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Australian RR Forums
General Discussion
Stories of general stupidity with our cars....
Patrick Francis -11/12/2017, 08:41 pm- Imagine a narrow garage w
Paul Marshall -12/12/2017, 01:35 am- I was happily washing my
StevenBrown -12/12/2017, 06:53 am- Wow Mr. Marshall, and wit
ross kowalski -12/12/2017, 10:18 am- Patrick F, I feel slight
Leather care
Paul Marshall -12/12/2017, 01:27 am- I use Gliptone cleaner fi
StevenBrown -12/12/2017, 06:42 am- My area has a lot of hors
For Sale & Wanted (No traders, please)
SC & SS diverse new and mostley used parts
felipe heuser -11/12/2017, 11:10 pm- Overrider for R-R Silver
Idler Chatter
Flat earth
Robert Noel Reddingt -12/12/2017, 08:51 am- I love they way they are
Sovereign citizens
StevenBrown -12/12/2017, 06:30 am- I agree they are dangerou
Robert Noel Reddingt -12/12/2017, 08:34 am- also new kind of nonsense
Patrick Ryan -12/12/2017, 06:29 am- Very interesting pieces t
Silver Shadow Series
Coolant temperature gauge
Martin Taylor -11/12/2017, 08:05 pm- Thanks Paul, it is, I hav
Misfire Hot.
Patrick Lockyer. -11/12/2017, 06:46 pm- Ross, yes 1971-1974 non e
Maxwell Heazlewood -11/12/2017, 07:06 pm- the Jaguar
Spirit Series
Removal of the crankshaft pulley
Kelly Opfar -12/12/2017, 10:26 am- Rowland, the Rolls V8 fro