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Walk steadily. Every step is the beat. Because its march time its 2 beats to the bar. A bar is a whole note so each step is a half note this 2/2 time. 2 half notes to the bar. If I now igore my left foot
and go right right left right. The first right is a whole note and 2nd right is a half note left half note and last right half note. Now we have a rhythm and a beat thd beat is always right left even if some are missing.

Now it gets complicated because most mimusic is in 4/4 or common time. A bar is a whole note and each beat is a 1/4 note. 1 2 3 4.
Now we have left right left right in one bar. Again to get rhythm we can miss some out eg. Left right left left left right. 2 bar rhythm unit. This is the foundation of riffs or ear worms.
4 beats to a bar with string usually 4 down beats, now in between each down beat is an up beat these are 1/8 notes. When walking and the legs pass each other when legs in line thats the 1/8 beat in 4/4 and a 1/4 beat in 2/2.

Tempo is different from time signature. Tempo is measured in beats per minute. 120 is quite fast 80 is staying alive (bee gees doctors use the song as timing for heart massaging. ) World record iz 1200 bpm Flight of the bumble bee. Violin. On guitar its called shredding.

So walk steady and play any note in time with the steps then miss out steps and put in notes between. Once the knack is got try using 2 notes. Try a note a minor 3rd above. Play string open then stop it at 3rd fret this interval is a minor third. Or try a 4th above 5th fret then perfect 5th at the 7th fret. This is the famous 3 chord trick. Index finger over 5th fret then use next finger to stop the 7th fret. This way there's no need to look.Swinging the beat. The beat is still steady. But instead of playing the note as the foot touches the floor play left foot slightly before but play right foot on the beat.

To get in step when marching a little skip is needed. The beat can be skipped. Ringo Starr is very good at this.

So anybody who thinks they have no rhythm try it.

I walk on the spot when playing and nod my head side to side gently with the neck though.

I have electric boots which have microphones attached this gives me a beat.
Sea sick Steve uses a stomp box with microphone. Steve can lay down Ear worm rhythms.
Drummer like Ringo hold the beat on the bass drum Ringo is tick tock. Also he invented his style of playing which all drummers now use. Its so easy to do but Ringo did it first. So he is the best Drummer in the Beatles.

Metronones are cheap. Watch the swing approach the end click and play before the click or on the click as desired.

Always remember that there are no rules in music and if one does something new and radical it gets added to music theory.

I would walk 500 miles. This is a good starting point listen for a skip.

Remember music can't be broken and the next note might be a good bit.

I have murdered a few tunes though.

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