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I'm stumped
Working on Camilla 2.0
SY A.C.U Test Box RH8851
Found a source for Silver Shadow Fuel Filter in Australia!
Partial Brake Failure Warning
Getting close now.
1974 Shadow Running Problems
Wiring harness and bulkhead connectors
Vacuum advance unit replacement for Silver Shadow II
1977 Silver Wraith II Warning Lamp Cluster
Corniche External Temperature Sensor Problems
No park command from actuator
James Young Silver Shadow 2 Door Version 1966 CRH 1376 Re...
Corniche for sale.
Corniche 1981 hood frame adjustment
1977 Wraith II: Carbs, Shifter
Solex 4a1 carburetor fuel pressure psi.
R12 and the A/C system
Interior colour code.
‘77 Silver Wraith II Almost Dead Electrically
Blower Motors Relay & Fuse Location (Shadow II)
Fuel vaporisation after a run
Solex 4A1 Float
Wiper motor - metallurgical help required
Rear RAMs
Engine oil for noise tappet
Getting Scientific with Brake Fluid
1975 Silver Shadow How To Dismantle And Restore
Corniche rear height adjuster problems
Compliance bush
Erratic Solex at idle - sometimes
Fault Diagnoses Manual eBay alert
Rust and the defeat thereof.
Horns Not Working 1979RRSSII
ENCLOSED Car Hauler (Los Angeles Area)
I'm trying to sort out the OEM radio/tape player.. HELP!
Shadow 1 starter transmission interlock?
Rear wheel bearing
Synchronising carbs
Low coolant light, functioning sensor.
Hydraulic pump spanner
Rubber door seals to hard ? SSII
Power hood Corniche >30000 Chapter S9 missing from Tech ...
Running rich on a Shadow2
Engine running on
Fitting a Petronix Ignitor to a 1978 Corniche
Realistic price?
Blinkers on the Blink
Got a set of Vietnamese bumpers
1977 Silver Wraith II Electrical Fault
Rolls Royce Automatic Air Conditioning Course Notes 1975
Vacuum Gauge
123 Distributor replacement
Charge quantities for R134A.
Restoration work,.....
Transferring registration to Melbourne from NSW
Shadow II Bonnet Lamp Switch Fasteners
Wiper wheel boxes
Avon turbo steels?
Time to run on E5.
Leaking Accumulator Valve
High Idle Woes
Oil leak rear of crankshaft
50000 series ambiant / outside temperature display not wo...
Silver Shadow Rim Bolt Pattern
Rear levelling SS1
Manual Choker conversion.
Number 2 brake pump replacement..
Psychedelic or series II?
Flame Trap on Oil Filler - The Need to Clean It
A Slight Misfire.
Wedding Car
Car Cover?
Exhaust systems
Shadow halfshafts Lobro style
Brake caliper rebuild
HELP: Cruise Control
New toy from British Tool Works
Rear Antiroll bar on early Shadows
Location of fuel pump relay - Corniche DHC UK RHD 1978-19...
Corniche seat adjustment.
No HEAT (79 Shadow)
Media and related items.
Model Corniche for free.
Got to love "A" Bank
Bonnet lamp connect help with the puzzle
Old Lady started fine, but a puzzling brake pump fault.
Seeking news of SRH5582
Stalling of engine
Under bonnet pads
E10 petrol
Piper window motor
CRH7765 MPW 2 door
Shadow 1 GVM
Fuel pump relay location
Rear height control ram!!!
Fitting Viton valve guide seals
Reverse Light Wiring
Corniche roof frame sagging above front RH window.
Welding my cracked engine block.
Bonnet catch operating cable
Speed Control
Hood/roof hydraulic mechanism connections help please.
O-Ring Size and Material(s) for Carb Fuel Filter Lid
Working on Camilla
Camilla's fuel gauge?
Silver Shadow 1 - Front wheel bearings renewal ?
Fuel Pump double check - Quick & Dirty
I swear, it was'nt me!
Corniche stalls / stops running when parked tilted on drive.
Non Start - HELP!
Otter switches in Thermostat Housing - Help Please
Knock 1 down another pops up, Mileage recorder not working.
Keys to her Hart.
1977 Wraith II Simple Fix; Now What?
Interior lights - little help please
Catalytic Converter???
What ya watch'n?
She's running ! great news i - But misfire, help please.....
Avon Turbo steels on steel RR wheels - Inner Tubes
Dual SU Fuel Pump - Photo Documentation
Fuel Cap 1977 Wraith II USA Delivery
Camilla got a Boo-Boo,....
I know Ross has a thing for roof racks
SoE Mascot alarm
Rubber and or EPDM Bump stops
Fuel Cap - 1978 Silver Shadow II - European Spec
Temp gauge issue
Heater control box
Shadow Instruction school notebook help from UK needed
Camshaft timing
1980 Wraith Brakes MESS
Series 1 workshop manual TSD 2476
Climate Control Servo (1980 Silver Shadow)
SRH 17415 Seat Belts
Vacuum (Shadow II)
First FTP, suspected ignition failure
Rough running after standstill
Gap on ignition module on 1979 Shadow
Harvey Bailey Handling Kit
Transmission filter
Pre #18269 tyres, Pirelli and Avon
One small step for man..
Brake related questions
A roof rack for your Shadow
Gear change shift servo
1973 Alternator
Spare tire carrier screw
1967 Corniche driver's window inoperative
1973 Tool kit. Adjustable wrench supplier?
Why is it so,....?
1979 Wraith Acceleration
Bleeding rear suspension
Removing the needle seat from a Solex 4A1 carburettor
Restored Shadow parts
Weakener plumbing help
Hydraulic pump ticking noise
Driveshaft question
SY/SZ front spring compressor video
Window channel lubrication
How A Working Car Looks.
Windows electrical check
Silver Shadow I - Crossover Rear Springs?
Silver Shadow I - Rear Wheel Bearings Renewal
Yes or No?
Gearbox Oil
Bare metal repair and repaint
Hydraulic lifters / valves
PERFECT 1979 Shadow
1973 rr silver shadow
Gear shifter
Water pump removal
Radiator hoses
Engine block paint
Transmission Lock Up
Camargue Removal of Cylinder Liners
No Brake Fluid
Brake Lights (1975 Shadow RHD)
#2 Help Restore My 1975 Silver Shadow
1973 rr silver shadow
Removing V8 engine Core/Welsh/Freeze plugs
Question and answers on Cylinder Stud Removal
Coolant drain plugs - Reason to remove at each coolant ch...
Cloud v Shadow - PCD/Stud patterns
Temperature Gauge (Shadow II)
Hydraulic Accumulator Valve Overhaul
Shadow I Air Conditioning Diagram
Picnic Set?
#2 Brake System Using Booster & Master Cylinder
RR AC Test Box
What would make a Slave cylinder not respond to the Maste...
No spark
Locked out !
Strange noises from the rear suspension rams
Auto upgrades
1973 Shadow Indicator Dash Light
Little Blue Dash Light Covers: Source
Air instead of Nitrogen in a Sphere.
Shadow I Seat Motor Internal Cutout switch
Specifications for rear springs
White foam block plug sealing
Brake pressure relay
Left side Height control valve sourcing in USA
1973 Shadow Choke
WANTED - Original worksop manual/wiring diagrams for SS
Engine bay firewall wiring plugs
Wiring Nippon Denso starter
Trans Shift & Startup Issues
Brake master cylinder
Brake Light Switch (79 Shadow II)
Sitting awaiting hydraulic repairs
Transmission Actuattor Problem
Parallel A.C. Condenser
Windscreen demist
A muted growl?
Shadow coolant brand names in Australia
Brake Light Fuse (78 Shadow)
Carb tuning
Washer pump capacitor
Redline & Opus
RR Turbo
Small Springs supplier?
Coolant tap repair
Blower Motors Relay & Fuse Location (Shadow II)
1975 Corniche Fuel Filter
1968 Hydramatic Shifts Hard in Third
Shadow rear brake pads
Advice for soon to be New owner
Window speed examples
Brake pedal go higher to lock up ?
Heater/ AC Blower Fans
Shadow 1. Fire in front wheel
Hulking Edelbrock 4 Barrel Conversion -
Drift Shadow 2
Lucas Diagnostic Test Cards
Repairing/Modifying the Lucas Opus Ignition Module
Transmission cooler pipe replacement Silver Shadow 11
No problems - so here's a solution.
NEW RR363 supplier
The Follower In The Push Rod Housing
SU HD8 Carbs - Fuel overflow - Grose Jets?
AC System PAG Oil Capacity
We should all be so lucky
Brake System Using Booster and Master Cylinder
Help Restore My 1975 Silver Shadow
Silver Shadow "boot stop seal"
Installation Central Locking System
Remote Central Locking
SS1 - Spark Plug Type?
Powerspark v Pertronix
Air Filters - again
YAK363 with water added experiment, ongoing
Auto-choke solenoid
Fuel Overflow
Drive shaft boot
Hydraulic leak
A/C System Madness Permanent Fix. 77 SSII
Cruise Contol Stalk Wiring (79 Shadow)
New "How to vids" posted today
Leaking Scuttle Vent Bitumen Paint
Rear spring removal
How to blank off the height control system
Headlamp washer / wiper removal
Rear Shock Bushing Replacement Coat
New center console
Photos of our cars
Where are all the Videos?
New wing mirrors
REMOVING Rear Shocks (79 Shadow)
Fixing and Installing an Everflex vinyl roof
1979 Shadow Rear Shocks
Shadow II grille repairs - stainless steel welding
Removing old adhesive
Valve Stem Seals - American or other commonly available a...
Lifting Silver Shadow
Separating height control link
Power window help
A Friend In Need is a Friend Indeed.....well especially i...
Canister oil filter leakage at seal
Can't remove ignition key
Timber trim -
Upper Shock Bushings
Secondary seals
The dreaded box
Cruise Control Wiring
Windscreen Wipers
How to renew accumulator spheres
Silver Shadow 2 (1979) Front Shock Absorbers
Engine Knocking Noise
Kind of Gray Smoke
Rolls-Royce Corniche Cabrio 1974 RHD Flashers/indicators ...
6.2 or 6.75 motor
Re gassing Shadow 2 accumulators
Automatic Choke Unit on 1972 Shadow SRH 13952
Electrical Specification Changes Booklet
Rolls-Royce Corniche Cabrio 1974 RHD Wiring
How to mount Pioneer cassette player
Stove pipes re-made
Whats this circuit breaker
Camargue Grille and Kangaroo etc. problem
Mystery sound
Rolls-Royce Corniche Cabrio 1974 RHD Roof
Steering wheel vibration and rear ram noise on 76 Shadow
Pad removal
A/C Ventilation system
Series 1 Brake accumulator
Alternator cable loom
Boot badge
Upgrading to LEDs throughout - SS1.
Back in the Saddle...almost.
1970 SRH 9391 Back In Service
Tow Bar Configuration and Mods. SS1
Gear indicator wanted
Electrical gremlins
Temperature Gauge
Headlight types
Transmission rough shift
Treacy window upgrades
Starter Motor, Solenoid or ign Switch!
Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 11 brake pump
Low Coolant and Ice Warning Lights
Gear selector shaft seal
Welding problem
Spares on offer at a good discount with 363 upgrades on s...
Exhaust manifold gaskets
Changing the heater core - SS 1
Shadow Series 2 Ignition Coil
Strange Clicking Noise
Failing to Proceed
No Start 1975 Shadow RHD
Leather matching
Boot light blulb
Workshop manuals
Shadow II wooden door rails fit Shadow I ?
Won't shift into park
Seat Adjustment Switch and Motor Problems
Crewe graffiti
Window frame fix
Cruise control change
Trickle charging through cigarette lighters?
Door slamming
SS1 Fuse Box Schematic Map
Rear door alignment/adjustment. SBH14656
Installing a Replacement Distributor [Mallory Unilite]
Mascot replacements
Shadow I engine into a Shadow II
Update on my engine rebuild.
TSD4200 - Shadow II/T2 Workshop Manual - Fully OCR Processed
Dash pad removal
MPH and KMH speedos
Porous hoses
Electrical problems after engine rebuilt
Power seats
Ignition Points
Duchess strap screws
New Member - R-R Corniche FHC
Rough running issue
Petrol door label
SS1 vs SS2
Water pump housing plate damage...?
Speedometer Transducer
Saggy rear end
Turn signal contacts
Faulty Oil Level Transmitter
4 quick FTP's, then fine...?
1970 Shadow Rear Height Control Disable
Duplicate keys
Wiper shaft collar thread size
Damn Ram
SS1 picnic table seats
Advice please - electrical stuff
I'm in Love...Sigh
'77 SWraithII Brakes Locked
Has anybody lowered a SS1?
RR yale key blanks auction, does anyone recognise them?
Whats behind the radio?
Dash indicators out
Rear Suspension PART?
Coolant temperature gauge
Do SS1 have anything like the OBD2?
Brake fluid RR363 with a chemical dispersant !!
The supplied Silver Shadow wheel change jack.
N/S exhaust manifold
Lacquer-Stik, the Crankshaft Damper, & a big thanks to Ji...
Stale air outlet.
Warped boot/trunk hinge plate
Long winter slumber over.
Searching TSD4320
Shadow1 steering box adjustment
Rear Brake Pads
A/C Charging Ports
Torque arm damage after tow truck ride
Wiper rotary sw removal
Shadow rear springs
Heel pad size?
Mystery Wires and connectionsin the Engine Bay - Silver S...
Strange brake fluid leak
Jerking and stalling until 30mins into driving
Silver shadow1 stood for 5 months
The rear doors are still locked
How to remove door solenoid from rear door?
Shadow "master cylinder
How to disassemble blower motor?
How to set up a new master cylinder
Viscous Fan Shadow 1 offer
Heavy despair with side mirror
Lower Heater Temp Flap Actuator 1975 Shadow LRD20648
Engine Timing of the Shadow 1
Bleeding the low pressure brake circuit
Pipes again - Whats this one..?
Crank seal
How to change door selenoid
Shadow running cold
Induction manifold fuel drain pipe connection query
Lovely early T1.
Floatchamber drain valve - to the induction manifold drai...
Deceleration Valve Assembly
Water Pump - Very Early Shadow - Mystery Hole
Water pump overhaul with service kit.
Misfire Hot.
Detroit coupling mystery
Trunnion boots
ACV/Accumulator leak
Wires and sensor I accidentally damaged during vacuum pip...
1976 Silver Shadow Running terribly rich
Silver Shadow Fan Clutch Substitute Part
Radiator sprung a leak on the bottom right corner
Oil pressure sender
Brake reservoir
Measuring RPM with a Photo Tachometer
1976 Silver Shadow Closing and Locking Boot - SRH24545
Vacuum connections Engine- 1976 Silver Shadow SRH24545
Carbs for my 1976 Silver Shadow
Engine Lamp
Clunking self levelling
How to ruin a block/life
Effect of Ruptured Accumulator Diaphram
'77 Wraith II Hydraulic Pipe/Tubing Color Codes
LRK37110 Runs Again!!
Spark Plug Augury Redux plus Firing Up with Mallory Distr...
'77 Wraith II No-Run Issue SOLVED
SII wiper motor
New aerial
Wiper Parking on Shadow II (& Intermittent Function)...
Axle Rebuilding
Brakes are braking my heart - Master cylinder blues
Glove box light switch - i dont understand schema
Relay connection behind the glove box
Mirror stiffener
Only the brave........
Fan clutches.
Right Front Brake Hose
A/C Conversion : what parts to order ?
SSII AC fans won't switch off when ignition off?
Side View Mirrors
Sill to wing fitting
Boot/trunk seal - how to glue?
Hose at the tank
1977 Silver Wraith II Brakes ON
Strange Fuel Leak
Mysterious cables under dash
Any connection?
Wipers are still wiping
Brake pedal counts
1977 Wraith No Crank After Carb Repairs
Door Shut Sound
Brake failing on one circuit, pedal near to the floor.
SSII engine knock problem
What Relays Are These?
Whilst I am at it
Air intake foam.
Alternate fan couplings for early cars.
Substitute Rear Brake Pads
Aftermarket brake spheres
1979 Silver Shadow II - New owner and introduction
Alternative speakers
SS2 fuel pump not working.
Silver Shadow ignition miss
43 years and now failed.
Differential torque lever.
Door seals
Rear springs and shocks replaced : now undriveable
So reliable for so long then.....
Bonnet Underside Paint
Headlamp upgrade kit
Warning lamps test mode not working
Brake Lines
Type of horn?
FTP - Pertronix died
If I didn't already have too many cars...
Center console puzzle
Unknown buzzer
Front Centre Console
Alternate fan and/or viscous fan clutch for the "Two Seri...
Handbrake pad woes
A "new one" with regard to inexplicable misfires
Pendulum lever.
'77 Wraith II Start-Die
Balancing a coin on engine.
Shadow 1 misfire when engine hot
Removing brake caliper pistons
Intake air restrictor
1967 Shadow Front Calipers vs 1978 Shadow Calipers
Top roll relays
Power window motor testing
Plating the reservoir
Gearbox sump
Rear Brake Disc Metal Band
Stuck hydraulic lifter
Instrument lights
Sticky Seats
No power on acceleration
Carb Set Up From Scratch
Ethanol in fuel
HD8 mixture screw
Timing - the old fashioned way??
OK, *which* ball is being replaced?
Aftermarket booster fan for Shadow 1?
My engine rebuild.
Shadow Rear power window failure
Floor jack
Chippy dash, 6.75 and 3 speed.
Drivers side door won't open
Steering wheel vibration on acceleration
Lower Ball Joint exoerience
Outside Temperature Clock Time Lapse Indicator Module
Servo Adjustment? (Shadow II)
Tires, again
Silver Shadow mud flaps
Discovery Channel - Shadow 2
Compliant suspension
What a Load Of....
Gear Oil
Nice Chippendale 1966 Shadow in Vic
Steering shaft rag joint and gaiter
Air Horns Compressor Issue
Cranky Starter & Hydraulic Leak
What is a Corniche 1A?
'77 SY USA Model Ignition Timing
Rear Window Lift
Ignition miss ;>(
Removing fuel door
Lacquer paint for a 1969
Battery, securing
'77 Wraith II Ignition? Issue
Silver Shadow possible overdrive
Having some fun
Switchbox for Silver Shadow I
Headlamp flash stalk- what does yours do?
Removing Caps RR Rims
Distributor drive gear removal from cam?
A way through?
Good parts selections on eBay
Shadow 11 Manual operation of aerial.
Original or Aftermarket Rims?
Self healing?
1975 RHD Shadow Heat Issue
Fuel injection for your Shadow?
Steering wheel
What advice would you give??
Cooling system flush
NBG15389 0 rear Shocks
Another Opfar work of art
James Young coupe.
'77 Wraith II Fuel Sender Unit $$$
Silver Shadow Brochure Images
Ride Height Settings
Cylinder head and rocker cover paint?
Accumulator sphere charging
Encourage me to buy another Shadow.
Trailering a Shadow - Weight Distribution over Trailer Axles
Engine Bay with Intact Front Height Control
Brake Bleeding Shadow II (Brake 1)
EBay Item
Grille, AC Condenser and cooler
Ballast Resistors Through the Years
Air Con & Oil Pressure fault
Chrome wheel arches
Grease Nipple Adaptor
Transmission Gear Actuator Wiring
1985 White Spur on Carsales site
James Young 2 door coupe.
Shadow 1 Pressure Limiting Valve
Camargue dashboard-not amused but disturbed
Hollow clunking rear suspension?
SRH16373 Shadow- Water pump and hyd bleeding advice requi...
Fuel pump - capacitor or varister?
Tootsie's vanity plate
Lambs wool carpets
Opus Ignition System, Shadow II
Rubber hood (bonnet) bumpers
Early Shadow master cylinder
Shadow Fuel Mileage
Jurid coupling
Cruise Control Problem (1975 Shadow RHD)
Sphere charging.
Wiring (Gear Actuator)
2-stage braking
Carburetor balancing tools
SY1 intake mods for 4-barrel carbs
Top Roll removal
Corniche heater fan help and Hello
Charging accumulators
Accumulator charging valve upgrade
To remove for change coolant probe in Shadow I
Cheap projects, or how to pass time.
Groaning power steering Silver Shadow II
Ball when servicing accumulators
Seats belts: late to early Silver Shadow?
Power Assisted Steering Overhaul
Whitworth hand tools
Remote Control Solenoid Switch
Coil connections, backfires, and solutions
Silver Shadow II steering rack question
Chapters S9 thru S15 of TSD4200 - has anyone got them?
Hubcap/Wheel Cover - Crewe Issued?
Cheap "Road Warrior" Shadow I on carsales
Outdoor car cover?
Doorcap fault
Up Coming Concours, and I need help
How to free corroded air piston/vacuum dome
Dash board Light
Oil consumption getting serious
Direction Signals
Removing a drive shaft
Things to do during warm up.
Windscreen wiper problem
Lubrication of pesky little linkages
SY2 Scuttle Drains - Where do they end "down below"? ...
Show me your flaws. It's a judgement free zone.
Shadow not starting
Front Seats 74 Shadow & 78 Shadow
Choke operation for a newbie owner
Alternator output at idle
My engine rebuild.
Easiest way through firewall for gauge wiring
CRH 3529 Corniche
Micrometer madness, the Camargue, the mystery Engine, Met...
Generator light comes on
Rear Window Lift Chain Rail
Changing rusty brake pipes over rear axle.
Early Shadow Viscous Fan Coupling
Oil Pressure Sender
Trunk Lock Solenoid (78 Shadow)
Slow Cranking Issue
Shadow trailer hitch plans
Loose Coupling Flange at rear of Gearbox
Accumularor Valve Removal
Valve Caps
Pulling cylinder liners
Bent push rods.
Skimming heads.
Flexi drive plate bolts?
Hauling concrete
Engine stand for Camargue/Shadow
Bleeding and setting up SS 1 master cylinder.
Corniche Spare Wheel Nut tool
Monitor Tempature
Bresco Clips
Awakening the car from slumber
Distribution Valves
Split Seam on Radiator Top Tank
Recovery hook
On-car disc machinist in Oz for REAR brakes??
Three Problems with air conditioning, loud engine and ele...
Harmonic damper on the final drive cross-member
77 Wraith Ii Air Conditioning
Viscous Fan Coupling
SRH16373 Silver Shadow- Rear brake disk scrap thickness?
SOS Mayday Au Secours Hilfe.
This might start WW3.
Silver Shadow Oil Pressure Switch Substitute
Adding intermittent wiper feature.
Wiper park off screen switch
Pressure Filling the Cooling System
Ht lead lengths
SY1 Alternator
Location of Oil Pressure Sending Unit on Early Shadow Engine
Australian Delivery Shadow Keys
Is there a MORE useless gauge?
Thermostat Housing Switches SRK37338
Exhaust Manifold Bolt
RH2438 - Seal Kit, Brake Pump & the inlet pipe to pump bo...
Rebuilding the rear suspension
Floor switches
UK MOT question
Car won't start
SU HD8-carb
Shadow Reupholstery
Lucas Opus 35DE8 Ignition Module: Repairing and Modifyin...
Adjusting Washers in the ACV
Ride Leveling Ram
Remove the ride-leveling ram
Spark plugs
Wiring Colours
Another LEAK!
Noisy Hydraulics
This will look good in the pool room
English Delivery V Australian Delivery
A/C compressor
Marshall or Lucas
Factory Lead seams
Speedo blinker now working.
Weakener Air Filter Replacement
Making something good even better
"New Fish" and 1973 Silver Shadow SRH16373
Rear Cross Member Removal For Repiping
British Delivery Smiths Speedo SRH12255
Silver Shadow I Parking Lights
Seal/gasket for Silver Shadow II tappet chest cover
Starter relay
Firing order mystery
High Beam Indicator Lamp Change
Clicking speedometer
Repairs to the locking mechanism of the Camargue
Brake lights
Fuel door
Final drive and rear compartment floor failure
Brake pump
Can you fit a Dual SU Fuel Pump to a car originally fitte...
Cylinder liner removal tool
SY Series Gear Selector Lever Safety Issue
Gearbox - clutch pack check
'77 Wraith II Fuel Gauge Repair Continued
'77 Wraith II Detroit Joint Rubber Replacement
Wiper Motor Brushes 1975 Shadow LRD 20648
First time purchase/owner, some questions.
Air Conditioning issue
Gearbox bushing damaged
Starter motor wiring
Shadow money value
Drain on battery
Lifting engine by engine block studs
Help Chasing Down a Leak
'77 Wraith II Rear Axle Boot Replacement
Why Are Corniche Reversing Lights always Yellow?
Threads to 2015
Air conditoining Thermal fuse(clutch operation fuse ???)...
Another Overheating Information Requesf
Bonnet (hood) locking mechanism
76 shadow ignition module
Future of RR363
Starter circuit
Pressure Pipe
Diodes in Fuse Panel -Shadow one
Ignition timing thoughts
Washer motor
GM Engine transplant
Fascia Removal
Brake fluid disappearing
Extra floor switch
To alloy wheel or not to alloy wheel?
Idiot Lights
SWII Electrical Problems
Head Question
Shadow I Brakes
Window lift modification
Oil Change
Newbie:1972Silver Shadow
Starter Motor wouldn't turn off. Now won't turn on
AC Compressor Overhaul
Camargue - she no go!
Engine oil
Virgin RR Purchaser
V-8 Oil Leaks: thoughts
Engine Idle Variation After Warm Up
Ignition Curve
Weep holes in engine block
More brake clack
Shadow Battery cables - severed
Oil sump plug
Lifetime warranty?
Fuel consumption and tuning
GM Turbo 400 Transmission Information
Correct Idle Speed for Shadow
Tyre load rating warning
Oh-Oh ... More Trouble!
Silver Shadow Oil Pump Drives
Final Drive Torque Arm 1975 Shadow LRD20648
Shadow 2 starting problem
Hydraulic Fluid
Electric Window Motor Brushes
Hydraulics again
6.75L V-8 Blocks: Repairable by line boring?
Bonnet Pads.... AGAIN!!!
RR363 Warning
Rear seat head rests
Strange T1 Electrics Problem
DOT 3 Castrol RR363 Brake Fluid
Power Antenna Information - early Shadows
SRH18294 rattles and squeaks.
SWII Alternator
SS II Water leaking into passenger compartment
Air Diverter Valve aka Gulp Valve
Passenger Door Will Not Open
Heater tap kit for early cars
Cooked motor?
Drive Belts
Seat Removal
Door lock solenoids
Shadow Air Filter
Windscreen Wiper help!
Waterpump lube no more!
Changing rear brake discs on shadowII
Air Filter Mystery
Replacing struts
Hydraulic System
SRH18294 Rear Springs
Instrument lights
Pitman Arm update.
Weakening Device Filter
Shadow 1 wipers
Starter motor - Shadow 1
Fast/Slow Solenoid 1975 Shadow LRD20648
Trim panel help please
Conversion of Wraith II rear Screen to Large Shadow Design
Sagging rear end.
Wood trim lacquer
Hand brake ajustment.
More about RR363
Brake Calliper grabbing before others
Accumulator valve rebuild.
Hand brake and fire
Wind noise
Fuel hose size?
No ignition lights - Shadow 1
Spark Plug Gap
Rear SeatBelts standard ?
Did they mean ALUMINIUM?
Rear lights - Relay?
Re-silvering an interior rear vision mirror
New Owner Questions
Door seals
Silver shadow11 exhaust
Paint codes
Non genuine fan belts and filters.
Heat leak ?
Not another Shadow I brake question!
Shadow Door Locks
Suspension upgrades
Er....what does this wire do?
Compression Ratio
Transmission fluid change
R12 to R134
What is that?
Spares Sourcing and Pricing
SSII AC Delco alternator - what is the type?
Magnetic float orientation in the brake fluid reservoir
Cut oil consumption: V8 Valve Stem Seals Upgrade
Oil Pressure early Shadow Engines
Silver Shadow rear parcel shelf speaker size
Rear height rams shadow one
SS II alternative belt replacement
Self levelling system disconnected
Fan Belt Tensioner - 1975 Shadow
Electrical Fault?
Horizontal compliance bush
List of items to check on T2 before purchase please
Smog System
SIlver Shadow 1 Brake Overhaul
Oil filter
Gearbox Problem, stuck in park
Suspension Question (and one more)
Gearbox Actuator 1975 Shadow LRD20648
Rear springs
Slow fast solenoid
Corniche doors
Castrol Oil
Quick seat maintenance
Suspension Knocking After Motor Is Stopped - Shadow
Garage and hold
SRH 18294 Time to think about an engine rebuild.
What type of anti freeze?
Shadow 2 rear hum.
Wheels for corniche
Rear Brake hub splitting tool for shadow II
A funny thing happened on the way from ...
Newbie:1972Silver Shadow
"New" RR363
Seeping fuel hoses
Painting Everflex roof
Shadow II coil springs & alloy wheel caps
Shadow 1974 Mirrors for best driving safety
Viscous Fan Question
Headlamp Upgrade
Thermostat Bolts
Stop Lamps
Gear Box Leak
Car covers
Low power output, or normal? What to do?
Telescopic shock absorbers replacement
RR363 Hydraulic Fluid
Window motor removal
Brake system warning light
Silver Shadow Front Door Alignment
Veneer Colour.
Blower Fans dont blow.
Cleaning fuel tank
Upper quantity air not working properly
SS II ignition problem
Hot idle compensator
Shadow I ; all 4 windows died at once...
Acumulator recharging
Rain leaking into cabin
How I've replaced the central locking
Head Rests
Window Lift Adjustments - Shadow
Binding Brakes
Electric fan test
Ball Joint Removal 1975 Shadow LRD20648
Silent Service
Amature brake mechanic! (Bentley S2)
Window Microswitch
Rear hydraulics (suspension)
Pressure Switch
Loose Hubcaps
1969 silver shadow window problem
Strange wires, where do they belong?
Changing the cigar lighter light bulb
Carburetor Bolt size
Window Lift Solenoid Brake
Replacing rear (system 2) accumulator
Hand Brake Pads
1978 Silver Wraith II performance problem
Final Drive cross member
Vibration when accelerating
Rear Height Control Rams
Silver shadow oil leak - please help
Brake Light # 2
Australian Delivery Shadows
Shadow glass
Wheel rims and tyres
Here is a simple diode test DIY.
Spark Plugs/Lower Octane Petrol SRH18294
Heat Gauge
Conversion to LHM
Hydrolic's hoses
Sheepskin Covers
Removal of dash SRH18294
Engine stop
Oil Pressure gauge and Temperature gauge
What does the "T" stand for in T2 ?
Transmission not engaging
Non-genuine Interchangable Parts
Temp gauge
Post War Phantom tyres
Plug leads/wires.
Cloth Interiors
Power seat blues
Restore or replace interior work?
Testing procedure when fuse keeps blowing
Steering rack re-seal / overhaul
RR363 - The Truth At Last
Rolls Royce or Bentley Engine Conversions
Internal light not switching off
Noisy brakes
Stuck window
Spark plugs. Wich are the right ones?
Need quick method for bleeding brake fluid
Shadow Carbs
Veneer restoration specialist in Sydney ?
Sunroof for a Silver Shadow
Power Steering Noise
Silver Shadow rear hydraulic ram question
Shadow conversion to LPG
Brake pumps
SSII park brake inoperative
Height Control Noise
New tyres
Head Warpage
Paint chips
Brake fluid level and correct checking procedure
Steering box conversions??
Parking Brake Warning Light
Bentley T1 workshop manuals
Grease nipples.
Electrical Guru Needed
Oh ... Heck!
Minor vibration on acceleration
Coolant dumping
Windscreen and Rear Window Removal
Shadow Head studs
Silver Shadow Bushings
Engine won't rev
Rear Sub Frame Mountings - Silver Shadow
1980 Shadow II "Bearing Pins"
Slow Window Motors
Hydramatic 4 Speed auto in Bentley T1
Greese Gun
Heater control flaps
SRH20280 Centre Tape/Console Box Removal ?
RR Corniche Coupe 1981 - ABS ?
Threading the way
Proper Height
Setting up carbs
Help with paint and leather colour codes please?
SS II Heating Problem Brrrrr....
Front Wheel Bearings
Linkage Issue - Your Expertise Appreciated
Pressure control valve AKA frequency valve
Shadow Carburetor Advice
Self levelling (rear)
Unleaded Fuel
Drive shaft knocking
Pitman Arm Failure.
The 'New' RR363
Air filter
Whistling Exhaust 1975 Shadow LRD20648
Ballast Resistor, little rascal !
Fuel Starvation
Wraight 2 rear window and seals
Noise in the accumulator area, is it air? Shadow I
Fan meets radiator
Water coming into car from underneath dash
1970 Shadow height control issues
Flasher Unit
Flexible hoses
Rear belts / front headrests
Spray Painting tips
Problems with battery in high ambient temperature
Silver Wraith II website
More Light Please ...
SS1 Fuel Pump
Wire disconected in brake fluid reservoir
This forum
SRH 19305
Engine cuts out
Revised RR363 Formulation Released
Locked door
Red Glowing Rear Brake Disc - Master Cylinder Shadow
Self Levelling System Woes '74 Shadow SRH 18294
'74 Shadow SRH 18294
Polishing the grille
Fuse Panel
SS1 Rear Suspension Adjustment Question
1974 Shadow SRH19270
Tail Lamps
Towing capacity
Carpet care
An electrical problem traced down to...
Whitewall tires
Height Control Valves - Rebuilding
Engine Identification
Pre-compliance suspension blues
Interior Lights Keep Switching On
RR363 from the horses mouth.
Pitman Arm update.
Central locking
Remove doors panel
Low Pressure Hoses for Shadows and Clouds
Tyre pressure and petrol
Ballast Help please!
SS II fuel sender impedance
Rattling Seat Belt - Help Please!
Fuel weakener system
Brake pedal pressure.
Silver Shadow Crosland 444 Fuel Filter Element
It's *always* something - fuel leaking from float chamber...
Replace Distributor or Electronic Ignition?
So, I was looking around under the hood, and I found one ...
Miles or Kms
Charging Accumulators
Circuit question (re: diodes)
Accumulator charge cap.
67 DHC window problems
Front Brake Rotors
Door seals
Intake Manifold 4 barrel
Obscure "flapping" sound
Quick Self-levelling 74 Shadow I
Two 42mm plugs on each side of front of engine block
Within Normal Limits: Operating Temperature Range
Ignition Timing Confusion
Quarterlight overhaul
Windscreen washer pump
Changing sump gasket Shadow II
Silicone Valve Cover Gaskets - Can they be disturbed and ...
Speedo noise ".Well,I think its Speedo noise"
15-inch Wiper Blade Alternative
'77 Wraith II Fuel Gauge
1970 Spin-On Filter Update
Installation of Ignitor Electronic Ignition
Window Assemblies
Spark Plug Augury (and/or History Telling)
Head pressure hydraulic
A/C Blower Speeds
Active segment of the brake pedal travel
Oil sump seal replacement / '73 Corniche CBB15806
Short On Springs
Bleeding rams
Outback Camargue and the rest of the rabble
Mascot Alarm
Rat Trap hoses for Bentley SBH 17291
One for the UK members only
Ciorniche electrics
Window lift
Final Drive cross-member
Practical Wiring on Late Shaodw Windscreen Wipers.
Lucas relays
Camargue rebuild on a shoestring
Fuel line is not acceptable brake line
Fuel Filter
Fog Light Problem.
Brake Pump Wave Spring
Early Silver Shadow / T Temperature Sender
Distributor curves & Stroboscopic Timing.[car owner mecha...
I can identify 5 of these 7 pieces.
Brake Warning Lamps Trouble Diagnosis
Contaminated fuel
Setting the Fast Idle
Making Replacement Duct Straps (and/or Battery Cover Stra...
Wiper wheelboxes
Engine sump gasket
Intake manifold map
Aftermarket mudflaps
It had to happen
Converting Shadow I to spin on Oil Filter
Please Explain
Choke solenoid repair
Front Numberplate Bracket SS2 same as SS1 ?
Rear Spring Removal Woes
Anti-Run On vs. Weakener Solenoids and their Teclamit Par...
Silver Shadow new seat leather coverings
New Audio
Routing HT Leads.
"Feels like the timing's off by about 40°" . . .
1970 Rear Height Control Valves
1970 Shadow Refrigeration Rehab: The Results
You want to mess with me? Seriously? Let's rock!
SRH18294 Engine Cooling System
Air suspension.
Faster Power Windows?
SY Operating Temperature Data
Foggy guages?
Charging Accumulators
Corroded EGR Pipes 1975 Shadow LRD20648
Transmission leak
Installing Accumulators
Series field motors. Permanent magnet motors and window l...
Rebuilding the A6 A/C Compressor
Centre console trim removal
Headlamp Current
Ride Height
MIG Welding
1970 Shadow Oil Light Transmitter
Viscious Clutch fan
Jordanian Shadow II Needs Help
Starter Motor
Facia/Dashboard bevel/edge brown gloss paint
No brake presure
Accumulator Support Bracket Fasteners
Cv boot
Reverse Lights Staying on
Trinidad Shadow SRH1774 Wipers
Separating the Wiper Motor from the Rack (or the Rack fro...
Funny Noises
Start up issues
Emision control system
SY cars with breakerless ignition
Mystery hose
Brake Bleeding: Why must bleed tubes be submerged in fluid?
Weakener Solenoid 1975 Shadow LRD20648
Central locking re-vamp
Taking the exhaust system apart (or at least some of it)...
Brake Fluid Loss
Searchable Chapter U - Shadow II/T2 Workshop Manual - TSD...
Tracking Down Battery Drain '77 Wraith II
Mystery Wood Block
Trying to remove half shaft plate
Just Woke Her up ...
Rear drive shafts.
Replacement Colour for no longer available original Shell...
Exhaust System Materials & Experiences
Fast levelling in reverse ?
Shadow 1 New Tires: Comments?
Copper cored HT leads
Non-Functioning Automatic Air Conditioning/Heat
Silver Shadow: Lifting for Maintenance and Repair
Window switches
Homebrew Hydraulics
Removing ACV adapter fitting in situ . . .
Rolls Royce Camargue
Intermitent Total Brake Failure
Leak at accumulator control valve adapter
Ballast Resistor?
RR 363 here we go again
Remote Central Locking - Fobs & Controllers
Squeak from the front
SS1 Air Conditioning: Control Valve, Etc.
Vacuum brakes on a shadow and a chevy small block.
Front height control
A.T.F. on the garage floor.
Understanding the HIF7 Carb
SSII cruise control solenoids
Apollo Sprayers UK Ltd
72 Shadow Interior Lights
1970 Shadow Height Control Links First Setting
Bleeding the system
Fan Clutch Questions
Silver Shadow II hydraulic bleeding question
Noisy relay
Cruise control switch wiring.
It's me again!
No fans (except on defrost)
Cocktail requisites in Corniche doors
Fan Shroud Issue
Hydraulic accumulators.
Fuse changing?
Shadow 1 1975 Exhaust
SPDT (Changeover) Relays being used as On-Off Relays
Bearing pins
Shadow Remanufactured Power Steering Pump
Terrifying! And depressing...
6.8 L main (crankshaft) seal
Gear Selector Doing Nothing !
Aircon Compressor sound
Update repairs Silver Shadow
Exhaust bits
Early Shadow Sunvisors
Silver Shadow - Can't slow hot idling speed
2500 psi.
Body Control Module
RH 7808
Changing my rear springs
Heater duct removal
Silver Shadow II wiper problem
Saggy bottom
SRH18295 Overheating
Fan speed control module rebuild?
Blaupunkt Blue spot radio
Disconnect rear half-shaft
Blowers still dead...banging my head against the wall on ...
Weird Fuel Pump Failure 1975 Shadow LRD20648
Replacing Brake Line
Fitting CD player to Shadow 2
Final Drive Pinion oil seal
Loose electrical connection
Ignition coil voltage
Tires & SY Series Cars
Camargue/Shadow Front Suspension
Broken propshaft grease nipple
Flap Actuators
A pushy butcher
Fitting a new Steam Valve and Rubber Washer to the Header...
Rear View Mirror "Brewer's Droop"
GM 400 will it fit in place of 4 speed hydramatic
Mysterious Hydraulic Components
Shortcut to Camargue Land
Overnight Hydraulic Pressure Loss 1975 Shadow LRD20648
"Souping" up my accumulators...
Choke and Stove Pipes confusion
Door Lock Solenoids: Theoretical Diagram
Accumulator/Charging Valves Bench Testing
Battery Isolation/Cut-Off in SY Cars
Airco Problem Silver Wraith II
Funny noise,Viscous coupling ??
Wheel Bearings
Other Shoe Dropped/Dropping - Ideas, Please?
Recommended fluid for SY-I power steering box.
Steam Valve Cover Gasket
Fixing failures
Petrol fumes in cabin
Substitute/Replacement Strapping Material
Non-progressive brakes
Brake fluid contamination
Update: 1978 Shadow Choke/Starting
Erratic running 1976 Series 1 Silver Shadow
Shadow 2 rat trap flexible hoses
Wind noise
Front Accumulator Tube UR 16924 Leaks 1970 SS
Rear knocking sound
Rough idle when drive is engaged?
Boot in the rear end
Coolant Dumping 1974 Shadow
Accumulator Control Valve Overhaul
Slow to change up into second gear
Oil dipstick leak
SY Wiper Blade Size/Length
More Shadow Idle Speed
Main Battery Cable routing & faults
Green Electronic Bit on Reservoir
Coolant Leak
Copper Washers
'77 Wraith II Refrigeration Hose
1970 Shadow New Tires: Update
LRK37110 mobile under her own power!!
Kienzle Dashboard Clock
Radios and 8 Tracks
SU Carburetor & Choke
Steering wheel position
76 Shadow What do I look for?
Speedometer Wires
Vaccuum pipes and other issues
'77 Wraith II Refrigeration System Schrader Valve
No Ignition
Corniche Vs Saloon Carburettors
Silver Shadow LWB Rear Windows
'77 Wraith II Fuel Gauge Troubleshooting
Transmission upshift problem
Starting up
Electrical Diagrams for 72 Shadow SRH13066
Boot lid carpet.
Cylinder liner removal tool
Blown carb gasket
All british car show
Warning light bulbs
Alloy Wheels on a Shadow 1
Steering free play
Turn Signal Flasher - Alternatives, if any
SS II handling - sway bar linkages
Speed Control
Deletion of Master Cylinder
Y'all are not going to believe this...
Accumulator Charge Port Leakage
Replacing brake pressure switches : bleeding ?
Replacing lower triangle bearing pin
What is this? OR It's Hell Getting Old(er)
Shadow Brake Pump Pushrods
RR363 leak Accumulator/valve
Questions on Header Tank Sealing and Seals
"Brillo" in the various things that use it
Rear Inertia Reel Seatbelts Under Parcel Shelf
Dasboard Warning Lights
Steam valve seating in header tank
Change your brake lines or at least get them inspected
Early or Late Shadow ?
Pre purchase inspection with Borescope?
1974 Corniche convertible wooden bows and roof
Lead Loading
Rear wheel/hub heats up on 1979 Corniche
A cautionary tale on lamps/light bulbs
Reconditioned exchange accumulator spheres.
Choke Solenoid
'77 Wraith II AC Update
Need some help diagnosing a slow-speed stall
Turbo R springs on my Shadow?
Silver Shadow REfrigeration Evaporator Leak
Cooking oil as brake fluid
Heater Fan Resistors
Fuel Vapourisation, modern fuels etc
Brake pads
More problems
Air Trunking
'77 Wraith II High Idle?
Recalcitrant Sphere
Front Brake Pads
Headlamp safety circuit. revisited
Silver Shadow I access to 8 track fuse
Gearbox fluid quickly changed colour
Transmission cooler
Camargue Engine ReCon
Replacing Brake Warning Lamp Bulb
Bistable relay instead of foot operated switch for headli...
Thread sizes
RR363 - What's up with production?
AIr pump belt question for American Silver Shadow owners
Leaking Height Control Valve 1975 Shadow LRD20648
SS1 Handbrake adjustment
Sticky rams.
SS1 Fuel Pump Replacement
Access to plenum chamber
Shadow 11 A bank exhaust gaskets
Fuel Receiver
More Camargue Comedy, loathing and madness
Cruise Control Lower Bellows Arm Bolt/Screw
Heater Core Removal
Armature issues on air conditioning compressor
Aerial / Antenna
Windows and instrument trouble
Cruise Control
Olive Jar Vacuum
Electric aerial
Silver Shadow 2 mascot alarm
Embarrassingly noisy front suspension
Tapping noise
Brake pump push rod
T1 Failure to Proceed
On the road again
Brake issue - Silver Shadow
Penrite Oil and RR363
Hood/Bonnet & Radiator Removal
LH Brass Connector Block Issue
Shadow 1 screen wash bottle modification
1977 Silver Wraith II Rear Axle Etc
Coolant advice needed
Silver Wraith II Wheel Trim Ring Retention Clips
1970 Shadow Brake Pump Tapping SRH9391
Bonnet lamp
Taking out front springs SRH3249
1977 Silver Wraith II Thermostat Housing Etc.
Distributor Drive Interface
Wiring Diagrams- Silver Shadow Chassis # SRH8816
Brake/Hydraulic Reservoir Screws - What Size?
Barrys Rotor replacement
Temperature flap actuator
No dashpot vent?
1970 GM Frigidaire Compressor Label
Silver Shadow Hydraulic System: Blanking Plugs
What type of screws hold the front number plate bracket on?
C.A.V Voltage regulator/alternator query 1980 SS2
Connection between rear brakes & height control
My horn works intermittently...
Replacing Lucas Starter with Modern Gear Reduction Type
Location of diodes panel on Shadow 2
Polishing my beast.
Engine stops running
Waistline Chrome Trim - Removal of
Oil Pressure gauge sender
Burgess Microswitches
Hub Cap/Wheel Trim 'stand off'
Ride height/leveling
Firing order silver shadow
Accumulators - Very, Very Slow Leak
Lucas "Black Box" Diode
Anti-seize and threadlocker
Crankcase breather
SSII/T2 Workshop Manual - Chapter G17 - Color?
Poor starting when warm
How many brake fluid reservoir filters?
Shadow I Choke stuck open
UR23445 Compliance Mount
Earliest SY Chassis Number put out "into the world"
Crashed Shadow 2 : parts needed
Error in wiring diagram
Blue bulb covers, foam donuts and heat
Window Lifts
Final drive cross member boot floor reinforcments
1970 Shadow Refrigeration Rehab: So Far
Idle too fast
Hydraulic Pump
Shadow Optima Battery
Body repairs
Screws,bolts and washers references
brake balance
Underbonnet Finish Color
Header Tank Cap Leak
A/C Flaps Going Crazy 1975 Shadow LRD20648
Carburetor Jet Spring
Problem fitting Electronic Ignition.
Shadow 1 Passenger seat wont move back.
Tow bars for Shadows
'77 Wraith II: Vibration on Pulling
Everflex roof covering
Repairing indented wheel covers
Leak at Accumulator Control Valve Body
Sticky Gauge Fix
V-8 Teardown Inspection Rebuild
Accumulator Control Valve (ACV) - Exploded View Photos...
Spring assisters
Silver Shadow 2 steam valve
How to replace brake pipes above the rear cross member
Which SU needle
'77 Silver Wraith II Ammeter Reading
Foot dip switch
Accumulator sphere depressurisation
Ignition surround refurbishment
Engine tuning
Shadow won't stop running.
Power Steering Filter Add-on: 3/8 inch or 5/16 inch?
Brake presssure warning light
Dashpot Oil
Front Door Secondary Seals
Self leveling mystery
Coolant level probe resistance
1970 Shadow Post-Repair Shakedown
Water pump gave up the ghost
Fixing cars
Shadow II Eclectric cooling fan SRF 30469
Low oil press warning light
Door handle 1968 Silver Shadow
Petrol Leakage Worries
Replacing the Carb Fuel Filters in Photos
Machine screw sizes
Separating the Accumulator from the ACV . . .
1970 Shadow Belt Tensioner Bearing
Central Locking
Hazard lights
Restrictor O Rings
Air intake silver shadow connected tubes
Accelerator linkage question
Home-Market Cars: Seat Belts
Remove rear bumper
Carb Dashpot Fill Level
RR automatic gearboxes.
Figs M80 and M84 in T.S.D 2476 backwards?
Water pump leak
The Evil Camargue and explosion in the outback
Door Springs for SS2
Speedo Cable replacement
Unchained Melody.
Silver shadow rear window demister
10 or 11 rear suspension spring coils?
Repairing/Modifying the Lucas Opus Ignition Module
When good accumulators do bad things...
Deletion of Front Height Control
Wedding car
What's the purpose of the dashpot damper retainer?
Corniche Coupe rubber boot seal
Wiper motor rack - Lucas part number needed
Door trim panel clips
Power Steering Fluid
Brake Warning Lamp Switch Connector
Rear Height Control High-Pressure Hose
Headlamp wiper motor
Shadow 1 wont start
1970 Silver Shadow: Ball Joints Won't Accept Grease
Top Roll Temperature Sensor
Shadow bonnet adjustment
Exhaust replacement
No Heat
A 6 month old fault that has me in despair - can I find a...
How many hours
Warning light test circuit 1975 Shadow UK spec
Late SY Cruise Bellows Differences
Power Steering
Air Conditioning
Petrol smell in boot/trunk.
Spark plug wires / HT leads
Brake Line Splice
Two Peoples Divided by a 'Common' Language?
Distributor points repair Shadow 1
"Crispy" wiring - how do you deal with this
SS1 Wiper switch
Hard to start T1
1978 Shadow Choke/Starting Problems
Wiring problems
ACV Hysteresis
Accumulator Part: Washer - Joint - Adaptor
Front Pulley
Door trouble!
Wiring for anti-dieseling & weakener solenoids and. . .
Body Trim
1970 Shadow Rear Height Control Plumbing
Pierburg Fuel Pump Alternative(s)
Shadow Shock Absorbers
1970 Shadow Home-market Front Levelling?
Some Aircon Questions
Speedometer cable repair?
Stainless Exhaust System for 1979 Silver Wraith II
'77 Wraith II Starter Fixed!
Direction Indicaters SS1
Spark Plug Wires
Central Locking
'77 Wraith II AC Condenser
Cooling System Flush SS2 Questions
Removal of Harvey Bailey rear bar
Wire Clamps
Rear hubs bearings
Brake Pump Removal
Rough idle
Camargue Grill Removal and Notes
Whining differential
Steam Valve Source
1979 Silver Shadow II - Parking (Hand) Brake not holding...
Camargue hydraulic lifters and madness in the Crewe
Door Mirrors SS2 1980
Rebuilding Accumulators
Alternator regulation.
Stall after engine rev-up w/car in park
Power Steering Noise
Climate Control "Issue(s)" - Direction please...
Castrol RR363: Extinct?
Shadow steam valve
Replacing windscreen
Shadow 1 brake warning lights
RH2436 Height Control Valve Seal Kit
Speedometer globe / lamp replacement? Help!
Removing mascot
Twin Point Dizzy TDC
Replacing Boot Torsion Bars
Equivalent air on receiver/drier.
PAS hose replacement
Front seat electric motor
Silver Shadow Carb Air Horns: Install
Another mystery vacuum hose
Ball joint question - yes this is sincere . . .
No more key !
Fuel Pump Question
"Sticky" Starter
6 1/4 litre engine compared with 6 3/4 litre engine
What the manual doesn't say...
What should I work on next?
Shadow 1 Steering Idler
Plated Coolant, Fuel Piping
Sluggish Start/Rough Shifts - Theories?
Partial braking applied by suspension travel - why?
Electric "Booster Fan"
My Self-Levelling Works - the dogs got out yesterday
To spark or not to spark
1970 Braking System ?s
SY Cars: Underbody Finish
Valve Cover Oil Leak
SS II radio antenna question
Chapter U: Shadow/Wraith II & Bentley T2 - Non-UK deliv...
Corner case
Gearshift/Gear Selector Cutout
Frigidaire A/C Compressor made by GM USA
Interior light delay unit
Genuine Jubilee Clips!
Ticky lifter on pot 7
A Christmas FTP!! . . .
RR363 and dot 3/4
Flat spot/rough odling
Shadow Brake Pump Pushrod Support Modification
Window lifts - clutch or no clutch
Shadow 1 distributor
Shadow 2 failure to proceed
Hydraulic fault diagnoses
Early Shadow fan coupling alternatives?
Fuses for starter and ignition Corniche Coupé
Quarter light support
Carburetor Adjustments
Valve Covers on RR/Bentley SY cars
Gasket best practice
WIndscreen wipers won't turn off
Brake pumps and brake valves.
"Routine" Service Checks and Intervals
1970 Shadow Choke Stove Pipe Replacement
Rear ride height.
SU fuel pumps
Height Control Valves: Uh Oh...
RR363 on sale this week at Opie Oils
Fuel Injected Shadow II
How is fuel inlet/filter attached to carb?
RR363 That Mysterious Fluid of Myth and Legend
Solenoid valve and Restrictor valve
Shadow 1 steering cooler
'77 Wraith II Otter Switches
Wiper Arms - Were any on SYs matte black from the factory?
'77 Wraith II AC Compressor Suction Hose Puzzle
No electrics at all, main fuse somewhere?
Fuel Filter
Accumulator Pressure Switch
V8 ignition timing
Window seals
A different view of shadow hydraulics..
Leather Upholstery Problems and Maintenance
Speedometer Lubrication?
1974 Silver Shadow Correction to Standing Height
ACV Regulator Valve Disc with Holes
Engine sump gasket
1970 Shadow Speedometer Cable
Reaffixing Everflex
Another Shadow bites the dust.
Silver Shadiow V-8 Engine Finish
No reverse gear
Video recording
Vibration made worse
Old vs New air filter
Brake pumps that wont...pump
Low pressure or high pressure hose?
Hydraulic Pressure Test Prognostication
Accumulator Check Valve
Intermittent steering wheel vibration
Brake valves
Electric Window Issues - Redux
Air Conditioner Problem?
Shadow brake bleeding
Kingsborne Spark Plug Wires
Fitting Lumenition Electronic Ignition
Steering column joint
Battery specs
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