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Australian RR Forums
General Discussion
Ethanol Blend Fuel
ross kowalski -15/10/2018, 01:05 am- Felipe, Alcohol in fuels
For Sale & Wanted (No traders, please)
WANTED - Silver Shadow km/h Speedo
Philip Sproston -15/10/2018, 02:02 pm- I have a large rebuilt sh
Idler Chatter
Really Shocking Bad Taste or Do the Frogs Lick Cane Toads?
Vladimir Ivanovich K -15/10/2018, 08:29 pm- I spotted this 1978 Shado
A Rant Against Computer Geek Programmers
Glen Poolen -15/10/2018, 08:39 am- Win7 should upgrade for f
Brian Vogel -15/10/2018, 09:02 am- Windows 7 will be going o
Brian Vogel -15/10/2018, 09:06 am- Vladimir, As an aside
michael vass -15/10/2018, 04:57 pm- Why in gods name use win1
Comedy Corner
David Gore -15/10/2018, 07:47 am- Vladimir, I did this in
Larry Kavanagh -15/10/2018, 10:40 am- Thanks Vladimir, the laug
Omar and the White S3 with Cool Wires
Omar M. Shams -15/10/2018, 01:21 am- right now i have the high
Vladimir Ivanovich K -15/10/2018, 05:29 am- Bloody typical isnt it.
Small Horsepower
Possible Head Gasket Issue
Christian S. Hansen -15/10/2018, 06:41 pm- 1936 HJ Mulliner 20/25 GB