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Bob uk
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Posted on Thursday, 31 July, 2014 - 07:18:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP

Parking fines can only be issued by lawful authority. No private individuals or companies can fine parkers. They can only recover their losses in a civil court and if the Parker has caused a shopkeeper to lose 30 pence profit on a 1 sale then the court will award 30 pence.
So when Yescos superstore issues a 40 parking charge with threats it has no legal.standing.

In the UK All parking stuff comes under the traffic commissioners, not the police or local council.
police local authorities mod police military police and transport police are the only ones that issue tickets.

Speeding in the UK is an absolute offence. There is no defence only mitigation such as a dying relative in hospital.
Police only actually need to guess the speed for the offence to be committed. Further evidence such as he wasn't half going officer he must have been doing a ton is enough to get a conviction.

In reality the police use equipment to record the.exact speed so there is absolutely no doubt. Any thing wrong then the crown prosecution service will drop it and move on to the next case because it is a turkey shoot.

In the UK the cops allow 10% for.Speedo error and 3 mph because drivers should be able to hold a steady speed plus or minus 3 mph. So 37 mph in a 30 zone is a nick 36mph and you are pushing you luck 35 mph is.safe. However the Speedo may be reading 10% slow so use Sat nav and go at 32 max to be certain.
motorways 75 in a 70 is fine.

How to pass the attitude test
Just be nice and you pass get sarky and you fail and the cops go deeper.

Hope this keeps people out of trouble because all my mates have had speeding parking tickets and ask me any way out. And I say don't speed don't illegally park and know the above for next time. I have had 1 parking ticket and 2 speeding total cost 100 in my entire life. At any one time one person I know will have a ticket pending.

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Bob Reynolds
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Username: bobreynolds

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Posted on Thursday, 31 July, 2014 - 22:01:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP

Shops can't fine you, but they can charge you for parking.

So when Yescos superstore sends you a 40 parking charge with threats it has the same legal standing as an unpaid invoice.
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Jan Forrest
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Posted on Thursday, 31 July, 2014 - 22:08:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP

Back when the fuzz used to use those 'platforms' on the side of motorways to monitor traffic speeds (pre-GATSO) I was 'floating' along at 125(ish) and passed one such jam sandwich. I could almost see them saying "Forget it. By the time we get up to 125 he'll be miles away and still accelerating (V12, 5.3 litre XJS). If we radio on ahead he could take any of a half dozen exits and we'll still lose him. Let's 'do a Schulz'!"
These days I stick strictly (?) to the posted speed limits.

Although nearly all Magistrate's Courts will take a police officer's word for almost anything without any pesky facts getting in the way, Crown, Appeals and High Courts are much more strict on the subject. Unfortunately few motorists are willing to go the extra mile and meekly stump up the cash and forget about it. In practice a Magistrate's Court is not a court of law, but a court of opinion, hyperbole and influence which is heavily weighted in favour of The Establishment where the average citizen has already been found guilty the moment he/she tries to argue otherwise.

On the parking front we are now confronted by 'Civil Parking Enforcement Officers' who have fixed quotas to fill on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Fail significantly and they lose the chance of promotion. Do it continually and they're out on their ear. Recently I witnessed a pair of this breed ticketing a car for having a disabled badge that wasn't registered to the registered keeper of the car. As it isn't necessary for a disabled person to even own, much less drive, a car the ticket was obviously a fishing expedition. Under UK law the disabled person only need to be a passenger in the car for it to be lawfully used to park in a disabled bay.
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Bob uk
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Posted on Friday, 01 August, 2014 - 05:35:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP

Yescos would have to prove that it is fair and reasonable and prove that the Parker has cost them money. Most of this is undertaken by parking solutions companies who were once clampers.

The companies will avoid legal action because of a sticky wicket. Often the companies are not local so a court action would mean travelling expenses etc etc. A 40 action could cost a lot more and they could lose. Win or lose the court will tax the costs to reasonable level
If they do lose then it becomes case law and future parking cases will use the case as a reference.

Which lets the half out genie all the way out and there business model is broken.

I don't take the Mick if the sign say free parking 2 hours 40 charge for going over then I obey because I am very lazy and can't be bothered with the stress.

I suggest if everybody did the same then they might live longer.

If a Parker goes over the 2 hour limit then is charge 40 for extra 5 mins then the parking guy will most likely lose in court because judges are normal people like me and you and smell a scam a mile off.

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