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bob uk
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Posted on Monday, 04 May, 2015 - 07:20:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP

I know that Vladimir and others have had women trouble.

Oooooooh we he he
walk like a man

You tried to cut me down to size telling dirty lies to my friends. My own father said dont bother the world isn't comming to an end. He said walk like a man talk like a man. No women is worth crawling on the earth so walk like a man my son.
Bye eye baby I dont mean maybe, I will get along fine. Soon you will be crying on the account of your lying. Look who's laughing now. gonna walk like a man as fast as I can from you. I tell world forget about that girl and walk like a man.

The original was frankie vali and the
four seasons.

Fortunately my wife has stood by me through everything, bloody jinx --joking of course.
Some on my friends have ended up with sweet fanny adams in a dingy bedsit in a bad part of town because of women.

My grandson is Jk Murkerz (ref you tube Murkerz say and spray it.Best track is skyfall ) He gets women trouble because hes famous, usualy because they want to own him and tell lies to further their scheming.

I yesterday done a cover with some mates of walk like a man and the words struck home with him. He thinking of doing a cover if his management will let him, at the moment hes meant to be writting new stuff. So I will get Delbert Segovia ( a west indian bass player to work out a bass ear worm to fit and his uncle Lewis to drum to it. That way the management wont know until he gives them a rough recording. Then get his band in the studio to do a proper job.
Lewis is a qualified drummer and Delbert is not his real name. Delbert is super fluid on electric bass hence segovia bit. Delbert because because he
s black.
His brother plays brass. He does a smashing version of Rodriguez concerto d'aranjuiz ( orange juice) on a cornet.

Singing. Fortunately for the Australians they have a smashing National song Waltzing Matilda.
Best method is to belt it out, really go for it. So its important that the words are learnt, because a fumble will put you out.

Mind you in the UK we have Jerusalem (william blake) to belt out.

Singing in tune is easy. Play a note and hum that note at the same time. When the note being sung merges with the played note you are bang on. If you then wobble either side of pitch you will hear beating. Which is the sum of the now two different notes.
if you have breathing problems then singing is in general good for you.

Also singing lifts the soul.

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