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Patrick Lockyer.
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Posted on Friday, 04 March, 2005 - 04:37:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP

If the person,me is awake in the middle of the night then it is probably a sleep over.
Any effort to share the affiction with those sleeping near you is doomed to failure because no matter how you try to involve them,kicks,gost noises or uncovering them they always remain dead to the world.
They do however, let you know of there blissful slumbering by breathing heavely or snoring and sometimes mumbling something that could be interesting if only you could catch what they were saying.
The hours roll by with only the distant sound of a aeroplane and the wine of the milk float as it trundles away.
Sometimes in the night you hear a car speeding out of the corner and try to work out where it is by the sound of the engine.
As the window starts to lighten up as the light seeps through the curtains the birds start singing the clock tells you it is 6-00am twenty minutes later the alarm goes off,you arise red eyed and very p**ed off to face the day.

It was in this state that i arrived to open the garage for my son,the day was on the cold side but sunny and bright,i was enything but bright.
Soon the secretary arrived not a good target to vent my feelings as she looked over the top of her glasses at the mess on the office table in a way that only a woman can, she has shown over the years that her tongue is at its sharpest at this time of day whilst i am just trying to make mine stay in my mouth.
By lunch time i had fallen out with my son and the secretary was avoiding me,i had upset a customer and sent some reps packing.
By the afternoon i managed to fall briefly asleep at the desk only to wake up with a start as i poured a mug of tea onto my lap.
customers in the waiting area were not impressed as i stumbled through to the toilet resembling someone incontinent.

The overalls that i could find then struggled to hold my manly frame as i attempted to walk back to the office holding my soiled trousers and under garments.
I did not know of the small tear in the back that allowed part of my left buttock to peek out to the folk who seemed to have facination with my appearance,out of good manners or retibution for my earlier behaviour everyone failed to point out to me that i was by now treating many of them to views of my body that even my wife and doctor tend to avoid as the material continued to disintegtate under the strain.

Running your own business is not easy,we all have bad days, most of the customers will be OK once the have counselling,the secretary still believes that maybe her mother was right after all!
And me well i'm not going to lose any sleep over it as a drive home in the Shadow knowing all the crossmember repairs have been a success.