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Vladimir Ivanovich Kirillov
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Posted on Wednesday, 13 May, 2015 - 21:30:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP

Greeting jetsetters, I am back at work, this time on a 1.6 million hectare cattle station that is half in Northern Territory and half in Queensland as a mechanic leaving the Mad Scot protecting the Camargue at my humble abode some 1200 kilometres away like a rabid dog on acid.

I often have to drive 70 kilometres just to fit a new tyre on our Caterpillar grader that smashes through rock and soil grading the fence line. On the road in Queensland the speed limit is 110 kph then there is the sign " 110 kph limit ends soon."

The next sign you see is "130 kph limit" because you are in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Now the road is the same and that does not matter one iota to politicians but to me it's damn good evidence that politicians are full of it. In Queensland the Police will give you a very nasty fine and many demerit points for being 20 kph over the speed limit but instantly you are in the Northern Territory and its okay and totally legal to do 130 kph.

Its gets worse and/or better depending on your point of view. There is one stretch of road north of Alice Springs where there is no speed limit so 200 mph is okay however I remember living in the Northern Territory in 1988-1990 and all of it south of Humpty Doo, a little town not that far south of Darwin there was no speed limit. I used to cruise in my Black 1974 Cadillac Fleetwood at 120 mph and pass police cars with wild abandon just to be ignored.

What happened?

Well, we had the Cannon Ball Run. A twitchy Japanese Dentist who should have stayed in land of the rising sun brought down his Ferrari F40 and managed to croak himself, his navigator and one of the Runs Stewards standing by the road. That's right jetsetters he blasted that Ferrari right out of control which you makes you wonder what he was like with the dentist's drill in his hand with your mouth open and sedated etc. Sorry if I sound unsympathetic but the good gentleman would have been way ahead had he given me the Ferrari and taken a ride on the Ferris Wheel at Sydney's luna park. The F40 would still be around and so would have he.

This is just hearsay but the politicians and of course the media had a field day blasting the public with tales of doom, loathing and woe and the result was the introduction of speed limits in the Northern Territory. The unlimited speed limit disappeared and in came the revenue from fines. So one day its legal for you to smash along at 200 mph and then next day you will get lead away to prison on a chain to converse with the fat boys behind razor wire.

On the east coast of Australia the governments just love to spend millions on propaganda to the effect "Speed Kills". Oh dear, we didn't know that so glad you told us at our expense.

I put this into the same basket as "If you see anything suspicious call ASIO" (Asio being our brilliant spy service that could not spot a Mossad agent with a silenced Uzi in a hamburger if they were eating it)

But that's okay, our government loves to spend billions investigating the untold false and frivolous information that many of the demented public like to report.

Just what the spin masters are going to come up with to replace the "War on Terror" will be interesting indeed. Perhaps something like "The War on Extraterrestials" would suffice. I will then make a phone call along the lines of "Check that white house in Canberra - they can't be human" !!!

Here's my tip for reducing the road toll in Australia: (1) All drivers getting licences prove that they can pull a car out of a skid on wet bitumen and dirt roads, (2) All small mircocars especially Asian build ones young women love be crushed tomorrow.

Severe I know but I do try to be politically incorrect on purpose.
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Bob UK
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Posted on Thursday, 14 May, 2015 - 06:54:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP

Speed doesn't kill the sudden stop at the end does.

The fly guys say speed and height is safe. Low speed at low height is dangerous.

A woman whose son got killed doing 90 in a 60 limit campaigned to get the limit lowered. The son didn't obey the 60 so why would he obey a forty. The limit is still 60mph.

Originally the UK motorways had no limits until the Daily Mail found out that AC and Jaguar were speed testing cars at over 150mph.

Tyres are always going to be the limiting factor. A lot of Tyres will fail over constant 120 mph which modern family cars will do.

The Veyron tyres last 50 miles at 200mph.

I like the idea of working in the middle of nowhere where the sky is big.

Dorset is hilly and the sky is small. But I have the Jurassic coast.

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