal requirements regarding braking system roadworthy st...
Camshaft - what's in a number?
Early post-war six cooling
Parts & Tools Identification
Oil gun for 20/25 (and others)
Electric Window Manual Crank 1967 RR MPW
Piston Trouble
Refurbishing Engraving
Cooling Fan Drive
What is this 4 1/4 L engine?
Air Conditioning
Refurbishing Bakelite
Corniche Identification
Lead Replacement Petrol Vs Unleaded - Mk VI
Low compression-engine rebuild
Bentley casting on rocker covers of an early T1
Operating temperatures
North Queensland Service for Shadow 1
Lack of power
Lucas"king of the road" model 433
Slow windows on your SZ car ?
Cylinder liner
Drivability vs Originality
Fuel requirements 1985 Bosch injected Spur
1985 USA Centenary Spur Cruise control
Mark VI Fuel Gauge
Clutch Repair
Mark VI ignition timing
MK VI Gearbox blowup
Regulator Queries
1968 Shadow 1L/H rear ride levelling ram cannot undo as t...
Lead Replacement Petrol - the issue continues
Hooper Limousine Electric Division in a P111
Hooper Electric Divisions
Mild Steel Vs Stainless Steel for Mk VI Exhaust
MK VI Register
Shock Damper shaft seals
Mk VI King Pins
Oil and water gauges Shadow II
Wiring diagran desperately needed
Battery Charging & Dynamo Efficiency
Waist Strips
Fuel Squirting
Silver Shadow Fuseboard
Camber adjustment on '74 Silver Shadow
Scratch Removal from Grille
Mark VI Dynamo Earthing
Chassis 2412
How do I redye the Everflex roof of my 1986 Bentley?
Azure Hood Hydraulics
Shadow Master Cylinder - Replace Or Adjust?
Restoring Brake fluid reservoirs on my Corniche
Bentley heritage parts
Trim interior or interior trim.
MIG welding on positive ground cars
Car batteries and lithium ion.
The maths behind BHP
Petrol/Gas Tank Restoration
Greases - When and Where to Use What?
Affordable diagnostics by R-R/B Specialist. . ..
Wood and Veneer Restoration
Cool but too much gas
Those darned thermostat housing Otter switches - which sw...
Power Hood Slamming Shut
Wood lacquer removal and gaffer tape.
Wood lacquer removal and gaffer tape.
Quick way to paint coil springs.
RR Corniche Convertible Hood oil & Rams
Exhaust systems.
Identification of blown fuses.
Air Conditioning Performance
Air Injection Tube System Repair
Stripping paint with heat.
MS-Access Electronic Maintenance Log
The work bench.
Cutting speed.
BS 308
Turning the engine to TDC "by hand"
Halfords oil
High pressure line
Plastics and compliant bushes.
Workshop wiring.
Fuses and circuit breakers and split charging.
Ignition coil, rotor, cap, condenser and ballast.
Work shop lighting.
Fuel Injection
Electrical maths.
Bentley brooklands remove center console
Mains battery chargers and alternators
Battery voltages.
Pipe work.
Technial Library
1997 Bentley Brooklands alarm tone problem
Refrigerants air con.
Gaskets and seals for mechanical stuff in general.
Camshaft and tappets.
Connecting rods.
Pistons, rings, bores and liners.
Oil pumps
The angle of incident of control rods and cables.
Bell cranks and clevises.
Cylinder heads.
Zinc plating.
Nippy vice for bench drilling machines.
How to check for loose critical bolts and nuts.
Seal Question
Electrical problems
What colour
Paint stripper.
How to check for loose critical bolts and nuts.
Restoration standards
Brush painting
Actually welding cars
Body fillers
Sheet metal welding
Panel beating.
Oils and Fluids
Wheel Studs
Anyone Recognize This Tool
Spur DIP "Add Mineral Oil" flash
Section M9 of TSD4400
Shadow 1974 wipers
RR Crank Access Cover?
TSD6166 SY Parts & TSD6167 SZ Parts
SSII Onwards Leaky Steering Rack Replacement
Fuse wire
Where is the Fuel Pump?
Head Gasket Failure ( and Omar)
Resource File
Bullet connectors
Corrosion Problems
Do Derivative Models deserve a dedicated Topic?
Private messaging system
Trolley Jack Purchase
"Speed-Bleeder" Screws
Cooling Fan Blade Asymmetry. Why?
Rear suspension woes
GM Transmissions on SY and SZ Cars, Workshop Manuals etce...
Straightening Mild Steel Tubing
Engine Oils and Fluids in General
Panel Materials Quiz
Paint Codes
Tool Kit Contents
The Corniche and the SY/SZ Split
O-Rings, Seals and Gaskets - Materials Guide
1930's Rolls-Royce Workshop Manuals
RROC(A) Tool Hire
Age shall not weary them
Cracked Castings Repair
Reconditioning Cast Iron Brake Drums
Silicon Brake Fluid
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