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bob uk
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Normally a chord has a minimum of 3 notes a triad.

Power chords only have 2 notes. These are The chord name and a perfect fifth. Its not known who invented them but my guess is Mozart.

Because there is a note missing Power
Chords are neither major or minor.

This where open G tuning on guitars be comes useful the 5th and 4th strings are a tuned a perfect fith apart. Just hold those two on any fret and its a power chord.

Power chords give a fat sound. They are the basis of a lot riffs and some boogie.

To boogie the fifth is alternated with a 6th 2 semi tones higher.
Then move the pattern a 4th and then a another whole note to the fifth.
This again is the 3 chord trick. The 6th is a blue note. Also I sometimes raise the 6th note a semitone an augmented 6th which is even more blue.

That's 95% of status quo music explained and also rock and roll in general.

There are lots power chords available on other strings. I use the higher pitch ones as fill ins.

The master of power chords is Tommy Iomme of black sabbath.

I sometimes add a third note which is an octave higher than the first. This with fuzz is very fat and strident

If one wants to be very loud then power chords do the job.

a blue note is only blue relative to notes played before and after. One single note is not anything apart from a note.
Notes that are played out of key are bum notes. So one must know about scales. To learn about scales one has to simply look in a music theory book or Wikipedia. Its impossible to play any instrument without knowing a bit of theory it becomes natural to learn the theory. I often refer to theory when working out music stuff. Wikipedia good because they often print the actual music with audio.
Also it gives me ideas to try out.

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