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51 Bentley Block Clean-Up Project
Mark 6 quest
Whitworth spanners.
Whitworth sanners again.
Camshaft Part Number Confusion
Correct Wraith Damper Tools ???
Carbon Cleaning Engine
Copper Spray-A-Gasket
4-1/2 to 4-1/4 Intake Manifold Fitment
Dawn - Mark VI - R Type aerial removal
17.25 Inch Fan From 17.75 Inch Fan
Water Pump Adapter Gasket - Odd Size
MK 6 Bentley, Rebuilding Front Suspension
1953 Bentley R Type Fuel Pump Points
Air Conditioning Silver Dawn/MKV1
1953 Bentley R Type Hand Crank
R Type Auto Tansmission Overhaul
Bentley R Type Brochure Packages
Brake linkage adjustment
1948 Bentley MkVI engine problem
1953 Bentley R Type Starter Problem
Faulty Starter Motor or Battery Issue
Fuel Leak from Tank Inlet?
Auburn Deluxe Radial
Bentley R Type Custom Luggage
Mk VI fan belt sizing problem
SU Carburetors Leaking fuel
R Type Overheating at approx 3000rpm
Non identified Owner Manual Controls
Petrol Cap is Stuck on - Will not come off
Gearbox stuck in third gear
Exhaust valve removal MK6
Radiator removal
R-Type Front Springs
Chaniging Crankshaft oil seal(wooden dowels)
Torque arm sphere replacement
Leaky Pet-Cock
Hand throttle level broken
The Infamous MK VI Transmission Thrust Washer
Bentley R Type Continental Manual Transmission
R Type rear window privacy blind
Proper Rivet Set Tool
Correct Felt Thickness
Seeping Brake Master Cylinder, 51 Mark VI
Replacement fuel tank required
Adjust Clutch Fingers
R Type Continental OPWAS Cylinder Heads
Ivan Shaw's Special Bentleys
Rear exhaust manifold cracked
Will This Pump Work
Rear Vanity Mirror Assembly
Correct Oil Grade
Very Confusing Degree Marks on the Flywheel
Front Damper Bushes
Bentley MK6 ignition coil
Oil or Grease?
Felt Welting For Removable Floor
Oil Pressure gauge
Air filter paper Element
Front shackle pin
Ace Cornercroft Letters
Mk VI Engine oil
Piston rings for early postwar engines
Finding TDC
Su Carb
Distributor over haul
R Type Heater Bleeding
R-Type / Mark VI Air Intake Compatibility ?
Positive Versus Negative Ground
MK VI Coil failure
Rear wheel bearings
Silver Wraith Stromberg carburetter
Front Spring Removal of a Mark VI
Less Expensive Brake Master Cylinder Filler Cap
Bentley Mark VI workshop manuals
Start of the adventure - any advice on radio repair?
The Correct Way To Build Up Late Front Brakes
4.25Lt Cylinder Head
Foot Rest Dimensions
Minimum Brake Drum Thickness
Compression Ratio
Timing Instructions Error?
Brake Servo Oil Seal Size
How do I remove the plate around a mk 6 horn button
Fuel level Sender
What Is The Point of The Weakener ?
I ain't got no body
Mark VI Cooling
Body Off??????????
R Type Cylinder Head
Heater Spigot Tap Thread Size
Brake line fittings
Starter dog removal
R Type Sunroof not lifting
Synchronising points
Thermostat bypass hose
Hidden Wire Binding
2nd gear selection
Windshield washer
Suspension lubricating lines
Cooling tube
Crank shaft damper
Friction plate
Bentley MK VI - Steering troubleshooting help
Slight puff of blue smoke on the over run
Front Suspension Coil Spring Replacement
Silver Wraith Calorstat
Steering wheel
More woes
Bentley Mk VI temperature gauge scale
Floor panel
B256MD rotor button failure
Brake Fluid Reservoir Low Pressure Lines
Dave and Dusty 1947
Please info about vehicle
Proper Ignition Condensor
Lacquer Painting Procedure
Question about Fuse Wire
Dual Point Distributor - Mystery Issue
Balancing SU Carbs on Silver Dawn
Bentley MK VI shock absorbers
New to me 1949 Silver Wraith
RPM at idle
Chasing water in engine oil
Silver Wraith Mascot Removal
Silver wraith rear glass
Dash Board removal/refit
Wheel Bolt Rethreading
Front Brake Drum and Hub Removal
Cage nut removal
Mystery pipe
Rear wing brake light housing removal
Drain hose material
Driveshaft center mount
Original 4 1/4 Bentley at Beaulieu auto jumble event.
MKVI spare tire door hinge location
Gearbox oil continued
Gear box oil
Sticking carb floats
Silver Dawn Restoration
Mixture / plug colour
Seat attachments
Lacquer Paint Cracking
Mk VI multiple culprits causing misfiring
What do you think this is worth?
Quick lift window regulator
Mk 6 Dwell angle
Braided wiring (or not!) and rubber terminal caps
Battery - Electrical System - Ignition Polarity
Bentley 1949
Standard Steel Spare Tire compartment help needed
Drying a wet ignition
Silver Wraith wheel nut torque
Exhaust improvements
New lamps for old
SU Needles
Help with bleed nipples please
Harry Rose bodied Bentley specials
Mk VI Dampers
Australian Experience with Chassis Cracks
Plug leads
Oil Filter on B319LH
MIG welding on a MKVI
Flashing Trafficator lights
Silver Dawn Inspection
MKVI outside door handles
Wheel covers and front wings
New interior for my Mk 6 special
Mk VI Tables
MK 6 squeak in LH rear wheel
Oil Consumption: Valve Seals or Rings?
Is it a good buy?
Camshaft bearing tool
Cracked Mk6 cylinder block
Mk VI Gearbox bearings
Mk 6 special cooling pressure
B319lh coil failure
Need a 4 1/4 head gasket in Sydney
Redline shockproof gear oil
Spedo cable lubrication
Nice trimming headlining.
Removing Rear Seat
Update on B558TN
Removal of brake servo
New tyres for a Mk 6 special
Capacitor for mk vi distributor
Starter clutch
R type clutch thrust race bearing
Tires for R-Type in the USA
Sway bar rubber mounts
'54 R Type dash
25/30 Service Items
Mk VI Quick action window winding mechanism.
Bentley Mk VI Overdrive
Front braking problems
R Type Head studs
Mk VI Tuning woes
Crankshaft lubrication
MK VI fouling plugs
The perils of 'temporary' exhaust manifold patching
Liquid intelligence
Mk VI Specifications,
Ignition - coil connection
Signed ltd edition A2 technical illustrations of Mk VI
1936 Rolls Royce
Engine transplant
Screws for cooling water inspection plates
Inlet manifold difference?
Block Repair
Leaf springs
Difference between cylinder heads
MK6 bump Stop
MK6 Rear Flexible line for the "one shot system".
Broken lamp - Lens needed please
Changing rings
Coachbuilder's Wiring Diagram
Interesting fail to proceed
Fuel Inlet leakage
Silver Dawn - Back of the car too low
Air conditioning
Sill/door picture required please
Any advice on removing sunroof?
How much does a MkVI weigh?
Thanks to this forum my car feels like new
Mk VI rusty fuel tank
Whats this springy thing for?
Mk VI door hinges and parts painted or not?
Mk VI Windscreen removal help please
Mk 6 uneven idle
Will R type doors fit a Mk6 standard steel?
Spark Plug Lead Caps
"Normal" and "Hard" ride controls
R-Type Water Pump
Bentley Mark VI Front Wheel Bearings
Steering Drag Link
Throttle Control Linkages
Mk 6 Wheel alignment
Converting MkVI to full hydraulic brakes?
R Type Fire Wall Colour
Silver Wraith Steering Column
Am I crazy?
Head Gasket Material - new or old?
B319LH disgraces herself...
Export Fan Pulley
Opening the Grille Shutters on a Mark VI
Contact at Flexolite
Bump Stop rubbers for MK VI
I hate speed bumps!
Paper Air filter replacement
Big bore Silver Dawn
Converting Oil Bath filter to Paper air filter
Wing Mirrors for R Type
Lux Flakes
R Type Heater Core
Horn Placement on Mk Vi chassis
Photo-diary: 20/25 engine rebuild
Converting by pass filter to full flow filter
Wanted: rear bumper brackets for MK VI
MK VI 41/4 engine overhaul
Countersunk raised head wood screws
R Type water circulation
MkVI Kingpin repair in UK needed please
Replacement of Mk VI sunroof front drains
Paper Air filter replacement
Remove auto box from r type 96xf
MkVI Oils information required
Wraith workshop manual
Redline Water Wetter
Mk VI Rear Axle Oil recommendation
Bentley Mark 6
20/25 Rebuild - Part Four
20/25 Rebuild - Part Three
Camshaft design 1950 Silver Dawn
20/25 rebuild part two.
Hinges of class.
Rolls 20/25 rich running
Advice needed please see 4 x RR barn find in MISC section
Rolls 20/25 starting and driving
Mk VI dynamo
RROC(A) 20HP Register Data Archive
Mk VI Spark Plugs
Valve Stem Seals.
Silver Dawn Coolant Temperature Fluctuations
Cylinder Head Gasket
Mk.6/R-type Steering Wheel Removal
Mk VI Brake master cylinder
MkVI pinion seal
Mk VI brake lights
Tappet settings
What should the engine temperature be on a Mk VI 4.25
Mk VI Temperature and fuel gauge
Hand Throttle adjustment
R-Type parts manuals
Tyres for a Mk VI
Radiator Filler Cap Positions
Identifing coachbuilders on 20/25hp
Mk VI Rubber door seals - Were to buy in the UK?
Special Equipment Horns
Seat Belts
Heater core hoses
Mild Engine Tuning
R-type Exhaust Manifolds/Downpipes - Whether Originals or...
Rainy Day Blues
Converting large fan pulley to export version
Seized radiator bolt.... Help please!!!
Hello John
New Book
Burning rubber
Mk6/R-type web page
Shadow 1 screen wiper
A serious "conversion"
Mk VI - R Type Spin on oil filter adapter
Mk VI Overheating Questions
How much anti-freeze?
Jerky gearbox
Your thoughts Please
Chassis number information
Mk VI Fuel pump pressure please
One shot system
Camshaft bearings
Mk VI Sump Capacity
Multiple Pinion Bearing
Mk VI Steering Grease
New Mk VI Owner
1951 Bentley Technical Specifications
Vehicle Inspection Checklist
Spare Parts List
New owner info
Are nipples any good?
Vacuum pumped windscreen washer mechanism for Mk VI Bentley
Crankshaft Vibration Damper
Mark VI coach built problems, technical advice needed
MkVI Combustion Chamber volume
Silver Wraith temperature control
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