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Robert Noel Reddington
Grand Master
Username: bob_uk

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Registered: 5-2015
Posted on Sunday, 17 April, 2016 - 09:47:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP

Tops Tiles do 60 cm floor tiles on clearance offer they are mixed colours. I am going to do my garage floor with tiles.
14m x 7m. 98 square metres. 272 tiles at 40p each = 108. Cheap floor. I reckon Tops will give a further discount for 300 tiles. 30p 90 plus thick set floor cement. Just snap 2 chalk lines from corner to corner and set first tile on the line, diagonal will look nice. I have 50 cheapo Electric diamond wet tile cutter with spare wheel Plastic Plug Ltd. The wheel lasts for 5000 cuts using soapy water and SLOWLY push the tile through allowing the wheel to do its job properly.

Rush out and buy a tile cutter. For floors a ceramic tile cannot be beaten. The floor will take alsorts of sh*t and abuse throw piant over it wait till it dries and scrap it off , wax the floor first though.

Also my yard and front car park could be tiled but it's 300 square metres and Tops haven't got that many on offer. The 300 extra could get me a serious discount. Still they are bound to have more clearance sales. Floor tile cement will cost 15.

3 mm gap. Plastic crosses 1 for loads. I put them in upright to get them out easy. Better than match sticks.

Magestic motors has a lovely floor. I would happily eat my dinner off it, who needs plates.

Plus my man cave gets a damm good clean at the moment it's like. sh*it hole. Xmas tree lights again. My hall is like a grotto the kids love it. So do I. One need not follow the crowd. 30 sets at 2 each inc 12v plug transformer for garage lighting, but I will just use a 5 amp battery charger because the transformer could catch fire because it's Chinese. Also Xmas lights are compact and a drawing pin installation. 1 hour tops. My man cave has French Windows leading to the very big kitchen come living room. My normal living room is out of bounds except family it's a haven like a gentlemans club, the leather recliner 3 seat sofa has a leather split. I got some black leather from an old sofa down the recycle centre. Super glue is no good, use PVA. Boy am I tight with money.

Cecila Sawyer of 4 in Room antiques TV show gave me a white carpet that cost 3000. She lives in Sandbanks ( Money Banks we call it, because the snobs go on and on about how rich they are), when in reality they are cash rich and fun poor. Which is why they buy expensive items so they can boast about money, how shallow can one get? When I went to pick up the carpet, she asked me to give the gardener a hand. Absolutely no thank you.

Joan Collins at a dance studio in Fulham. My BILaw asked her if Joan Colilins was around, he thought she was the cleaner. Joan Collins went nuts and said that she will make sure BILaw loses his job. Which was not going to happen because he owned the Company.( electric contractor ).

Moderator Comment: Bob, I have had to edit this post for legal reasons - unfortunately UK laws and court decisions can be enforced in Australia and, most likely, vice versa. I trust you will understand why this was necessary as there is a possibility they may create future problems for our forum and myself as one of the Moderators.
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Jan Forrest
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Username: got_one

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Posted on Saturday, 30 April, 2016 - 22:30:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP

Many years ago, when I worked for a national chain of tyre fitters, I had regular occasion to visit a local Northern Dairies depot with an onsite vehicle maintenance garage. Apart from the usual appointments it also featured an ice smooth, red floor which didn't have a speck of dirt or oil on it.

It turned out that the company expected that the fitters would keep it in this condition in return for allowing all the depot staff to use the area as a sports/social club.