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Bob UK
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Posted on Wednesday, 25 March, 2015 - 11:07:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP

My car being a shadow has a minimal engine wiring loom. This loom would be easy to copy.

The plug is available, however with care and jest shrink van be reused.

I reckon that the engine loom gets the most stick whilst being slowly cooked.

The early fuel injected spirits are also simple to rewire.

The electronic injection ones are harder but still diy.

To copy the loom lay loom out on bench and use nails to guide loom. Then lay New wires on top of old. Bind New wires together with nylon thread (it's like black fishing line) then lift New wires from the nails. Then heat shrink. Or wrap in tape and heat shrink ends only.

Early cars like clouds had woven cotton coverings. This is available.

Plugs and sockets for the shadow and early SZ cars are available in kit form. The older cars had easier to restore plugs. Vintage spares do a range of sockets and plugs that look period should the original be completely trashed.
So while doing other work in the engine compartment, if the engine loom is scruffy then it's simple to make a new one.

Also the workshop manual shows the lay Out of the looms and exactly what wire goes to each plug terminal.

If originality is of no concern (it should be IMO). Then there is a very large range of suitable plugs and sockets of better quality. I like the round aero style with self ejection when the outer ring is unscrewed. For extra bling anodized plugs and sockets.

Solder or crimp. Do both if possible.
Crimping is best avoided unless proper tools are available.

Soldered joints need a mechanical joint as well twisting wires and
soldering is a mechanical joint.

Bullets put strands of wire through the bullet, turn strands over the end of bullet then solder. The turned over strands give a strong joint.

Solder does have resistance but it's very low and in this application zero ohms.

The correct colours are available in both plastic and cotton covered.

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Vladimir Ivanovich Kirillov
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Posted on Sunday, 29 March, 2015 - 09:11:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP

Excellent electrical advice Bob. I think wiring is one of those things most of us like to hope is correct and in good health on our cars when in fact it is a sneaky snake lurking and waiting like a top shelf sniper drop us into the failing to proceed land without warning.

In life I like to observe the interaction between certain people and one of my favourites is the cocky-sparky interaction.

The blinding hatred between the cocky and the sparky appears to be a natural phenomenon. The cocky being a farmer and named no doubt after the cockatoo, a comical and most destructive parrot having a screech that necessitates the loading of the shot gun, and having to ability to invite twenty of its friends to rip to pieces the ornate wooden part of your verandah in an afternoon.

The sparky being your local autoelectrical repair man equally despised by virtue of their ability to render accounts for seemingly obscene sums when zero visual repairs are noticeable but the problem is gone.

Now the cocky regardless of whether he is millions of dollars in debt in the middle of the drought is always capable of arriving at a dealership and with little discussion spending $100,000 on the latest piece of junk asia can produce and at the moment that's all that is being produced, the asia labour market via greed of the consumer having wiped out 95 percent of Australia's manufacturing industry.

But when it comes to paying for repairs, the Aussie cocky falls into a vicious state of paranoia that would put hardened drug users and alcoholics to shame. The cocky has a world class reputation of never checking the oil and never servicing the machinery until basically, the machine is ready for salvage.

The cocky's mantra always was and probably will always be "it was going alright before".

Cockys have no need to read Orwell's "1984" because newspeak is something they are born with. For example "It was going only a short time back, should not be much wrong with it " actually means "I left it bogged in the paddock about 10 years ago when it stopped on me"

It is indeed very comical for me to observe the Mad Scot, my best pal, who works on a gigantic property fixing things when he is not on shift at the mine making big bucks. I have simply lost count of how many times he has come home to my place and said "they have buggered everything in 3 weeks, not one four wheel drive is going and they are using the family car and horses to get around"

The sparky I feel sorry for him for his job is becoming more insane due to the increased complexity of what is being produced to be repaired. Mind you if they turned up looking honest with a wizard's gown and hat they would be taken more seriously.