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Double/Pantograph wiper arm - wiper blade
Disassemble wing mirrors
Unknown electrical socket in trunk
Mineral Oil Brake Fluid
Spur A/C Hoses
Early 1988 Silver Spirit
Zytec Intercooler bleed - how to?
81 Spirit Assembly Pre pump fuel tank leak
Gearbox filter movement related to spacer/bolt
Power mirrors wiring
Rear damper Bush replacement
Ignition Fuse 20 Amp Issues
'91 Corniche Leaking Issues
Sagging countdown
93 silver spirit airbag light
Window Lift Chain Tension Spring
Spirit II seat wiring ( both seats and mirrors?)
NGK Sparking Plugs
Spirit Top Radiator Hose
Interior lights stay on
Engine cuts out, no crank then starts ok
Blown Head Gaskets.
Wing mirrors
1990 Turbo R Windscreen washers
Brake Lights On Constantly
Turbo r servicing in the UK
!982 Silver Spirit Tailight Lense Repair
Cannot close window
Purple Spirit on LPG - How to Remote Fill
Mulsanne S 92 Back Suspension Trouble
Interior lights won't turn off
1989 Mulsanne S. High beam lights and some external fasters
COLD START PROBLEMS on my Mulsanne S 1992
Spirit fuel problem.
Fuel gauge sender unit ...
MOT fail seat adjustment
Battery questions...
Total electrical failure
Seat position and memory
Air conditioning control switch will not turn off SBJ 24395
P300 Random Misfire Detected
Depressurising SZ Hydraulic System
Grease nipple? mystery.
Stop light wiring
1983 mulsanne heavy engine knock
Sleeping Corniche leaking
1983 Mulsanne radiator
Brake caliper question
Static timing
1998 Brooklands R in the USA with running issues
Air con ticking....
A loom for a pew
Rev counter fault, what is the cause?
Injector Pump Seal Needed
1983 Mulsanne dashboard lights
Silver Spirit II engine management fuse.
Refurb/re-colour bumper rubbers
Mystery silicon bung
Running Turbo R engine out of car
Removal of the crankshaft pulley
1987 Bentley8 Brake Judder
Gm th400 filter
PART No UR27363
Spirit Tyres
Bentley Gearbox
Spirit II Brake Pads
No start without throttle then fine
Putting her away
Rev counter?
Exhaust manifold gaskets.
Aircon system
Spirit 3 Gas Spring (sphere) Replacement.
Expansion bottle expanding. Turbo R
Over voltage relay engine ecu abs
Scorpion alarm diagram
Turbo R sagging
97 Brooklands what is the correct alarm/security operation
SZ 1990 Bentley Eight window regulators
Like my custom caps?
Cruise Control Inoperative
1990 SZ Bentley Eight door capping fixings
Flying Spares TSD6000 w/shop manual problems
1990 Bentley Eight seat modules
A couple of questions...
Engine cuts out in reverse
Silver Spirit series 1 oil consumption and petrol smell i...
Brake and suspension spheres
Climate Control Inoperative
Spirit 3 Gas Springs
Rear subframe damper -purpose
Turbo R handbook help
Distributor Drive Belt
Wiring Diagram
Trailing arms rust prevention
1984 Spirit aircon
Another 5 min job (not) ,fuel filter
Spur II Parking Brake Release
Ac fan speed. Corniche 2 Vin 24579
Headlight latching relay conversion
Skimming Head Turbo R (S)
Air Injection System
TSD4406 - Service Manual
Rebuild Fuel Distributor 0 438 101 032 Orings
Asbestos in SC Cars?
Mulsanne S coolant temp gauge
K-Jetronic aftermarket tuning
Alarm battery
Top Roll demister panel removal.
Lumbar Supports not working
Windshield wipers and battery light
Solex Carburettor Alternatives??
Stereo issues.
Seat Warmer
SZ Standing Height
Spur suspension
Rear wood door cappings
Center Temperature Clock Start Indicator Module Dead
Turbo R horn overhaul.
Silver Sprit SCAZS000CCH04092-Brakes
Fan viscous coupling question.
Locking and Window closing
Power Steering Lubricant
Blink code 4312 Spark Timing Sendor
Poor Starting Hot or Cold
Auto lights ?
Rough running at idle and engine slow to pick up
Seat adjuster motor part NBG15389 Bentley Turbo RL
Turbo R not starting
Lost panel lights during changing lighter socket.
No response to "Start" turn of the key
Nuisance Problems
Front seat leather refurb (base removal)
Silver Spirit Cruise Control
Does my car have an oil cooler?
Key transponder
Gigantic Humongous Bolshoi Battery
Wheels & tyre size?
Dash Wood Trim and Speedo Removal Spirit II
Seat ECU's
Turbocharged Cars Boost Control Tuning
Battery isolater switch?
The warpath of Purchasing a good Spur or Spirit
Purchasing a Spirit
1983 Mulsanne voltage regulator
1982 Spirit poor running
Water pump, thermostat and the like
1997 Turbo R switch box removal
Rear strut mod
Tee One Topics and Visco Fan failure...
More spending... more questions.
WTB: Trim Ring
Converting US Headlights to European
Regulator For CS144 Alternator
TSD6124 - Dampers/Shock Absorbers 1965-1995
Bentley 8 @ Auction
Knock Sensor For 96 Cars
For those who want to custom tune their 4L80E transmission
New SZ owner, Melbourne
Ignition Parts Needed Corniche III
Hard starting when cold
Seat wobble.
Bleeding Intercooler Turbo R (S)
Auxiliary fan gremlin
96 Gearbox stuck in second gear
Restoring the rear bumper
Corniche III Part Identification Help
Reanimation of my Turbo S
New headlights
What ecu's does my car have?
Are HT Leads Special?
Exotic Birds tweeting in my upper steering column.
Diagnostic kits omitec
Platinum spark plugs
1983 Mulsanne rough idle
Issues After laying up the car over the summer
Faulty Starter switch Turbo R
Airbag light
Fuel Filters
Nolathane Bushes for Turbo R
Wiper wont park Turbo R
Monte-Carlo or Bust. . . .
Rough idle no more
Been spending money again...
Door Mirror Frame Repair
Remote locking system ( No Sound )
Check Engine
Rear Suspension Fluid Loss
Turbo R KE2 AFR Map 1988
Socket size Bolt rear Brake caliper
Recommendations for engine oil for 1997 Turbo R
1989 Mulsanne S wheel nut socket size?
Brake Fluid Leak
Ignition switch return spring
Oil recommendations
Fans.... radiator kind!
Strange Winds
Ac woes sd510
Azure Window Motor Plastic Part
Tyres for 1989 Mulsanne S
Brake Pressure Switches.
Dimensions Distributor tandem Drive Belts
Spirit & Spur Accumulator "Pump Down"
Steering Rack problems and leaks
AC help please
82 Spirit Fluid light on
Spark Plug Selection and Testing Coils on 97 Model Cars
External electric mirrors
1994 Bentley Turbo R Cosworth Engine
Turbo R Wheel Alignment
My old turbo
The Ultimate List of Everything SZ
1984 Spirit won't run
20,000 series R134a charge amount
Hydraulics rear brakes
Transmission Misbehaviour
Crankshaft damper
SZ ignition circuit diagram
Been doing some work on the SZ....
Otter coolant fan switch part no. UE44169
Zetek Engines
More Firing Order Mystery - But SZ Specific
Oil pressure gauge.
Boost Control Turbocharged Cars Bring It Back Up to S...
Facet Fuel Pump Kit
Speedo inop, but odo still working Brooklands 'R'
"C" Pillar (rear roof pillar badges) silver spirit 3...
Water pump
Air bag light
Receiver dryer
Visco fan drive
Unidentified wire o/s/f wing
Front Fog Light Wiring
Odd, seat/mirrors fault and other fun....
Bentley Brooklands R pollen filters and turbo questions.
Bolt pattern for 1985 silver spirit''
Rear Head Rest Differences Spirit/Spur
Aircon compressor
Rat Trap and Brake pedal feel cone
Cold heater at 50MPH/80KPH
Suspension Problems
Electric rear defrost malfunction
A/C System switching on and off Intermittenetly
TSD 4848 electrical '89
Driver's Interior Light Switch at Switchbox . . .
Trac Fault/Speedo not working
Engine Dip Stick Housing
Seat ECU repair
Bonnet/Hood catch not functioning
In-Car Telephones - Do they Still work?
Silver Spirit problem
Finally, Turbo R owner!
Leather colour code and name
Upgrading Spur Headlights to LED's
Oxygen Sensor
1991 Spirit Fuel injection and bright work
Bertie earns his wings
Dash panel lights
2 Questions - struts & leaks...
Turbo R Value
Heated Oxygen Sensor
Power Seat Module
Chedk Engine Light
K Motronic
Turbo r Headlightsd
Central door locking for dummies
Rolls Box spanner RH 7126
Seat belts. And rust proofing.
Rear window removal
Alternative brake fluid
Gearbox overhaul SZ 3-speed
Not another issue - this one is electrical - help!
Gearbox actuator microswitches
Reverse lights u/s
Aircon system
Turbo R Problems
Turbo R Rack
Zen and the art of oil pan removal
Viscous fan coupling
Mulsanne front springs
Front of Engine Maintenance.
Correct battery group size for SZ series cars
Turbo R Shifter Problem
Turbo R Wheel Alignment
Rear Wheel Bearings
What else has memory retention batteries.
Spirit wheel trims
Central locking Problem 1991 turbo R
Workshop Manual
OBD II Scanner
Turbo R Running Rich
Miscellaneous Questions
1984 Spirit Turn Signals...Won't
Ventilation fans not powerful
ABS relays clicking.
FTP today
Removing the Flying Lady
SZ park switch
Keys, and their behavior, during the SZ era
1988 Silver Spirit
Petrol smell in boot/trunk 1991 Turbo R
Unusual Steering Problem
Wipers wont work
T400 Transmission Overhaul
Battery warning light again!
Upgraded Thermostat
AC electric fault Corniche 2 vim 24570
Firing Order Diagrams
1997 Turbo R Dipped beam upgrade.
Cam chest oil seal
Thermostat question
Spirit battery isolator switch
Minor engine oil leakage
Retractable Mascot
Broken fuel line - what now?
Injection system major maintenance 1994 #52020
Brake pistons / how to install those rubber dust seals?
Mastercheck Port & OBD-II - What do we collectively know?...
HELP: window frame U-seal
Oil Cooler Pipes
New 1994 engine
Spark Plug alternatives
Harrison A6 R134a / which oil?
Bentley Mulsanne gearbox
1996 horn(s) won't work suddenly anymore
Water pump
Front Springs and other things
Behr Radiators in the SZ series cars
SZ Marketing Promotional Videos
How transparent is HSMO in the reservoir?
Engine stalling / 1993 Brooklands Bentley
Spirit II seat problem (33893)
Bentley Turbo R Gear selector not working
Rear suspension spheres
Electrical isse with blower fans on 1981 Corniche
Problems with automatic temperature control early SZ
Turbo RL Electrical Issues
Zytek vs 3.3 Motronic EMS
Hoisting and Engine Number on Engine Block
Rear struts on a 1986 Spur wont blead.
Wash -Wipe 20,000 series car
Changing Coolant - Refilling Specifically
Best material for cylinder liner o-ring seals
Interesting thread on Cruise Control ECU refurbishment
Courtesy Lamps Delay Controller/Relay
Replacing fuel lines
Puzzling electrical problem
Wipers parking
Crankcase ventilation PCV and back to life
What causes a hot fuse
Bentley Brooklands LPT 1997
Penrite LHM Plus
Thermostat/Temperature sender Bentley Turbo R
Instrument lights
A/c compressor won't cut in - 88 Spur
Silver Spirit A/C microprocessor relays replacement sourc...
Power steering leak - air getting in but no apparent flui...
Spirit II bottom ball joint
Belt Squeak - 93 Brooklands
Ride height
1982 Spirit Anti rollbar / stabiliser bar
96 Turbo R Engine Management Relay Pin 87a
Early Turbo R Timing Adjustment.
Master-Check Pin Out / ECU access
Wipers on Turbo RT
Turbo R boot lock part replacement
Anti-theft siren
Airbag Warning, SZ cars
1991 Silver Spur II rough idle
1994 silver spirit
Knurled nuts
Trim clips
4 Speed Auto Conversion
Front Seat Squabs
Console mounted shifter - modification
Warning Messages on Driver's Info Panel
TSD6167 - SZ Illustrated Parts Manual - Strange issue wit...
Lack of engine braking
Strange noiserring noise
Auto transmission
Seat adjustment inoperative.
Changing Coolant
Stereo Speaker Replacement
Cruise control
Door glass seals
Door Lamp Switches?
Stiff door.
Side mirror glass loose
Front seat armrest removal
1982 Spirit radiator electric fan
Bonnet catch - Spirit I
LP hydraulic hoses
Jockey pulley / belt tensioner
Headlamp trim on Mulsanne/Silver Spirit
Dash Dimmer
Turbo R power windows
Stereo Speakers
Adjusting rear ride height - '89 Turbo R -
Rectangular Headlight Seals
4Treated like a "normal" car, how long can I expect it to...
Turbo R Front Suspension
1982 Spirit Rich cold start
Non Functional Speedo & Odo but working cruise.
'84 Spur Alternator
Hydraulic Reservoirs
Coolant in the Valley
Hoses for LHM fluid
Spirit Sill Finishers
Flushing the Cooling System
Failure To Start
Fuel pump and relay
Hydraulic accumulators - 1981 Bentley Mulsanne
1996 Warning Light Cluster
SZ (maybe only late SZ) coolant temperature sensor & tran...
Heater heat at speed
Guides for a 1991 Bentley Eight
1982 Spirit Dipstick
Removing minor scratches from Chrome
Interior lights always on
I need some help with a Bentley
Hard suspension, some advice needed.
Console mod for double din radio, ideas please !
DIP Instrument panel
Headlight trim
Turbo R door trims
Changing Thermostat
50 000 mile service
1982 Spirit ride height
Overflow pipe ?
RT Braking
Turbo R Problem
UT 11807 Taper Washer Coil Tray
Spring compressing tool
Transient Boost
Wood facia removal 1990 Turbo R
Servo Control Module Replacement for UD-18870
Hydraulic System Problem
Turbocharged Cars - Boost Control - Kock Sensors
Corniche AC totally dead
Fuel gauge sender - '84 Spirit
Gear selector fault '86 Spirit
Rear suspension '84 Spirit
Fan Belt Squeal
Black smoke on even light acceleration when warm
Cold Idle
Carburettor adjustment
Drivers door internals
Interrogating your Motronic Engine Mgmt System
Starting problem, electrical
Air Flow Meter
1984 Spirit won't ...
96Turbo R Air Con compressor
Bentley Turbo R Dump Valve
'96 Turbo R bumper cover removal
Throttle body cleaner
Transmission, 4L80E, SZ cars from 1992 Onwards
Air pump question
Heated Lamba Sensor Part N
Bentley Turbo RT 1998
Fan Clutch, SZ and SY cars
Lack of full fuel enrichment
'Sticcky' gearbox?
Turbo R - splutter under load
Bentley Turbo RT 1998 66311
1990 Turbo R charging system questions
SZ and SY non-Crewe thermostats
Brakes,on Turbo R
1982 Spirit head removal
Part numbers
Steering Rack
Power steering hose
Who sells plastic gears for the window motors?
What are these hoses?
Steering rack....non leak related
Alternator rebuild kit
Wet Feet
Excessive fuel consumption
Spares sourcing.
Brake wear light
Bentley Turbo R(my97)
Mixture control error message
Cruise Control
Speedo Clusters- Are they interchangable??
82 Spirit hood switch help
Number 1 system brake pressure
Spirit ignition system
Looking for Anti-theft UV10381PD Connection diagram
Brake control unit
Engine temp guage Turbo R
Steering rack and other leaks
1982 Spirit Speedometer resistor??
Check Gearbox warning light(Vin SCBZP15COVCH59187 )
Subframe and rear hubs swap
Hyd reservoir
Instrument lights Turbo R 96
Zinc anodes
Bentley Intermittent Starting Problem
Spirit Front Windscreen
Air Bag Warning Light Does Not Go Away
96 Turbo R Immobiliser(Vin SCBZP15COVCH59187
Bad electrical connection
Fuel Pressure Problem
Odometer - Silver Spirit
1981 Spirit suspension height
Bosch relay interchangeability
Air Fuel Ratio Setup with EHA
1990 Turbo R Intermittent no start
After-Market reservoirs
Rolls Royce Spirit Hydraulic circuit (1981)
Wind Noise
Turbo RL 1996 SCBZP15COTCH58201 (50K series ?)
1981 Silver Spirit Brake pressure switches
Windtone horns on Turbo R - low note no longer...
1987 Bentley 8 Aircon/heating
Bosch 2437-020-010 EHA Sourcing fitted to Bentley Turbo R 88
Turbo R as a daily driver...
Refinishing door cappings
Inlet Compression Turbine Nut
Compression Ratios or Idiots guide to Compression
Foam around headlamps openings
Turbo R Will not start
Air Valve Question
A little update on the Bentley 8 restoration
Mixture setting question
Engine control module
Air flow potentiometer problem
Spirit Fog Lights - nil...
Failure to proceed
Cleaning fuel injectors
Blown Head Gasket(s) Turbo RL
Mysterious Bit
Brake pump tool
Black smoke and weakening system wiring
Hood insulator material
Idle Setting Question
Alternator Pinout
Bentley turbo RL 1996 SCBZP15C0TCH58201
Spirit - Part No. UD22286
Shaft-Snapping Torque
Can't open the rear door. Help?
Shaf-Snapping Torque
New battery
Rear brake oil leak
Repairing Plastic Coolant Overflow Tank
Turbocharger questions
Taking doors off/ dismantling doors for painting
Ignition Issues
Turbo Alternator
My Turbo's Front Passenger Seat
How can you check adaptive suspension - BCR
Odometer slight diiference between LED & Analoge
Drivers Door Locking not....
Lobro shaft problems?
Outside Temperature Sensor
Spur coil fuse
Boot Release
Engine Position Sensor, Ring Gear or Torque Converter
Electrical blackout
Air Cond Pause....
Failure to halt
Finish of underside
Which light should go out first?
Coversion to Val d' lsere
Turbo R Windscreen Wipers - no action for sweep
Turbo R 20,000-Series, Non-Cat Exhaust System
Alarm light at 220Km/h
Seat Belt replacement - SZ cars
Plumes of Smelly Grubby Smoke and a Blown Turbocharger
Driver side interior lamp
Passenger wing mirror loose
Spares at Great Prices
Rear ram extended to the max.
Power Steering Fluid
Water Tap Question
Bentley Power annoyance
Wow... why I should do my own ironing...
Removal Spark Plug Leads from Distributor
Most undignified for a Turbo
Schematic of Spirit front suspension and steering?
Front suspension knocking
Transient Boost
Temp Gauge Needle Position for Turbo
Dismantling the top of the dash
What is the purpose of the small hydraulic reservoir?
Air Conditioning Pressurisation
Hot Lap
Re done Alloys for Turbo
Strange noise and fuse issue with Bentley Turbo
Wipers Only Stop When Engine Switched Off - Why?
Supply of Parts
Rpm per klm Turbo R
Vehicle Registration in the Australian Capital Territory
Bentley Turbo R 88 Pressure Regulator Bosch
Battery specification
TurboR boost control failure
Wiper problem
Zytek or Bosch
Audible motor noise
The 89 Turbo RL and a speed issue
1990 Turbo RL Boost Settings
Panic! Headlamps off!
Transient Boost for Turbo RL
SZ Power Steering Pump information.
New Seats and a Vaccuumed Tank
Height Control Valve leaking
Damper question
Emergency "out of park" '82 SSpur
Body issues
Hello ! Help , seems not engaging in the last gear
Fog lights
Section "U"
If you have to ask... fuel.
CD changer cartridge
Missing tool from spur toolkit
Spirit Diffs
Mulsanne Turbo overheating
Frequency valve noise
Spirit Air Con
Thick Brown coated wire by ECU -89 Turbo R
Low Fuel Level 'Jitters'
1987 Bentley 8 Injection : low reading instruments
Expensive tooth brushes
Constant Velocity Joints
Twin Distributor Belt Replacement
Airconditioning panel and electric actuators.
Dismantling door lining Continental R.
89 Spur LPG Conversion
Difficult hot starting - fuel injected engines
Airconditiong flaps
No kickdown
Brake Pipes
Fixing Rego Plates
Oil Cooler pipes leaking...
Turbo R Tachometer Flicker
88 Turbo R driver rear view mirror
SY and SZ Workshop and Spares Manuals
Is there ever an end to oil leaks....
Help needed with a potentially very serious issue
Spirit Vs Spur
89 Turbo R sphere replacement
Another 'what does this plug do'
Recalls Turbo R
Brake rotors wear limit
Transmission oil leak from actuator lever ?
Not sure who was more scared of the Spirit....
Spirit flooding?
SZ Spare Parts Catalogue
Air Con/Climate control on or off while starting?
Model advice.
Spirit Drivers Door Locks...
Problems with cruise control and speedo
Difficult Cold Starting in Summer
Spirit Flying Lady
Survival Data
Silver Spirit Lpg conversion
Spirit Starter
Fuel injectors
Ceramic Brakes
What does this plug do?
What RR wheels fit my Spur? Where?
Silver Spirit VIN
Engine error codes
Update on my friend with potentially serious problem
What is the Material/Padding underneath the carpet?
Spheres and Hernias
TPS trouble?
Odd Idol
Cleaning over-rugs
87 Spur Cruise Control
Missing Information?
Idle speed actuator
Rear suspention too firm
Binding front brake
Engine Missing
Humming Noise
Rough idle
Help for a friend and her 1990 Spur II - radio code issues
1990 Spur II suspension too firm.
Temperamental Dashboard
Anyone here replace stereo speakers?
Poor fuel economy
What wheels fit Spirit & Turbo R?
Front shocks
My crazy electrical issues have been fixed - what a mess
Drive Belts: Larry's List take note
ABS brakes
Cruise Control
Crook Fuse Relay?
Silver spirit cruise control
Starter going?
Sensor Brake Pads: How to Fit a Sensor
Help!! Mineral Oil Question and some updates for those in...
1992 Silver Spur II Fuel level Sender sensor
Little "clip" things on the front windows
Drive shaft "clunking"
Which oil to use ?
Addition to "More of the same problem" but another point ...
More of the same problem? Maybe not?
So this is what we have decided to do...
Vapor Lock?
Help!! New Spirit and I need some advice
Leaking rear ram line
Bentley Turbo R History-Books
Spark Timing Sendor
Rear Spring Retention Tool
Wood work
New spirit - first time with a Rolls Royce
Battery Shut-Off Switch Problem
Water Temperature Transmitter ?
Air in LHM
The old RROC (US) public forum
What Is This Odd Piece?
Removal of division
Tyre Experiences
Silver Spur Memory Seat Problem
Silver spirit door alignment
Leaking welsh plugs
Turbo R Starter Motor Removal
1981 Spur rear coil springs
V-Belts for 20,000-series Sz cars
When does the bleeding end?
Thottle position sensor availability
Penultimate Exhaust Mounts
Inoperative speedo.
Rack Leaks
Spirit Rear Wheel Bearings
Solenoid Heater Valve replacement availability
SZ Accumulator Spheres
Polarity of battery charging socket 1996 Bentley
Sump Nut for RR Spirit
Door Operated Interior Lamps
Charles is at it again
Wheel Balancing
Steering Backlash Adjustment
Blocked radiator overflow bottles
Wiper Motors
Drivetrain Rebuild Kits
Crudding plugs
Spirit Carb adjust
Protecting the Lady
Failing engine mounts
Steering Rack Replacement, SSII Onwards
Front Suspension Compliant Mounts
Spirit Manual TSD4400
Wiper deayed start
How Clean is your Fuel Filter ?
Spur Sensor Brake Pads
Fuel Filter, Fuel Injected Cars
1981 Mulsanne
Silver spirit colour?
Air Conditioning Pressures
Silver Spirit Servicing Manual
Silver Spirit Help
Brake Master Cylinder
Speedometer wire not connected
Alloy Wheels for Turbo Rs
Power Loss to Engine
Proper torque values for the water pump on 1985 Silver Spur
1981 Spirit static curb height
Hum/resonance problem in '89 Spur
Gear Selector failing intermittently
Electric Window Fault
Alarm 1994 Silver Spirit MK 3
Turbo R front seat removal 1993
Motorola alternators on Silver Spirits
Spirit servicing
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