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General Discussion
Behind the Wheel of a Magnificent Bentley 8-Litre
Desmond Hay -2024-05-25 23:17- Behind the Wheel of a Mag
Thermostat bellows
Jason Watson -2024-05-21 05:26- My S thermostat has been
Jeff Martin -2024-05-21 08:39- Jason ! Im not sure wha
Jason Watson -2024-05-22 05:18- Ta mate, still dumb thoug
Jason Watson -2024-05-22 06:32- To add Jeff, think Im goi
Jeff Martin -2024-05-22 15:23- I just got used to paying
Jeff Martin -2024-05-22 15:36- Had a look at the Jag and
Jason Watson -2024-05-23 06:28- Thanks Jeff, after asking
Jason Watson -2024-05-25 05:44- Jeff, fyi I got a price b
Dint removal for alloy - light steel
Jason Watson -2024-05-21 04:40- yeh maybe. The metal in
Early Post-War
51 Bentley Block Clean-Up Project
Jason Watson -2024-05-26 08:48- Well I could have probabl
Jeff Martin -2024-05-27 11:24- I would solder that, and
Jason Watson -2024-05-27 17:51- Yes may as well, there is
Silver Cloud & Bentley S
Exhaust manifold studs thread
Mark Aldridge -2024-05-25 08:35- What thread is the exhaus
Jason Watson -2024-05-25 10:02- Have you tried putting di
Jeff Martin -2024-05-25 10:15- Oxy/Acetylene torch alway
ChristopherCarnley -2024-05-25 19:23- They are UNF threads.(Mes
Mark Aldridge -2024-05-27 06:39- Thanks all, I will try he
Jason Watson -2024-05-27 16:45- Mark, at it would have it
Spirit Series
U joint removal Silver Spur
DennisBuchholz -2024-05-25 07:33- I could use some help in