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Vladimir Ivanovich Kirillov
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Posted on Wednesday, 13 December, 2017 - 06:14:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP

Just over 11 years ago, I was broke and homeless. Indeed I had 30 cents in my pocket and went to MacDonalds to see if I could buy a bun to eat.

I then made a non female influenced decision: Move out of the city and into the country and stop paying rent. This has proved to be a great financial move on my part because no longer am I broke but I own my own property and all my cars with little debt.

A lot of Aussies can never make such a move. They are somehow tied for life to a life in the big smoke. It does not matter how hard they work, the result is the same : large mortgage, financial destitution with zero hope.

However, just because you move to a remote little ghost town you cannot expect things to remain the same. For example when I first moved here, there were about 10 people living in this town 124 kilometres away from the nearest supermarket. Now there is over 60.

Within that 60 are idiots in charge of trucks who think it quite okay to start their engines up at 5am in the morning and let the bugger idle for over 30 minutes while they organise themselves. I would sack these fools on the spot.

Indeed I came home for the holidays to find three industrial caravans parked on the council block next to my place blocking the view. I wasted no time in telling my beloved publican who is making a fortune through alcohol and accommodation that my method of getting my bush view back was one stick of gelignite for each offending caravan and one for her if the caravans did not disappear el prompto.

Strangely, now the caravans have been shifted onto the hotel land.

I have had to deal with other fools here too, like a twit who parked his truck and turned his stationary airconditioner on and tried to go asleep right outside my front gate. Bang bang on his door, I got the bugger out of his bed, abused the living daylights out of him and asked why he thought anybody in the town wanted to listen to the racket his airconditioner was making.

Buddy I said you have 124 kilometres in front of you of bush, go play your airconditioner to the wildlife and NEVER park near my place again. He was white with his head drained of blood when he drove off as I had tuned him up well.

Yes so for those of you thinking of a country move its not all peace and nature, sometimes you have to put your foot down. Still I would not trade my place for any city in OZ.