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Bob UK
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Thermopylae is the pass where the Spartans held out against the Persians.

Thermopiles are what happens if one sits on cold surfaces according to granny.

Or thermopiles are thermocouples connected in series.

Thermocouples Work by heat movement. Two dissimilar metals are connected. One metal is heated the heat moves to the other metal which is colder on the way a small voltage is produced. The electricity goes the same way as the heat energy, the hot leg is positive and the cold leg is negative.

If these are joined in series then the voltage like batteries is multiplied.

In the 1920s the British gas board made Thermopiles to power valve radios and they heated the room up.

Also Phillips of Holland made llittle Stirling engined generators for radios.

The advent of transistors and widespread standard mains electricity made both these devices obsolete.

Thermopiles can be made from paper clips and copper wire. Enough volts to light a led.

Free lighting from a radiator.

More info on this pointless stupid way on saving a tenth of a penny on energy bills go to indestructibles on the web. Just Google thermopile. Start with Wikipedia so you understand the workings because thermopiles are misunderstood. You to will be able to amaze friends and family and bore the pants off them.
Save even more money by stealing the paper clips from work.
Notice that heat energy and electrical energy are very similar in behaviour in couples.

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